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Showing up

So, first of all, before you join, you should probably set up your Teamspeak client

How do I set up Teamspeak?

For starters, if you don't already have it, download the latest version of TS3 from their website and install it. Once it's installed, launch it and connect to server.folkarps.com:9988. The password is freedom. You will be connected to "General Chat", at the very bottom of the list. For the session, move to "Limbo", at the very top of the list. Next, you should probably join the game server.

How do I join the ArmA 3 server?

In the ArmA 3 Launcher that starts when you launch the game from Steam, go to SERVERS, then INTERNET, then search for 'folk' (it may take couple of minutes). Of the two servers found, select the "Folk ARPS" server and click "join". The password is "freedom".

The server just kicked me.

Yeah, that tends to happen if you have non-authorized mods. Close the game, disable any non-authorized mods (or, as a last resort, all mods) and try again.

Ok, I'm in. What now?

Now we wait for the host to pick a mission. Once everyone is in the Limbo channel and on the game server, the Host load up a mission and begin calling slots. For example, the Host will call for a Commander, and open the CO slot. Whoever takes the slot is the commander for the duration of the mission. Next he will call the SL, then FTL etc. Once everyone is slotted, the session Host will launch the mission, ask you to move to a different Teamspeak channel, which will be used for the duration of the mission.

So how do the actual missions work?

Once the mission is launched, you will see the briefing screen, and should move any banter to the sidechat (press '/' to type, press 'enter' to send). This gives the CO time to read the briefing and think of a plan in peace. It's a good idea to read the briefing yourself. When the CO is done planning, he will then share his plan with the rest of the platoon, and the mission will start. When If you get killed, return to Limbo, and once the mission ends, the Host loads the next mission, and the slotting starts again.

Hold on. If just anyone can join, then how do you keep out the... how to put this... more disruptive people from ruining the sessions?

The Host team has methods of enforcing etiquette

The, uh, the etiquette?

Oh, that's right, how (ironically) rude of me! Step right into the next room:

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