[Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

How we died
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Re: [Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

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fer wrote:but it's not necessarily something that should impact those comrades who made it on time and are mid-mission.
I don't see how playing a shorter mission to open the session would have any impact on time concious comrades? Surely they'd still get to play a full mission before the second one started? It'd just be a shorter mission?

Anyway, its just my personal feedback.
fer wrote:It's a judgement call for the session host to make, obviously,
For what its worth dancemoox was pretty aware of the time it was taking and called it sensibly.
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Re: [Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

Post by Draakon »

Pr3sario wrote:
fer wrote:but it's not necessarily something that should impact those comrades who made it on time and are mid-mission.
I don't see how playing a shorter mission to open the session would have any impact on time concious comrades? Surely they'd still get to play a full mission before the second one started? It'd just be a shorter mission?
To expand on that from a perspective of a person with limited time, going for a shorter mission or two at first would not only allow the people who can't play the session out fully get a few missions trough before they have to go, but it also help get people into the right mood for the larger missions.

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Re: [Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

Post by fer »

Don't worry, I doubt session hosts are about to start deliberately picking long missions as session-openers. However, my point remains: there is a session start time for a reason, and if you miss it that's unfortunate - but you just have to roll with it.

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Re: [Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

Post by Homercleese »

A bit late on this one. Which is actually pretty normal for me. Hopefully now I can start being late a bit more regularly once again. Let's see what hard, baked-on stains of memories I can scrap together.

Op Rainbow
Me - Charlie 1 FTL with..... nope. Not a clue. It's gone.

A Grueling, Moox-hates-us-all, rustic combat mission. That may sound horrible but the magic of Dance is that he makes it fun. Probably unintentionally.

Three clearance zones to power through, find the weapons caches and explode them. Easy Peasy. Alpha and Bravo were Clearance-Force! while Charle had the cushy job in the rear with the gear. Unfortunately there were engineers there too (and DC Dancemoox) which meant we had to put up with their grease-monkey chatter while we overlooked A&B's spring clean from the south. Everyone loaded into their Foxhounds and moved to their respectives sites, we had a nice rock-pocked ridge giving us eyes on the entire Operating Theatre. Theatre? Too grand? How about dusty, rubblestrewn hell hole? It was pretty quiet and we sporadically engaged sparse EI contacts at upwards of 500m. Seeing as we weren't being utilised much CO Draakon moved us in closer so we could give more direct cover.

The second ridge had a nasty convex slope that give us a great view of anything over 100m away but unfortunately hid anything within that distance. We started taking light-to-medium sporadic fire so seeming as the engineers were vital to blowing up the caches I decided to bring Charlie forward to investigate the hidden ground. With my AR team trailing behind in the foxhound, soft and squishy AT and myself made a sprint for some rock cover directly ahead when the medium-sporadic fire suddenly became heavy-direct and I sqwwweeed a little. We all made it to cover but still couldn't see much. I moved with my AT to more rocks east and suddenly started making contacts with probably a fire team of EI. Took out the 2 I saw and hunkered down looking for contacts. Turned out there was a small compound suddenly revealed below us with a HMG on the roof. He saw me at about the same time and opened up. More sqwwweeee-ing! I hid, called for the foxhound to roll up and hit him. They did and the sqwwweeeeing ended. Unfortunately they very quickly took an RPG hit and lost a wheel. That was enough. Our feet were still good so I called for a fall back (nothing to do with Dance screaming at me) and then got shot. While I was getting glued back together the engineers put themselves to surprising use and fixed the Foxhound. Off we trundled!

We must've mostly done for the local EI because despite being moved up to help clear some of the final potential cache sites it was all quite quiet.

Of course that was just the Red Zone. There were still 2 other zones. With Charlie now promoted to a frontline FT, the assault force abandoned any plans for a well paced approach into town as soon as the bullets started and just moved straight there. Cleared 3 or 4 buildings with relative ease and finally pushed to the last site only to be beaten there and told to leave before it all exploded. One big BOOM later and Dancemoox's S&M tendancies were declared the winner in this battle of endurance. Self-declared Victory Fire!

Last Flight Out
Me - ASL with Medic Mamuto

Get air-defenses, get fuel, get into plane, get airborne. Easy, eh? CO Dogface put together a detailed plan of interlocking strategies; drive south to air-defenses hill, get out, blow it up, get in, drive to fuel station, get fuel, drive back to sleek AN-8. Seriously though, what more was needed and what could possibly stop us.

Well, as he mentioned... bullets. They only slowed us down initially and we made it to the dismount point after a brief hamlet-stopoff. Proceeded up the hill and then... and then.... well, Chernarus happened. The lead Alpha FT (under Croc?) started getting cut up badly. I told Draakon to push up and try to support but in time honoured ARMA2 fashion it proved rather difficult to find the shooters amongst the trees. Smoke down, Mamuto and I struggled to get everyone back up as Dogface sounded withdrawal but eventually we managed it. Except for Mamuto himself. Mamuto and his vital medical training that unfortunately couldn't just be transfered into my inventory. So I went back for him. But out in the rear with my arse in the air there was no way I was laying on hands. And so began probably the most glorious and courageous fireman's-lift-rescue in the history of FA. That I've been part of. With bullet's pinging and zipping everywhere, Mamuto blubbering about how amazing I was, and someone (not I, surely) humming the Topgun theme for some reason, we made good our escape. For a good minute. It seemed Alpha had, to a man, abandoned their devoted ASL element. So I just kept running. Eventually got into defilade andbehind some trees got Mamuto back on his feet.

Scurrying to catch up with my squad we finally crested the hilltop, which had actually been seized thanks to Dogface's on the fly planning adjustment of running away and then trying again from wherever you stop to catch your breath. Genius! Alpha wasn't in great shape with multiple injuries from the defenders we had just looped around. Mamuto set to work and I tried to get Alpha's 1 and 2 covering north-east through south in case someone came looking for their hill back. Like good AI peons they did, breaking the crest individually. That might sound like it would make them easy targets but to reiterate, this is Chernarus; lone AI wandering back to base immediately become Predators, everyone of them. I got two (which I guess makes me the equivalent of at least two Arnies) before eating another bullets and then things proceeded to get very messy. To the good; the comms mast was destroyed. To the bad; Dogface was exploded in his victory truck and in a high pitched, panicky voice Dancemoox informed me he was going to get the fuel. Taking the only remaining vehicle and leaving the place where we were all dying. Correction, where we all died.

Whelp, in any case, Moox for his sins died alone in what I guess he could pretend was a glorious charge against a grenade equiped vehicle. And we laughed, with ghusto!

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Re: [Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

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Re: [Sat] 10 May [V+] (Three Colours Cholo)

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I hope I made Op Rainbow more fun for Bravo with my patented compound breaching procedures (Draakon even hitched a ride a few times, and I swear I could feel him shaking his head in the back.)

Later, when I was a commander for Crash Site I was all "yeah, I know how Crash Site is played. You wait for the other team to get there first and crush them while they skirmish with the AI". We (Opfor) saw the plane right next to our preplanned LZ and landed anyway. The map made it seem like there would be a lovely line of trees and bushes between us and the objective, but the map is not the territory, and we all ended up huddled behind a single tree, surrounded on both sides. Good times. Sorry about that. :laugh:

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