[Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

How we died
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[Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

Post by SuperU »

The steady number of 33 did not slow us down in our duty to spread the party's agenda
  • Mission List
  • Shilkas of nur
  • Radio free hazar
  • A friend in need
  • Black folk down

    After party
  • Cholo
  • Op Enfield
PS - Tiger you suck :p are widely appreciated by all involved parties! (Ed.)

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Re: [Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

Post by dancemoox »

Huzzah a new AAR thread, been needing my fix man!

Shilkas of Nur - MAT Gunner - AntlerOwl Assistant

We moved with Alpha initially then with Alpha 2 as we went up our numbered markers. When the Shilka on our AO was spotted I deemed it to be a little outside of my engagement range, between 850 and 900m with not much more than the turret exposed. I relocated with Antler further up the hill into some good rock cover where I decided to take a shot on the Shilka, I missed horribly with the first round but my second was on target. Reloading and taking aim at the same point my third round missed. An AT gunner in Alpha chanced his luck with an M136 and after the dust cleared I could see the sandback defences around the hull were gone, I aimed fired and the Shilka was no more. I changed my target to one of the bunkers nearby and loaded HEDP fired and killed the EI milling around it. Discussing our next move and high fiving each other for killing the Shilka neither Antler or myself saw nor heard the enemy technical creeping up on us. I heard a few shots and was instantly dead. Sneaky technical was sneaky.

Radio Free Hazarr - Indiefor Alpha 1 FTL - Tigershark AR Zenzos AAR Bandzai AT

We swept along the south side of the town keeping buildings between us and the villa as much as possible, on the way to the fire station I spotted some EI moving around on the villa roof, called it in and kept moving along. When we hit our breach markers A2 were going to cover us as we moved in, but one of my guys was wounded through the shop from the villa. With my wounded guy patched up we assaulted over to the villa compound wall, I took a look around the east side of the wall and spotted someone on the first floor looking my way, I fired a few rounds then fired some GP up into the room. With orders from ASL Try to relocate to the west side I moved my fireteam around and had Bandzai fire one of his RPGs into the upper floor. A2 then assaulted the building but were beaten back with a little confusion. A1 then moved to the east side of the building to get better eyes on the 1st floor. I had Bandzai launch his last RPG into the north wing and A2 assaulted again. With Bravo gone and our north flank status unknown I moved into a building to get eyes north. I spotted an enemy inside a building and fired on him causing him to duck down and then dissapear. I moved Tiger and Zenzos over to the radio antenna and kept myself and Bandzai looking north. Our transmitter was dealt with and we prepared to move north, the mission ended as we'd killed all the enemy forces. I slaughtered a goat in the town market for Alpha to feast upon!

A Friend in Need - Bluefor TH1 Crew Chief - Tryteyker Pilot The Red Sniper Door Gunner

CO Super U and Medic Tiger were loaded up with us on the carrier, Tiger grabbed a satchel or two to destroy the convoy remains. I sent the stewardess down with some refreshments, mostly peanuts no penis as requested by Daf on the last Moon Moon Airways flight. We landed on LZ Hot Sauce with minimal fire, mostly from the north west. I was unable to return fire being on the wrong side of the aircraft. We orbited south waiting for the charges to be placed. Once called back in Try landed a little hard under fire taking the main rotor to an angry orange colour. Red Sniper returned fire and some Bluefor loaded in. Looking over my right shoulder I saw Try slump down dead, I called to Super on CC saying that he had died and that I was taking over. I moved quickly around the heli, one of the ground team had gotten in the pilots seat but jumped out when he saw me moving around. I got in pulled up and relayed the heavy damage we'd taken. My last words were to the effect of 'not sure we're going to make it' seconds later I was dead. I'm unsure if I was shot out or if the massive damage to the main rotor just dropped us out the sky.. Either way TH1 went boooom. I never have good results when near a barn on Chernarus, especially when a helicopter is involved. *Oohss noos the V+ PTSD :psyduck: *

Black Folk Down - Alpha 3 FTL - Tink AR Issus AAR Lazer AT

Another mission where my game mysteriously froze for a few seconds then kicked back into life. I really need to fix that as it's deeply deeply annoying!

We took a few rounds on approach to the LZ but took no casualties. A3 was the last to bound and we made it to low walls, lots of EI were shooting at us (a theme for the rest of the mission) I set about spotting targets and was wounded putting my binos away. I called for the medic and seconds later one of my guys was hit. With A3 mobile again we moved up, it was at this point my game decided to freeze and I was locked out. Once it magically fixed itself I got my guys moving up across the road and into the compound we were to clear. EI were still inside and it had a nice massive open wall facing toward more EI. Nearly everyone was wounded, once patched up I dispatched Tink onto a rooftop to provide a BOF. I never realised until we moved on that he'd died on the roof. I dispatched Issus to grab his AR and we were wounded some more, and some more and then a little more I needed a new set of legs at one point. I eventually died blasting across open ground to the next compound, I went into a small shack to take cover and was pinned inside. I saw EI moving right by the window but couldn't return fire due to its height. Rounds were zipping inside the door and I went down wounded for the fourth or fifth time. I crawled out now safe from AI fire and was patched up under a lovely mass of smoke. When I had my insides inside again I bounded to the next compound wall expecting to find an archway on the side I was running to, there wasn't and I died seconds after clearing the smoke..

After Party

Cholo - Officer Moon Moon

Op Enfield - Indifor ASL

RAMMING SPEEED - all puns intended..

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ramming speed!

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Re: [Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

Post by Ferrard Carson »

Shilkas of Nur
Deployed as Bravo 1 FTL Bravo Squad Leader
The mission started off with me taking the helm of a humvee. "Do not stand behind the Humvee," I said clearly across squad comms. "If you have to cross behind the Humvee, tell me first!" I helpfully added. We crested the hill. Small-arms fire peppered the side and windows as Draith made the Ma-Deuce sing in response, and much larger tracers started flying our way, wounding the poor disposable dude. Knowing what we could and could not stand up to, I shouted on squad comms, "Humvee, backing up!", gave the gas pedal a few indicative pumps, and then floored it in reverse.

Over Doofling, our SL. :psyduck: Who was standing behind me. :siiigh:

With my newfound seniority, I casually directed the squad to bound... then repeated my instructions less casually until they were followed. Then we reached Bravo Waypoint 2, where half the squad was erased by guys with guns. I became a one-man humvee crew as Mamuto and his SAW wandered around outside, and the two of us provided withering covering fire whilst I continually prodded either B2 or B3 to move, to no avail. "We're pinned down" is what they said, "We'd rather just keep getting shot here," is what I heard.

My brief stint as a squad leader came to a merciful halt, however, when I racked back the charging handle and sprayed bullets at a far off HMG. The enemy gunner was better than me. :suicide:

Radio Free Hazar
Deployed as DefendFor (OpFor) Bravo Squad Leader
Six men we were, assigned to guard the northern array. We brave few. We three buddy-pairs. "One person watches the antennae, one person watches that guy's ass," is what I said, and then I realized belatedly (as I and one other "ass watcher" were pinning down an entire enemy fire-team) that I needed a maneuver element. Knowing that I had shot and wounded at least one dude, thus requiring a second to pull him up, I decided to become my own maneuver element. I dashed forward between the back alleys and the narrow corridors between the houses, then raised my rifle and turned the corner. Zounds! Two enemy combatants! I riddled the one putting away bandage wrappings with holes, then I spent the rest of my magazine on the guy wearing the bandages! I could see a third corpse out the corner of my eye, but that meant--

:owned: by Bodge, Man #4.

A Friend in Need
Deployed as AttackFor (OpFor) Alpha 2 FTL
In our truck, we sang funeral dirges as we rode into the midst of Vybor. Abandoning our trusty "Utility Truck," we waltzed south to the next set of buildings, where my entire fire-team got enmeshed, trading suppressive fire with our foes, even as BluFor's helo landed and left them the satchel charges they needed. On the chopper's second run back, we poured on the fire, and simultaneously, we heard the engine spool down, the tailrotor froze, and the helicopter took a nosedive as though the pilot had slumped forward onto the yoke.
BluFor's Helicopter wrote:KABOOM!
A swift bullet spelled the demise of OpFor's brave leader, and Alpha 1 took the reins, sending their dual brethren on an end run past BluFor. I managed to get my team halfway there, flanking around behind the BluFor as they dashed for cover, but one of the BluFor devils paused on a wall, turned to look behind him, and saw us. My fireteam went to ground at the same time as BluFor, and we opened fire at the same time. A series of sprints, rolls, and crouching managed to fire-and-maneuver us another quarter-of-the-way to our destination, but then the lot of us were cut down mercilessly one-by-one. Thankfully, Alpha 1 used our distracting deaths to advance straight onto the enemy, and they obliterated the remnants of BluFor at point-blank range and with extreme prejudice.

Black Folk Down
Deployed as Bravo Squad Medic
My kingdom for a non-damaged helicopter...

Bravo alighted at LZ Cold Potato after an abortive attempt to get Draith to land at what would have started as LZ Hot Potato and turned into LZ Dead Potato. As it is, Bravo's move onto the villa was swift, controlled, and netted us one (1) enemy warlord of suspicious character before we bundled everyone up into the chopper, minus precisely one casualty.

On final approach back to base, Draith was pretty clearly coming in for a fast and low landing at about 70kph - totally doable in these flat wastes out to the south of Zargabad. And then someone said, "You're coming in way too fast!" Draith, being a faithful pilot, raised the yoke to slow the chopper... and plowed the entire multi-million dollar machine into the dirt as the tail dug in and slammed the rest of the bird down hard enough to give everyone spinal compressions. I set up an impromptu chiropractic shop, collecting exorbitant fees for causing people pain with the promise that it would stop the pain. Eventually.

I swear it's a legitimate therapy technique! :coolbert:

Ensconced in a brand new chopper, we landed once more at Zargabad Airfield, where we began to encounter significantly rougher resistance. At one point, Bravo 1's two survivors became separated from the rest of Bravo by several hundred meters, and my mad dash to save them brought Tigershark back to life, but not poor Daf. In Daf's honor, I snatched up his M-60, pledging to pump his foes full of bullets. We managed to fight our way to a nearby hillside from which several buildings provided a commanding view of the surround terrain... and then we sat. In place. Behind a single building. With only two corners to peek out from around.

Needless to say, I spent the next 15 stationary minutes pulling up wounded and getting wounded myself before someone was able to cut through the horrifically dense command chatter and figure out that someone had shot the last remaining warlord in the face with 5.56 10 minutes ago.

<<Placeholder for Video?>>

[ed: article has been revised to reflect that the identity of the warlord's killer is unknown at this time, and readers are urged not to reach hasty conclusions from the fact that Tiger, wielding a freshly fired 5.56x45mm weapon, was seen leaving the vicinity of the warlord's compound mere minutes after the shooting. This is still an open investigation, after all, and in the eyes of the court, Tiger is considered innocent until enough evidence can be fabricated to convict him. And that task falls to us, the glorious media!]

Cholo (Afterparty)

Op Enfield (Afterparty, Part Deux)

:clint: ~ Ferrard
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Re: [Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

Post by Crocuta »

Shilkas of nur: Alpha Medic. I didn't see a whole lot of action, and that's how I survived until the end. When a charge was called, I got into the humvee as driver with audiox shouting to go. Our tyres instantly got taken out to the ever more persistent "onwards!" commands from ASL. I bailed just in time and attempted a charge on foot.

Radio free hazar: Opfor A2 AR. Posted on the ground floor of the mansion facing South. It got hot there really quickly, and I took a round pulling back. Issus was wounded too and covered my retreating crawl to the lobby. Someone started to heal me, and over direct I told him that I was going to go back and try to save Issus. That was moments before the enemy began pouring in through the Southern entrances, and I could see the tips of the armaments. I was frantically declaring our position overrun with Danny(?) demanding we don't let that happen. It took me so long to heal up only to be shot again.

A friend in need: Opfor A3 AR. Our team charged ahead, flanking to the West of the convoy. The sun was low, in our faces through an overcast sky, but it actually helped to see the silhouettes against humvees up the gentle grassy hill. A3 all got very slightly separated during the rush, but the spacing between us turned out to be perfect (until we all died).

Another perspective of the helicopter crash:

Black folk down: A2 FTL. Alpha slowly bounded towards Yarum. Like, really slowly. "Can Alpha 3 bound to the next waypoint?" - "No, Alpha 3 FTL has no legs." - "Okay then, Alpha 2 bound." - "Alpha 2 FTL also has no legs." Slight logistical nightmare, with ASL dying and about six survivors being swarmed by hordes from the East. We extracted in a single littlebird.

Cholo: Opfor. We were super organised for a Cholo session and won.

Op Enfield: Indfor FTL. There is an unalloyed joy in having to report to your superior that you can see the goat and that it's being chased by the enemy.

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Re: [Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

Post by Tigershark »

I did not shoot the Warlord bitch! Who is spreading these rumours?
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Re: [Sun] 08 Sep 2013 (LZ Hot Potato)

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Somebody in Bravo shot the Warlord, although the shooter's identity is still unknown. I was trying to inform Tigershark, as he was the host, that the mission was basically pointless from there on.
I might have said "Tiger you shot the warlord", but the you was referring to Bravo.

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