[Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

How we died
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[Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

Post by Satire »

Thanks to our 21 comrades who came along tonight for a highly entertaining V+ with absolutely minimum amounts of blue-on-blue and PTSD. Our missions were:
  • Tundra Tussle
  • Snipe Hunt
  • Reforger '89, Part 2
  • Foxhounds
  • Clear Skies
  • Crash Site
Afterparty territory
  • Infection
  • Chologorsk
  • Outpost Bean
As always, leave your words, videos and piccies here for all to enjoy.
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Re: [Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

Post by Pr3sario »

A quick first session back for me that lasted only the first mission. I got a bit frustrated with my lack of ability after some time away and left the computer with the intention of coming back in an hour or so but got distracted watching The Green Mile. Apologies for loitering in the "Waiting to Join" for the remainder of the session.

Tundra Tussle
Under Satire as A2 with Lord Penny and Joe.

The mission making genies have been busy, and there was something more than just a little bit cool about having the usual V+ feel but in a new land with new stuff. For the first time in a while I didn't really know what to expect as we worked our way around the Caribou Frontier (I think that was the map).

As A2 we moved with the convoy and I suspect from Satires mutterings we weren't quite where we should be in the convoy, although I was happy behind the tank. That is until the tank seemed to attract every rocket within a 1km radius. We jumped out of the humvee to deal with the contacts but we never returned to drive her home. I'd even left my chewing gum in the glove box, god dammit!

Moving over the hills we had the odd single man contact, usually at about 500m. A2 were working well, and Joe was pretty keen to get the boomstick firing. We cleared the factory area and pushed on to the next town. THE HUMANITY!! Dead civilians everywhere, Dogface called for a moment of silence but we didn't get it. I could hear fire coming in but couldn't place it. Turns out that's because I was experiencing glorious surround sound as the hills surrounding us peppered us with bullets from every direction. Joe went down and called to see if I was alive. Keen to prove my worth after about 5 weeks away I immediately ran to his aid. "Pr3sario, wait!..." But it was too late. I was dead. Cardinal Sin commited... If a man goes down, there is usually a reason. Lesson well and truly learned. :commissar:
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Re: [Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

Post by Crocuta »

Tundra Tussle: A3 FTL. HUNGRY. BRAIN NO WORK. HOPE DIE FAST. I lived to the very end with an Mi-8 strafing us. We did so much better than last time but I was confused for most of it, partly because of the radios. Other fireteams were using the same 343 channel for bounding, and the 148 was everyone else.

Snipe Hunt: A1 AT. I wondered why Fallujah looked so sparse this time. I managed to spot a sniper (who eventually killed me) through a couple of invisible buildings. It turns out that something something OAC deleted/not-deleted. What am I supposed to do about that?

Reforger 2: Infantry Bravo FTL. I'm sure the Bradley we were in only had 6 seats in the back. No matter - it was soon destroyed and we were all on foot from then on. For the last month I've really been appreciating the Celle missions, but on this one we ran out of steam too early.

Foxhounds: Blufor Alpha AAR. I was one of the Foxhound gunners, at the rear of the convoy. My master plan of spraying the ever loving crap out of any bunker in sight payed off because I finished (dead) with one kill. I didn't even see the enemy.

Clear Skies: A1 FTL. I remember approaching the red circle of doom in exactly the same way in one of the vanilla runs of this. Results were identical, minus the hind.

Crash Landing: A3 AR. I was the first to die as a DShKM technical crested to our South. I had my RPK on semi auto and didn't get enough rounds out quick enough.

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Re: [Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

Post by dancemoox »

Crocuta wrote:Snipe Hunt: A1 AT. I wondered why Fallujah looked so sparse this time. I managed to spot a sniper (who eventually killed me) through a couple of invisible buildings. It turns out that something something OAC deleted/not-deleted. What am I supposed to do about that?
Since you downloaded the pack manually go into where the @FA_V+ folder is and root around in it for 'oac_core.pbo' once you've located it send it for a stint of forced labour in the recycle bin.. Then you'll not have issues on Fallujah again.

Anyway onto a quick AAR!

Tundra Tussle - Alpha Medic

Somehow SL and I were lead vehicle with myself as top cover, passing out of the outpost entrance I returned fire to a sneaky Russian and his equally sneaky friend on the roadside. Pushing further on I was able to pick off his two team mates as we drove past. Once we were staging below the first objective I began to have terrible Black Hawk Down flashbacks. We were taking inaccurate fire from some distance, rounds were pinging off the 240 shield in front of me and making a mess of the HUMVEE. The M60 took two well placed RPG hits knocking it out of effectiveness for the duration. I dismounted and moved with the balance of Alpha on foot into the first objective only returning to Homer's HUMVEE when we'd cleared the objective.

Pushing towards the town I was again dismounted, I was able to declare with my expert medical skills that the Russians had indeed killed the civilians, it was then that the culprit BTR-70 make its presence known followed swiftly by hidden Russians around the shelled supermarket. It was then an RPG from the west struck one of the mounted HUMVEE elements killing two inside.. We had lots of wounded, I ran to get the first man up as others provided security but they were soon themselves wounded. I took a bullet myself and called for more assistance from the still mounted elements, none came. At first, then the Scottish rage caused me to swear a lot and people got out of HUMVEEs and healed up some of the wounded.

Here is a pro tip for you all. In a situation like we were in, everyone but the gunner should dismount (driver may remain mounted or by the vehicle if movement is required) and assist in the clearing of the objective. When two fireteams are badly wounded ten feet from you, don't sit like a jackass in the back of a vehicle get out provide security and help the wounded up. Remember next mission it could well be you bleeding out on the floor!

Anyway once the remaining survivors were picked up we pushed to the next objective, killed Russians along the way and I tended to many more wounded. Of note was the death of Gamma, he was next to me, and didn't see the Russian six feet from him. Caribou terrain itself is just as deadly as the enemy.

Assaulting the dock I pushed down from the hillside to clear one of the long convener buildings. Killing two inside but finding my aim lacking with the third, I was only slightly wounded, Homer killed the last Russian and healed me up. Then the Mi-8 showed up. I took my best shot with the M136 as I could, missing it high by 10m or so. Looking around for anything automatic I found an RPK on a dead Russian and set up prone firing directly into the cockpit on its next pass. The crew chief was returning PKM fire and I began to roll inside the building when the rocket volley hit me killing me outright. Homer tried the same tactic with equally deadly results.

Snipe Hunt - Bluefor A1 FTL

Gentle landing near our staging south point, I had planned to push either side of the main road two men to each side but got held up by other Alpha elements getting into position then taking fire. Using a bunker on the west side Homer and Satire were able to eliminate a good number of EI before Croc spotted a sniper, through a building he couldn't see. It took me a few munutes too long to work out why I couldn't see the sniper..

Moving down we cleared some compounds pushing south. Eventually clearing to the supermarket and slum area. I had Homer and Satire provide over watch as Croc and myself ran like madmen to the big red barn, half way across Draakon asked on the 148 if the smoke was friendly, I was still on the 343 and mid bound.. Expecting a volley of fire any second from the north I stopped mid run in the best smoke and shouted 'smoke is fucking friendly' before continuing. Convinced the sniper was further to the west I crept around the east side of the barn only to take a bullet mid map check..

Reforger '89, Part 2 - AH-6 Pilot

I was determined not to be the victim of a sneaky BTR-70 this time and we all know what eventually happened. Once the troops were mounted I returned to the littlebird and got the rack radio set up before getting airborne. Catching up to the convoy I did a low and slow pass over the first town, seeing no vehicles only infantry I reported my observations before flying north half way to the next town checking the road for anything nasty. Finding nothing I called in again before returning to the town. Seeing a large body of infantry through the windows I advised the infantry clear the buildings as they moved through the town. On my second pass I saw a cluster of EI and fired hydra into them, Dogface the Infantry CO eventually asked me where the concentration of EI were, I responded "where the hydra crater is now". As the infantry completed clearing the town I started another north road run seeing nothing on the ground or on my radar. Draakon the Armoured CO suddenly reported fire from the rear south, I turned quickly back to the first town and passed over the burning wreckage of the linebacker. Seeing tracer fire from the road south I turned again north and reported in. As I knew it would take time for Satire to turn his Bradley around I radioed in I was going to do a rocket run on the attacking vehicle. lining up my shot I took BMD-2 fire to the face. These things happen but at least it wasn't a BTR-70 this time..

Foxhounds - Bluefor Alpha FTL

I split my team between two foxhounds, the CO riding in the Ridgeback in front. We drove without incident (washing machines not included) until the last town before the outpost. We took a little fire but stuck to the plan and kept driving. Getting to the outpost the Ridgeback stopped before the entrance that was blocked by an SUV and other vehicles. Deciding we'd all be dead if we stopped outside I engaged RAMMING SPEED and pushed past the Ridgeback, the SUV and turned right. My gunner was dead so I jumped on the gun, fired a few rounds then ducked out of the vehicle. I was killed by fire from the main entrance.. Turned out I'd pushed the Ridgeback onto two wheels and destroyed the SUV I'd rammed. Something to be said for a bit of Ramming Speed now and then!

Clear Skies - Alpha 2 AR

Stealer then driver of the UAZ armed with the AGS (fired expertly by Satire) Many EI died by our hands and mistaking Dogface for an enemy we also ran him over (just a little). Once the Hind showed up we ran for cover of the trees north. Then testing our luck I stopped to help up Ardyvee up, we were atomised within 10 seconds..

Crash Site - Commissar of the empty Makarov

With the quickest of 'form triangle defence' plans I sent Ardyvee up the minaret with his SVD and then set out to snag an enemy technical. Running like a mad man I was able to snag it and return unharmed. As the defence held we took many casualties, I had not heard fire from the minaret for some time so went up to check on our marksman, finding only when I'd climbed up that he was looking for more ammo in the truck I made a quick under heavy fire exit and returned to the battle outside. I checked on the south side defence finding the house under heavy fire from a MMG. I stayed long enough to snag some Makarov ammo before directing the fire of the A1 technical. I was wounded killing the crew of a technical to the east, then managed to kill attackers while returning to the centre. Most defenders were dead or wounded now, I found a dead AT rifleman and grabbed his RPG before going T-55 hunting to the west. Moving building to building with my RPG at the ready I was caught between two by an insurgent next to our downed Mi-8. I fired my RPG at him and missed, being shot in the process. Switching back to my AK I killed him before being shot by more rushing insurgents..

A nice session everyone, thanks for attending and thanks Satire for hosting. I'll see you all this Saturday for more!
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Re: [Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

Post by Fluffeh »

Tundra Tussle - A1 FTL
A1 was assigned driving duty, and was split between two M240 humvees. After following ASL down the wrong road, we regrouped with the main force, pushed through the first compound, and made our way into town. Unfortunately, not long after arriving into town, and BMP opened fire on my vehicle, killing me and my gunner in a matter of seconds.

Snipe Hunt - A2 FTL

As it turns out, A2 wandered directly into the heart of the sniper forces on the northern boundary of the AO. They were sneaky, using GP launchers to whittle down my FT while we engaged AI militia without revealing themselves. As the only traumatized survivor, I regrouped with CO, and promptly wandered headlong into the Sniper CO. A handful of surprised gunshots later, I was informed that on the other side of the wall, another sniper had been neutralized at the same time. Unsure of the location of the third sniper, we pushed south to link up with the other fireteams that had by this point gone ahead, and called in littlebird support on a suspected spotting. After the initial pass, I called over the radio that I was entering the area on foot, but apparently my message was not received as I soon took a handful of rocket shrapnel to the legs for my trouble. Almost immediately afterwards, the server crashed, and the mission was called for blufor.

Reforger '89 2: The Reforgening - Infantry Alpha AAR

Nothing too exciting, aside from an advance on foot after losing one of the vehicles. Could probably do with a few more enemies along the way; I didn't even see a breathing Russian until we made it to the final town of the run. As an experiment, I had dxtory capture a screenshot every ten seconds, for some reason I like the way this one came out.

Foxhounds - Ridgeback Driver

Well, after the initial plan of having the enemy die of old age before the ridgeback could make it up the hill failed, we decided to go with a direct assault. The cheeky defenders had placed an SUV across the opening, but it proved no match for the party van. Unfortunately, thanks to A2's witchcraft known as "physics simulation," dance's helpful push from behind ended up stranding the rear wheels of the vehicle atop a rock, unable to reach the ground. After determining that we were well and truly stuck, I hopped out to go clear the base on foot, and dismounted directly in front of an AK-wielding Satire.

Clear Skies - Suicide Squad AR
Don't even remember which FT I was in, all I remember was shooting, then shouting, then darkness, and then silence.

I managed to stumble upon the one enterable building in the village soon after the game, and was then joined by Draakon and Satire. Though we made a valiant defense inside, Draakon died courtesy of a wall-clipping zombie grab, and at the ten minute mark, as the only survivors remaining, we made a run for it. Satire proved lethal with his suppressed AK74, and I proved significantly less so with my MP5. After running around for another five minutes, my luck ran out, and Satire's ammo ran out shortly thereafter.

Psst. Hey. Hey, Dogface.

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Re: [Sat] 03 May [V+] (Extra Friendly Fire)

Post by gamma_gandalph »

Tundra Tussle

After some confusion about where in the convoy we should be (we decided for the very end of it) we went to the first objective where we lost the first of us, Wrathz. He, of course was never forgotten and was not unceremoniously replaced by a tank gunner with nothing to do and a machine gun in his hands. After a lot of hill fighting where I did not see any russians but heard all the more bullets whizzing, we reached our second objective. After clearing through (empty) ruins, I catched a glimpse of a BTR moving in and after a few seconds of shock I remembered this big tube strapped to my back and dealt with it, but apparently it had already done some work. After the town it was back to hill fighting again without seeing much of the enemies until they were definitely too close...

Snipe Hunt

After a lot of waiting, seeing (and needlessly shooting at) a few choppers, the enemy took out all of my friends before I finally got someone in my sight:

Reforger '89 2
Infantry, don't remember my exact position

Moving from town to town, clearing building for building was pretty fun, felt professional, but was ultimately a bit pointless. Maybe there should be a bit more opposition, as Fluffeh already pointed out.


After a long drive, there was a lot of shooting and healing each other just in front of the enemies gates. Apart from one guy just outside the gate, I did not see a single enemy.

All in all a fun session again, thanks to everyone who was there and Satire for hosting, see you all next Saturday!

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