[Sat] 12 Apr 2014 [V+] Operation Coathanger

How we died
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Re: [Sat] 12 April [V+] Operation Coathanger

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Workshop: My radio channels were not the same as everyone else's. I was in the BSL slot. I've had this problem while playing around with mission making and having a slot as setCaptive true (faction silently becomes CIV) before the ACRE frequencies initialise. I don't know what it is in this case.

Also, maybe we should move to In-game channel (like we used to) as soon as we join so that the voice-of-god people don't have a breakdown while trying to troubleshoot.

Junction City: A4 FTL.

We had the right flank, soon bumping into a HUGE rock which the entire platoon sanely huddled around. And then the jungle came alive. I only saw RPG trails, danger-close CAS, fire, red screen. :suicide:

South of the River: A1 FTL.

As next in the chain of command I was rooting for Draakon's safety. After getting eyes on the first village, team 1 loaded into our APC and bolted there to take the Western side. Our APC was then lost to a BTR further down the road. We cleared the area with few casualties and diminishing daylight. Team 2 loaded into remaining transports while we waited. It was atmospheric to hear them taking fire in the distance and having to go along on foot to help out. I really enjoyed the mad dash to the last village of the mission, but I have no clue how I managed to kill Satire. I always love night time with no NVGs, but a few flares for the pitch black wouldn't hurt.

Cache and Carry: A1 AT.

Alpha assaulted the town over open ground, and it was fairly hopeless. I made it to the CO's burning vehicle first and I was the only one without smoke left. I was wounded while giving him first aid and looked around to see the entirety of alpha all in the same situation. If there were enough of us we could have spelt out "fuck you bravo" with our bodies.

Capraia Raid: Eng Assistant.

Head and I were hanging back, jumping in to play medic. I didn't last very long and called it a night. Such a PTSD inducing session.

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Re: [Sat] 12 April [V+] Operation Coathanger

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A lovely full session where we continued to explore all our lovely shiny new assets!

Junction City - Nam - CO

First times was Nam times patrol times. Dumped in the middle of the jungle with a series of locations to tab to and investigate, we were hampered by the night time, lack of NVGs, radios and maps (latter two only possessed by element leaders), including no radio for me (I actually did have a 148, but for immersion purposes I ignored it until it faded from my awareness), leaving me to relay my instructions through RTO Draakon. We had four fireteams, and a couple of M113s, along with a huey overhead.

Knowing that we were cruising for a comms clusterfuck I had us draw together in a tight formation with Alpha 1+2+3 in a line, B1 in front on point, and the two M113s on our rear flanks. I laid out a series of waypoints on the biggest, most easily identifiable landmarks I could so it would be easier to navigate.

Things were quite slow to get moving as various people had issues with AFK team-members and missing radios, as well as the general dealing with limited comms and maps.

(Random note: Folks, one thing that would be neat is that if a member of your team is having a problem like this, please just leave them behind until their problem is solved and move on with the plan, rather than letting it bog down your entire FT and by extension the whole platoon. Likewise when one of your team is wounded, or pinned by fire. If we can stay mobile, we can more easily deal with the prablems!)

Anyway, eventually we managed to get moving, heading northwest in a slow and careful fashion. A giant rock loomed up before us and we huddled around that. It was at this point that the contact started... and didn't let up. First we lost a few guys, then one of the M113s. Then the other M113, and then all the guys. Under withering fire, the most we managed was a brief attempt at lining up and climbing the hill that was our next objective before we became completely fucked.

Dancemoox, circling overhead, kept calling for us to blow up some trees so he and Super could land but this took an inordinate amount of time due to the aforementioned situation. Eventually we managed to destroy a couple next to the burning M113, but the landing whiffed and we all entered the soup together. With this there was only one thing left to do -- declare the mission a success and run for it. A handful of us got back to base -- we'd made it maybe 300m into the jungle.


Some other missions happened that I may write about later -- they were good, but in most of them I died early on! Oh, unlucky fate!

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