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How we died
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Re: [Sat] 6 April [V+] Testing, testing

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Despite the sound issues, I really enjoyed this playthrough of the new modpack and look forward to many glorious hours spent roaming across these new lands, killing. Great videos, too!

Tundra Tussle - A1(?) FTL

Transported to the glamorous Canadian/Alaskan hinterland, the job was to take back a series of strategic locations from the our uninvited Russian guests, dust them down and put the picture frames straight. We had an M60 tank driven by Dancemoox plus a few M2 humvees, along with some hilarious ideas on how to pronounce 'about'.

We convoyed our way down the road to the designated dropoff point next to the communication station, immediately coming under fire. This was a trend that would continue. We pulled up on the nearby hill and started pelting things with fire while the tank moved in to shoot at things, and then get shot with a rocket from the far hills.

Eventually we were able to clear the area but it was very cold and damp and we were starting to get a little miserable and in the mood for a nice hot cup of tea. Despite fraying tempers and furious doctrinal arguments over Head's crazy new radio comms-related ideas, as well as target confusion due to our very similar uniforms to the russians -- we advanced further down the road to clear out a small town. Bravo(?) had gone on ahead of us and Satire impetuously snapped off a few shots at them before they were identified as such; nonetheless, the town was claimed easily enough and we kept trooping on.

The soul-grinding horror of the damp Canadian climate and terrain was briefly broken by the tank flipping over onto its back for a rambunctious and innovative breakdancing session, seeming like it would keep dancing forever but managing to flip back over onto its tracks in a stunning finishing move. With our spirits buoyed by this entertainment, we pulled up into the hills surrounding a warehouse compound. At this point I was the one to misidentify targets as I had us unleash all our firepower on some movement on a neighbouring hill. Alas, it was A2. We did manage to get some Russkies too while we were at it, though.

Things started getting hairy at this point as the IFV/tank/mechanical B-boy got shot by rocket after rocket, losing a track but still blasting away with the gun. We pelted downhill to try and interdict but pretty soon everyone was getting murderfied. Still though, good mission!

Regicide -- Ehmmm.. gosh, the details of this one have slipped my mind. Someone remind me of the map/premise?


The highlight of this mission for me was all the DAKKADAKKADAKKA. Yes, someone handed me the keys to a shiny brand-new vehicle, a pretty intense combination of TOW launcher and explosive-shelled vulcan cannon. Hot damn!

Our mission was to advance on some villages under cover of night and clear them out, while contending with a heavy enemy presence. We moved up onto a rise overlooking the area and advanced cautiously forward. Before us there was rolling area with more hills in the distance. The troops moved ahead of us with their M113, while we and some medium-asset troops stayed behind to cover them.

Our first contact was a lot of belligerent locals milling around a compound off in the distance. After a while spent planning, someone fired the first shot and we unleashed a little portion of hell on the compound. Tracers flew through the silky green of the NVGs and the vulcan cannon went BRRRRT-vweee!, BRRRRRT-vweee!, every burst unleashing a thunderstorm of high-caliber DU on the targets. More enemies kept pouring over the far hills, along with a BTR that the M113 dealt with, and a technical peeking over the crestline that soon got vulcanned into fiery oblivion.

At this point the troops moved forward, north and downhill, getting engaged from the large village to the west and a continuous flood of reinforcements from the north. We unleashed support fire ever closer and closer to the friendlies while they got pelted, and when the M113 got blown up, we moved in to take its place and also heal up commander Dancemoox.

Eventually we were able to push into the village itself, with us taking up a position on the northern edge of it while the troops cleared the buildings and occupied the roofs. At this point we came under heavy counterattack, with wave after wave of enemies attacking across the rolling open ground to the north. We blanketed the area in DU shells, several rockets narrowly missing us and getting smothered in dakka in return. Eventually, however, even our mighty metal beast was overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.

Dancemoox saved our bacon before we got fried in the burning wreck, and then it was simply a case of charging to our glorious deaths, our work done.

Swamp Thing - SL/CO

For the last mission of the official session we headed to Vietnam. With the jungle standing before us dark and imposing, we had to push down into the swamps and clear out an enemy outpost there. Knowing it would be a hairy business, I gathered us all up close together with Alpha in the middle, dancemoox and his M60 taking point, and a few more troops at the flanks. Advancing at a cautious walking pace, we rolled out.

We'd barely made it to the top of a hill ~150m into the shit when we came under sudden attack. The pathfinder group started mowing down foliage and VC with their M16s and M60s, but even when we pulled together to consolidate, we couldn't stop a steady flow of casualties. A3 tried to punch south towards the next objective, but were soon sent packing back to us. Eventually I managed to force us through to the next hilltop, holding the area while B1 and MMG extricated their few survivors over to us.

The swamps were just ahead, but when we tried to push down to them, a fresh wave of VC closed in on us. I bought the farm, and one by one so did the rest of us, with just three or so survivors making it the the fetid water's edge, and dying face down in the muck there for the sake of American freedom.

Truancy - Something sure happened, but I forget what!

HOSTages - Zargabad Edition - RESCUEFOR FTL

Under cover of darkness, we were to snatch a couple of hostages of dubious moral character back from their Takistani captors. In our tactical Humvee, we sped through the town and into a tree, busting a wheel and forcing us to jog for a while. Satire turned up in a minicab to help but it turned out to be extraneous as we advanced the last distance on foot. We drew up on a nearby rise overlooking the mansion, and saw that both hostages were on the roof along with a couple of bad guys.

Me and Satire stayed up there while the others closed in to the mansion's side entrance -- meanwhile the CO's element was causing a distraction on the other side. Shooting ensued, after which several of us and several of the enemy had died. I moved in sneakily to try and help. I could hear Draakon ranting away some communist nonsense, and I took the opportunity to spend some alone time with my wounded colleague under the stairs. Shortly thereafter I had a go at going up them (the stairs), but got a faceful (of bullets) for my trouble.

Infection - L85er

For this run of zombie-fighting I decided to head for large, open, well-lit areas and buddied up with.. maybe Croc? We got attacked by several shambling horrors but dropped them all quite handily, relocating several times from town to terrifying moor and back again before finally moving into the church. This proved to be our undoing rather than our downfall; we managed to clear out the zombies besieging a few survivors who had had the same idea, but a brutal zombie counterattack soon saw me getting pounced on by a disturbing man/tree hybrid monster and devoured.

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Re: [Sat] 6 April [V+] Testing, testing

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Ok, first an update on the gun sounds bug: It appears that when given RH weapons, the AI will not make gunfire noises (or muzzle flash for that matter), but players are unaffected by this. Testing has determined that this is independent of side, which is one possibility I had originally considered, as well as independent of using JSRS.

The solution for now is simple, don't give AI soldiers RH weapons, give them default BIS guns. Give us living breathing types whatever you please, we know how to make them go bang.

Second, a quick point over radio nets: 343 is squad level, 148 is platoon level, unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise. Exceptional circumstances are basically if fireteams are out of range of the 343, or if the mission lacks certain radios. FTL's get the 148 so they don't have to go hunting for the SL's radio when he heroically takes a 30mm shell to the face when charging a BMP-2 with his Makarov out. And besides, the IFV doesn't need to hear about how many bullets and dudes Alpha has left after their last contact.

Our guides are written this way, and changing stuff up may confuse both new arrivals and creaky old timers ;)

Third and finally, a big thanks to those Comrades who made new missions for us! Especially since the ones that dancemoox and I made turned out to be horribly broken thanks to the silent AI. Your contributions are very much welcome! :D

(I'll try and fix the F2 V+ this week I swear!)
Mr-Link wrote: 7) SATIRE OP plz NERF.

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Re: [Sat] 6 April [V+] Testing, testing

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Alex: Your adversarial (Truancy Caribou) is practically the same as a mission that I had been planning, but had put aside for the new V+ update. Two obvious things are, get rid of the sepia filter, and give both sides their own briefing.

I agonised over how to set it up. With multiple escape zones fanning out from the escaping team's spawn, it might be too easy for them to slip away while the search party bolts between them hoping to get lucky. I decided that I was going to have a wide corridor with just enough space for the escapees to slip by if the other team wanted to camp out on a few key spots. The terrain needed to be right: Not packed with trees and hills, not barren, needs looping road network for search vehicles. I settled on an area South of Bagango in Sahrani. Other choices were areas of Chernarus and Celle. If the escapees left the corridor, flares would fire at their location. To stop the search party from camping at rescue zones, the end of the corridor is a DMZ that can't be crossed without retaliation by AI friendly to the escapees.

I ditched the idea of having search helicopters after trying it out in the darkness that I wanted and crashing into power lines, etc. The best vehicles to put search lights onto for me were "Offroad Tan (Chernarus)". If you name it pickup_1 then the seachlight init would be "this attachTo [pickup_1, [0,-1.2,-0.7]];" It sits nicely in the back, much better than on the roof of an SUV. The maximum crew of one of those is 3 including the light operator, so I was going to have them as mandatory attachments supporting each team. Most soldiers were going to get an M4A3 CCO ("M4A3_CCO_EP1") because of the flashlight attachment. The escapees were to be fugitives who spawn around a hijacked truck on its way to a camp. They would get a makarov (+ couple of mags) each.

Since you beat me to it (and I'm working on other stuff atm) I'm putting it aside again, but if you want me to help out and/or test future versions then I'm up for that. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make something like this work.

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Re: [Sat] 6 April [V+] Testing, testing

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Thanks Satire and the rest of the crew for working on this. It was a great fun despite some hickups!

Tundra Tussle A2 AAR

That was an intense start for the new mod pack! You can see from Wrathz video how confused we were from that initial contact. It didn't help that there were some people who reported that they heard the "Predator" noise, that kind of set the stage for what happened next. Wrathz and Stff died under mysterious circumstances. Leaving me and Croc to fend off our seemingly invisible assailants. When one of them foolishly got close enough for me to recognize and kill, I was dismayed at how closely their camo resembles our own from a distance at least. It was clear that we would mostly have to rely on good judgment and weapon recognition to identify friend from foe. Of course it didnt help that those sneaky Russians had equipped silencers on their weapons ;) .

Everyone was on edge, there were few friendly fire incidents and Dancemoox and crew managed to flip their tank somehow. Finally when the tank was "fixed" and we were ready to move again, me and croc came under very close contact from a ridge right on top of us. Of course by then everyone in alpha had realized that they are being hunted by sneaky Russians with silencers and an excellent camo that resembled ours........ also possibly Predator. So upon hearing gunfire and CONTAAAACT, they unloaded everything they had on our position: http://youtu.be/yR6AF1ctDs8?t=34s. According to Stff who witnessed the incident from specataor script, we were absolutely "riddled with bullets" from "very accurate" friendly fire :mrgreen:

Are we switching back to Friday this week? or are we staying with Saturday for more testing ?

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Re: [Sat] 6 April [V+] Testing, testing

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As the one who ordered the friendly fire I didn't want to say it, but damned if it wasn't accurate and effective. :P

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