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So, suppose I get 'promoted' to a leadership position. How do I exactly run my unit(s)?

That's a difficult one, but there are a few best practices:

  • Within a fireteam, be ready to step up if your FTL dies! Seniority within the fireteam follows the order of slotting: automatic rifleman #1 is 2IC, then automatic rifleman #2, then the assaultman (AT) ... and then your fireteam pretty much ceases to exist.
  • As an FTL, be sure to re-consolidate and reassess your fireteam after each engagement! Remember that your riflemen in the manoeuvre sub-element are carrying spare ammo for your automatic riflemen in the base-of-fire sub-element.
  • At the fireteam level, make good use of successive bounding overwatch, as helpfully outlined in TTP3. Within each fireteam, the two colour teams are split very purposefully into distinct base-of-fire sub-elements to fix the enemy with fire and manoeuvre elements to flank or assault the enemy. Be sure to re-consolidate your fireteam after the engagement has concluded.
  • At the squad level, make good use of alternating bounding overwatch. Within each squad, both fireteams are very robust and powerful sub-units, capable of acting as either a base-of-fire or manoeuvre element, trading off roles as the squad advances using fire-and-manoeuvre to leapfrog fireteams past one another in quick succession.
  • As CO, assign objectives to your SLs, then allow your SLs to use their two fireteams as they see fit in order to accomplish those objectives.

Got it. I think. Wait, is there anything I shouldn't do?

Lots. Here are some to things to watch out for:

  • As an FTL, don't treat your colour teams as independent units with sub-leaders. Your fireteam operates as a whole in support of the other fireteam (or vehicle) in your squad, and you are the brains telling the other five what to do. Think of your colour teams as polygamous-battle buddies, not independent units!
  • As an SL, don't split your fireteams beyond the range of mutual support. Your squad is the smallest unit with which to accomplish an independent objective such as "Seize the outpost on Hill 138." Use your fireteams to support one another in order to accomplish your squad's objectives!
  • As CO, do not give assignments to individual fireteams within a squad. Your SLs will manage their own fireteams; your job is to control the flow of the platoon as a whole and not get bogged down in the specifics of any one engagement.

Well, thanks. That was a fairly comprehensive infodump.

The pleasure is all mine, comrade. The Party is always happy to help. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask in our Discord channel. Now please, after me:

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