[Sat] 24 May [V+] (Back to Chernarus)

How we died
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[Sat] 24 May [V+] (Back to Chernarus)

Post by dancemoox »

I hope the 20 nostalgic comrades enjoyed the evening we spent visiting our old but often neglected friend Chernarus.

We had our high moments like clearing all of the Red Snow objectives and extracting (some forces, friendly fire incidents are being investigated) and our lows, such as the five lost souls left to zombify at Polana...

Missions tonight were:
  • Cherno Rabbit
  • Ashore
  • Horse
  • Red Snow
  • Regicide
  • Jolly Green
Afterparty Territory
  • CHernOLO - Factory 13
  • CHernOLO - Precinct 13
  • Infection Chernarus - Polana Edition
  • GunGame - RPG Rog
Normal V+ service will resume next Saturday with terrain that may even contain sand! So don't forget the sun block! 8-)
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sat] 24 May [V+] (Back to Chernarus)

Post by Crocuta »

Cherno Rabbit: A2 FTL. We took fire a couple of hundred metres from spawn, which is in line with every other time I've played this. I died before getting the chance to dismount.

(These clips from my favourite sketch show remind me of what Satire said about people going to watch football in pubs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPUuqtOPDUE )

Ashore: A1 FTL. My teamspeak crashes a lot these days. As soon as we hit the beach I had to alt-tab out and restart it. I then come back and felt confused for the rest of the mission.

Horse: Bravo Tank Commander. I always forget these things have smoke. :bang: Mr. Kev did a great job driving us around as I navigated, juggled radios, kept checking that Charlie wasn't yet a burning heap, and generally going "oh, fuck, we're bounding again."

Red Snow: Marksman Team 1. Great scopes, 200m visibility. :v: Both marksmen teams got bogged down in the first village, but handled it well. We trailed behind everyone else, and while leaving the lumber mill simultaneously encountered a BRDM to our North and paratroopers directly above. With Dancemoox from ST2 wounded on the opposite side of the mill, Mr-Link and I fought our way back and healed him up, but he'd lost his legs and our medic was long gone. We slowly moved to the coast and defeated a shilka on the pier using a half dead enemy tank. Far away from everyone else, and without a clear purpose, Mr-Link and I then went on a long run to the South looking for a set of wheels for Dance - who I told to hang out in the tank because I thought it would be safer. :colbert: The road back was so long, but eventually (and too late) found a DShKM UAZ, which we used to clear a hill of an enemy squad. Mr-Link went down, and I bolted to the remaining infantry. I should have kept the UAZ for myself because as soon as I got out it was commandeered and I ended up wounded with everyone else left behind.

Regicide: A1 AR. Messed up from all angles.

Jolly Green: AA Specialist. I never got to use my stinger. It was funny seeing both of our corpsmen hanging out together and getting shot together. When it was time to leave, I started moving house to house, climbing a small hill while taking accurate fire. I didn't know where we were going, but just followed the trickle of friendlies to the LZ. Saw the chopper come to a gentle hover in open ground and bolted for it, ending up in the crew chief seat. I was surprised that so few of us made it out, but I don't get out of choppers any more. Here's a clip from a V+ session we had a year ago last weekend (which I think Draakon might have been referencing) where daf and I got out to help 1 wounded person, and it spiralled into mission failure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZWasSAqD58

CHernOLO: Indfor. It was over by the time I arrived.

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Re: [Sat] 24 May [V+] (Back to Chernarus)

Post by gamma_gandalph »

Been going through old recordings, found this. This is how we party in the party.

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