[Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

How we died
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[Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by Satire »

Thanks to the 18 comrades who turned up for a small, intimate and deadly session. Our missions were:
  • River Escape
  • Hill 101
  • Reforger '89
  • Foxhounds
  • Cache and Carry
  • Hail Mary
  • HOSTages: Zargabad Editions
  • CHazzarLO
  • Infection
  • Outpost Bean
As always, leave your memories, fond and otherwise, here in whatever from you find appropriate!
Mr-Link wrote: 7) SATIRE OP plz NERF.

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by dancemoox »

River Escape - Alpha 1 AR

Ended up as front gunner on this one, oh and before I forget Croc, don't forget to switch out the ammo for the M60. You can blame Satire for that, but it has been fixed in a newer version of the F2 V+ fork. Anyway, I loaded up as the front boat M2 gunner, and lived long enough to get wounded outside the first vil. Dogface got us alongside, and proceeded to drown me in several feet of water. I was able to witness him dragging my lifeless corpse up the beach. Pro tip if I'm not swearing at you or someone near you then I'm probably dead ;)

Hill 101 - T-55 Commander

A little bit of an experiment this one, I think another run, perhaps with the BTR-70 rather than the T-55 as the support for Opfor might be in order. Some feedback on this as its the first adversarial I've made for V+ and the first one I've made in quite some time. Needless to say I became deeply frustrated with the slaved commanders turret so was turned out most of the time - hence the bullet to my brain.. Also required is for Super to listen, T-55 and BTR were on a union tea break not the squishy infantry types, just listen next time :zoidberg:

Reforger '89 - Littlebird Pilot

I lived like 16% longer this time! Did some scouting ahead of the ground team, spotted T-80 and took a little fire, did some hydra runs on the first town then scouted towards the second. There I met this deeply aggressive BMD-2 chap, things went explody from then.. Much like the M6 when I drove side on at ten feet.. I understand there is more call for a split command style mission?

Foxhounds - Opfor A1 AT

I never made it to the ambush of death, due to wall related vehicle smashing incidents too silly to really mention. So I returned to the firestation and waited with Awaitz. Eventually I spotted some sneaky Brits, threw a grenade at them then moved to the runway side to kill Head in his foxhound. If only you could take out the RPG whilst prone :|

Cache and Carry - Medic

Ahh nothing like dodging HE SPG-9 rounds. Once we hit contact I moved to get up A1 casualties, and took out a sneaky insurgent hiding in a bush some six feet from the shot up Vic. I took a round, swore a lot, got healed up and magically lost my healing powers. More swearing, fire and manoeuvre followed. Sometimes its really fun when everything and I mean everything goes wrong :D

Hail Mary - Glorious Leader

So yeah scaling to player means the enemy infantry get all 'sploded on the minefields but we end up getting rushed by a full strength Guards Tank division. After an unsuccessful owl hunt I went up the non illuminating illumination tower and reported the two T-55s and one T-34 in our back area to the relevant fireteams. I saw A3 take a lovely HE shell to collective faces, then the drunk T-34 figured out I was spying on it and sent some WW2 MG fire my way..

HOSTages: Zargabad Editions - HMRC Tax Collector

After a little torture Ricky Martin gave up Garry Barlow and his many tax schemes, we retired to the villa and awaited the arrival of the rescue forces.. I positioned my three dudes on the first floor and closed at great lengths all the ground floor doors. With the buzz of littlebird overhead I went up on the roof for my favourite game, killing three enemies in one flying littlebird. Sadly the resulting fireball wounded Drakon and killed Pirate. I returned some fire north, flung a few grenades then went inside to see what I could see. Mid reload I was caught by an intruder, who will now be under some close observation tax wise...

Thanks as ever Satire for hosting, now get some rest! 8-)
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by head »

River Escape - Tierd CO

Made a plan, plan didn't work, rushed to the end while yelling at awaits to keep firing.

Hill 101 - Stike FTL

Got blown up by a tank, pretty much it.

Reforger '89 - Armored Coy Commander

So me as the glorious 56 star commander with the help of the 5 star infantry commander S

My little squad consists of a Linebacker and Bradley(Alpha Victor), having some initial planning we were decided on a route taking us north on the main motorway then following the coastal road.
Our rapid advanced was halted by the spotting of a T-80 right on our route, i decided to attempt to use the bridge to spot the T-80 and take it out with our Bradley, sadly we were blocked by a treeline,moving back we left the road with the Bradley taking point, lucky we managed strike at the T-80 in the distances with the Bradley TOW launcher.

Once again on the road, SuperU requested we pick up the pace, and i ordered march speed up until the town of Vsomethign, We dismounted of the infantry and i sent both Bradley to secure each flank then setup on the east side of town covering each others sixes, a wild BTR appeard and was promptly murdered and the town declared secure

Once again we set out to our next objective, Objective Ovel with the infantry moving towards the wood and capturing the nearby yards,My coy decided to move down the road, setting up Alpha Victor to cover to the east of the junction while my Bradley covered the north.

Now here is where it starts getting messy, Getting a call from SuperU that his men was taking fire towards to the NE , i decide to slowly inch towards the north, not takeing much fire we drove up so we could observe the field ahead, sadly a mysterious super soldier had hidden in a bush and started firing at me, i quickly ducked inside, but alas i was shot inside my tank :siiigh:

Lost and confused, my poor driver decided to push on,thinking that the infantry had our west and they needed help with suppressing the enemy forces to the east,sadly this was not the case, a hidden Easter egg full of auto-cannon shells were hidden to the west behind a house, it rapidly destroyed the linebacker before driving out in the street and getting TOWed ;)

On the split commanding
Would love to see this again, was great, was able to maneuver my IFV around without having to deal with all that other stuff.

Foxhounds - Bravo FTL

Sadly RL issues forced me to remove my headset and talk with someone for a bit, i told my team to act as i would and left them at that, but apparently indfor had other plans, coming around the bend and hitting right into our wall of foxhounds, lots of fun were had, both my teammates got a shallow grave but they managed to take out most of them before, luckily, i gave the screen a quick glance and noticed one remaining opfor, i quickly switched seats to the gunner position and killed him, then having once again leave the keyboard, sat down in the back of the car, coming back i spot another indfor soldier creeping about, once again i jump to the gunner seat and blew up his fine cover. once again "left" the keyboard, coming back in the last 2 minutes for a mad rush against the fire-station, taking out dance, sadly not fast enough for him to shoot off a rpg into my fine vehicle.

I burned alive.

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by Rook »

dancemoox wrote: Eventually I spotted some sneaky Brits, threw a grenade at them then moved to the runway side to kill Head in his foxhound.
Jesus you have no idea how close you came to taking out my entire fireteam with that grenade. An extra couple feet and we'd be pieces of Alpha 1.

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by gamma_gandalph »

This one will take a few more hours to upload. I also have the Infection round and a bit of Hostages to follow later.

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by Rook »

gamma_gandalph wrote:

This one will take a few more hours to upload. I also have the Infection round and a bit of Hostages to follow later.
Didn't know you were video-ing us all, I'm subscribed!

EDIT: And you used my ramblings to name the video 'Scottish Meteorite', double subscribed!

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by gamma_gandalph »

Rook wrote:Didn't know you were video-ing us all, I'm subscribed!
The party is always watching!

Thanks for the sub^^

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Re: [Sat] 17 May [V+] (SPG Ballet)

Post by Crocuta »

A bit late, but ...

River Escape: A3 AR. I was one of the first to die around the same time that Dancemoox drowned in the river. :colbert: I then got to watch Satire and Dogface blasting out Jimmy, screaming "fuck the jungle!"

Hill 101: Opfor T55 Driver. This could be made better by giving the tank a few more things to do before fleeing, but I'm not sure what. Once we bolted there wasn't a lot the other team could do, but I heard that Dogface was in hot pursuit on a bike.

Reforger '89: Bravo FTL. I had a huge red barn door slammed in my face while trying to take shelter, got stuck walking forwards while throwing smoke, and later died rushing the bridge. That's all I remember.

Foxhounds: Opfor Alpha AAR. Died first after running into Blufor's MRAPs.

Cache and Carry: A2 AR. I was enjoying the new M27 and ended up with Mr-Link at the top of the scoreboard, but it's not like we had a choice as they swarmed our building. It was also surreal seeing everyone taking SPG fire. Look away from a friendly building for a second, turn back and it's a ruin with no sign of life.

Hail Mary: A1 FTL. I swear, every time we play this my team gets sent to the Western flank. Always. One day I will command this and send you all for a stroll in the forest.

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