[Sat] 19 Apr 2014 [V+] (Technical Malfunctions)

How we died
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[Sat] 19 Apr 2014 [V+] (Technical Malfunctions)

Post by Satire »

Many thanks to the peak of 22 who joined us today to put up with a barrage of technical issues have an enjoyable and hassle free session of Arma 2.

Our missions were:
  • Regicide
  • Baker Retaker
  • Iron Resolve
  • Angels
  • Box of Chocolates
  • Hide and Seek
  • CHazzarLO
  • Hells Fury
  • Outpost Bean

Please leave your AAR's, pics, vids and feedback here, as always.
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Re: Sat 19 April [V+] (Technical Malfunctions)

Post by thekev506 »

Regicide - IFV gunner
Russki crew! My extensive knowledge of Russian ('da!' 'nyet!' 'zdratsvitye!') paired with the greatest of glorious Soviet soldier's hymns ensured crew communication was at its very apex.

Rolling slowly along behind comrade footsoldiers, I attempted to engage enemy infantry, being relatively effective until we reached a village, where commanderski Dancemoox disembarked and was killed. Driverski Mr Link disembarked shortly after, jumping out directly in front of my cannon, where I may have accidentally killed him.
The IFV ruined beyond repair I joined Alpha and may have been overzealous, making it to our waypoint 5 minutes before the rest of the squad and subsequently charging up a hill alone. On Alpha's arrival at the hilltop we were engaged and the entire squad wounded, myself included. The entirety of our force slowly bleeding out I took up my duty as company bugler and performed 'the last post' on my kazoo, FTL Penney talking to me even as I was dead.

Baker Retaker - CO(?!)
Given foxhounds and tasked with retaking a base on top of a hill, my plan was to roll up in convoy, powering through if ambushed, and use the sheer number of MGs on the foxhounds to give us fire superiority. With the map being entirely green and covered in mountain markers it was difficult to decide on staging points, though I chose some speculatively. Issues began to arise when our convoy was ambushed and, rather than try to power through, all stopped and ended up wounded. I didn't last much longer than that, though I did manage to kill OPFOR's co.

In hindsight this mission called for a smash-and-grab approach, and my plan was neither that nor cautious, and that middling nature, mainly from the difficulty of reading that map, cost us dearly.

Iron Resolve - Tank Driver
After installing a 100% necessary snorkel on my tank, we rolled in tandem with ASL's tank to various points on the map, providing support for the infantry movement. I say 'providing support' but I'm not entirely sure our tank fired a single shot, we seemed to always be just out of view of the conflict. When it finally seemed like we might start shooting bad guys up we were struck by a TOW and the tank was destroyed in a single hit.
Though the tank was pooped, the crew lived and vowed revenge! After some disorganised movement we finally came across the enemy and crewsquad engaged, albeit rather half-heartedly. The spirit of IFV gunner rising up in me again, I tired of these craven ways and charged across the open ground, reaching the TOW-armed Abrams, which I shot a lot with my Bizon (didn't work.) Didn't last much longer than that.

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Re: Sat 19 April [V+] (Technical Malfunctions)

Post by Dogface »

Technical issues aside, this was a fun sesh!

Regicide - CO

With two small squads and an IFV, the mission was to clear out the village of Vishnoye, to our south, and then the castle Zub. Even while planning, we started to take some static from the area immediately south, so I had us disengage and cut east to Novy Sobor. Once there we arranged ourselves on the parallel road going south, with one squad on either side of the road and the IFV just behind us.

Almost as soon as we left the town we started taking sporadic contacts from our right, in the wooded hills. We took to bounding 50-100m a time, and with careful movement and fire support from the IFV, we were able to move about half a click with minimal casualties. Eventually we came to a junction with two groups of buildings, which is where things started going bad. With contact on all sides, we started taking a lot of wounded, including me.

Eventually we were able to get back on our feet, but by this point we seemed to have lost most of our troops and the IFV. I therefore ordered a glorious charge south along the road, hoping to at least get close to Vishonoye. It wasn't until I had charged ahead and been gloriously killed that I realised we actually still had quite a few folks left; luckily Homercleese took over and kept things moving. However, the blunted charge only lasted until the hills just southeast of Vishonye before being wiped out.

Baker Retaker - BAF Alpha FT AAR

A new mission from me! :D We started halfway up a mountain and tasked with retaking an outpost at the top from the TK Militia. To get there we had to climb a very steep, narrow winding track that offered a lot of opportunities for ambush. To our advantage we had some tough Foxhound LPPVs with two MG hatches on the roof, as well as a jackal.

The CO placed some waypoints down - we were to climb until there was around 600-700m of road left, assess, then cautiously move up to within about 300m of the outpost, moving in to attack from there with the vehicles as fire support. If ambushed, we were to power through. With that, we set off. The first stage of the climb went well enough and we got to our first waypoint without incident. After a while sat in one place, nervously scanning the crest above us with the MGs, we set off again, with our vehicle still at the front.

As we trundled along, the tension of the inevitable ambush wearing on our nerves, we eventually heard an explosion and some gunfire just behind us. Things got a bit confused for a while but I believe we ended up pushing through to the next bend and dismounting there. We pushed up on one side of the road, while the other elements brought the vehicles behind us. Soon we were engaged again, from up and down hill, but only by a few attackers who we eventually managed to kill, albeit with many of us wounded but luckily all getting patched up.

We were close to the outpost now so most of us dismounted and pushed up through the scrub and trees, while a few stayed in the vehicles to work the MGs. We reached the south wall of the compound and got into the helipad, but came under fire from the outpost itself. At this point I was killed and saw some brisk close-quarters fighting - the defenders eventually got the advantage. When a Foxhound charged in via the road looping round to the front gate, it got pelted with rockets and GPs till it blew up. OPFOR victory!

Iron Resolve - Alpha lead tank commander

Dancemoox wished to keep us alive for as long as possible as we supported the assault of troops and IFVs ahead of us. The tank crews operated very efficiently we moved in a close formation most of the time, able to mostly stay hull-down behind ridges as we covered our advancing allies. This resulted only in minimal contacts for us, but at least our fiery demise was delayed. Bravo took a lot of static ahead of us, and eventually we moved in close behind them as we pushed along the final road to our target.

Closer to the action, we pulled in closer together and advanced cautiously. However, a few moments after the front of the town came into the view through the fog, A1's tank promptly blew up. I got a split-second to see an incoming TOW missile before we followed suit. Turns out the culprit was a Bradley or two at the main junction, armed with TOW missiles. What I should have done was have us pull back out of sight when I saw how much of the town we were exposed to, and let some troops have a look first; once the Bradleys were located, we probably could have sniped them from the edge of the fog. Oh well, you live and learn!

Angels - A1 FTL

Another mission of mine, this time a rescue mission in the Vietnam jungle. We were stranded with no long-range radios and only limited map-markers, although we did know where we were at least. Sergeant Satire had us pull 360 security while he made a plan, and then we set out up a hill to the north east, heading for a village where we would hopefully be able to secure an LZ.

After getting spooked by a couple of false contact reports, we reached the top of the hill and kept going. At this point we could hear a chopper to our north, which started to slowly get closer as it swept the area and started to home in on our short-range radio. However, the frame rate, which had started off quite low, began to drop even further. Draakon in the chopper made radio contact with us as we came across a large clearing made un-landable by a graveyard of vehicles and other junk. At the same time we started coming under heavy contact from across the clearing.

At this point the FPS dove into the ground, the red chain appeared and we received disconnection messages. Server crash! This was possibly caused by too many AI being spawned at the same time, so I'll experiment with that. On the other hand, the server seemed pretty flaky that night, possibly due to the newly-released beta (or something), so who knows!

Box of Chocolates - CO

Mmm, vehicles! Besides some troops, I had an M113 plus an MAT and a SAM vehicle with vulcan cannons and such. We climbed up onto a ridge and advanced along it together, coming to an overlook point. After killing many mans and vehicles, the troops crossed over to a complex in a low valley while the vehicles formed a bronegruppa and took up a BOF position to cover them. As the troops pushed up into the west side of the town we were assaulting, MAT got tracked and SAM got blown up, so I hopped in a humvee and rescued the SAM crew back to my medic.

We were still pretty good strength-wise and the M113 was still operational, so we formed up and started pushing north through the town. However, at this point the server crashed again!

Hide and Seek

Humh humh. Off the top of my head, I forget how this one went, sorry!

CHazzarLO - Sex Pistol

I drove a bus. People died!

Hells Fury - Hell's Fury Pilot

I flew a plane. People died! First the two enemy crop-dusters - the first in one hectic head-on joust that left us down one wing-gunner but buoyed by the sight of the enemy's wreck falling to the ground in flames. The second took many passes of flying across the middle of the AO, getting some distance, and then banking around, with the other plan usually ending up below us or turning out of the way. However, eventually we managed to tag it enough times and it went down -- but in the process, I got half of me blown off by an artillery shell. Still able to fly with my remaining arm, I took the C-130 through a couple of victory barrel rolls before crashing us into a hill. :D

Outpost Bean - Medic

I healed people. Then they died! Especially when Dancemoox decided to blow us up with satchel charges and feast on our tears.

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Re: Sat 19 April [V+] (Technical Malfunctions)

Post by WrathzRevenge »

So mad.

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Re: Sat 19 April [V+] (Technical Malfunctions)

Post by Denel »

Iron Resolve V2 is ready. I have removed the TOWs from the Bradleys; they'll still be a threat to infantry and the wheeled armour but no insta-death for the tanks. The starting location has also been moved closer to reduce the 'walking through woods simulator' effect. Hopefully this should make the mission more fun and victory more achievable.
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