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The Basics

Uh, hello?

Welcome, comrade! The Third International Fighting Brigade of Takistan in the name of Che Guevara is overjoyed to have you with us. I can see that you are ready to charge off into action. Unfortunately, you will have to curb your enthusiasm for a bit, as our scheduled operations do not begin before 1920 UK time, every Sunday.

The what now?

The sessions, of course! Every week, we will embark on a mix of Coop and PvP missions. Generally, they are affairs of 10-20 organized, focused individuals, who can be relied on to bring them to a close within 40 min, without resorting to revive or third person.

Oh, yeah, the sessions. That's what i came here for. What are the requirements for joining up?

To attend, you will need the latest (official, stable, non beta version of) Arma 3, and (the latest stable, non beta version of) TeamSpeak 3. The Arma 3 DLC is not strictly required, but players who don't have the APEX expansion will not be able to participate in missions set on Tanoa. There are also no required addons. There is a small list of optional addons, but they are, as the name says, optional.

So that's for "attending". What if I want to join?

There is no "joining" process in FA. Everyone is welcome to hop on and play. There is also no saluting, no ranks, and the slots are handed out on a 'first come-first served' basis, and you can take any slot the host calls out, be it commander, tanker, pilot, or the common grunt.

That's cool!

Yes it is.

Wait, there are no ranks, but there's a commander?

Exactly. Anyone can step up to command, anyone can step up to be a grunt. But whatever slot you pick for the mission, stick to it. If you're a rifleman, do what your unit lead tells you. If you're a unit lead, do what your commander tells you. If you're a commander, devote your time to actually commanding. ArmA works best as a team sport. Folk ARPS believes you don't need ranks to be a team.

But what if I screw up?

Then you screw up, you laugh it off, and you do better next time. Like most other things in FA, competence is entirely optional. Your comrades will not feel less of you for trying. Or else.


But enough about un-pleasantries. Step right on to the next room, while we walk you through the standard setup:

Joining Showing up
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