[Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

How we died
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[Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by Satire »

A hearty thanks to the 21 comrades who turned up tonight to embrace the dark foggy nights of A2. Our missions were:
  • River Escape
  • Beach Boys
  • Winsen Crossing
  • Random Engagements: Sahrani Edition
  • Last Flight Out
  • Swamp Thing
  • Cholo
  • Infection: Tractor Factory Edition
  • Beanz A Cinder
As always, please leave your AAR's, pics and videos here for all to enjoy. We tried out some new and newish missions tonight, so any feedback would be most welcome for mission makers and hosts!
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Re: [Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by gamma_gandalph »

River Escape - AH1 Crew Chief
Flying over the heads of the brave comrades in boats, I sprayed roughly 4000 rounds into trees and killed two enemies. I saw none.

Beach Boys - BSL Medic
Piratepengu decided to take lead for the first time in this mission. Since I am kinda responsible for him joining our ranks, I promised to hold his hand through it.
As we landed on our beachhead, it became clear Alpha Squad had chosen poorly for their landing spot. Much confusion arose which wasn't helped by the fact that Pirate was a little rusty on his radio usage. Not hearing anything from him, B1 promptly declared him dead. That little misunderstanding was cleared up just in time for the arrival of a troupe of enemy tanks which quickly disposed of any remaining unit cohesion. I died running around looking for boomsticks to use against the tanks.

Winsen Crossing - A3 FTL
I don't remember much of this one. My fireteam was somehow split in two parts, one being on our assigned position and me being where A1 was assigned. I fought with A1 FTL a bit about who'd stay here when we were promptly all shot.

Random Engagements: Sahrani Edition - Two Men A2? FTL
After finding out that this Sahrani Death Camp is really hard to escape from - and therefor, by extension, hard to find good defensible positions when you teleport inside - I took up positions on the southern entrance with my AR. I spotted some guys up on a hill south west. They sneaked around up there for a bit until they decided to attack. Apparently we were hidden well enough, though, so we quickly disposed of 4 men trying to enter the southern gates. Some more waiting and clearing and we won.

Last Flight Out - BSL
I only noticed that it was my own mission after I decided it was time for me to finally start squadleading.
Anyways, we took a truck down south from the airstrip and moved to our assault position up the hill. On the way we took out one enemy patrol, firing, I think, rather closely over the heads of the MMG team. Just as we crested into the radar position we heard the radar antenna going down, so we quickly turned around and went back to our truck.
MMG warned us not to move out on the street though, as they had encountered a Vodnik. Bravo moved on foot to engage it, but MMG had already mostly taken care of it, so we mounted back up in our truck.
Somewhere on the way to meet up with Alpha, MMG was mysteriously killed. We looked for their bodies to pick up their guns to give them a proper funeral, but alas, we didn't find them.
The second objective was a similar affair. After moving into our assault position, we heard Alpha had secured the fuel truck so we fell back. Regrouped in a captured russian truck we made our way back to the airstrip. On the way some communication problems arose, but luckily we managed to remind the lead element that the airstrip was under enemy control. So we moved slowly on foot towards the airstrip and cleared it it of a few enemy troops. After refueling the escape plane, someone spotted a BTR on the strip. After dealing with that threat, we all mounted in the plane, looking forward to getting off the island and relaxing on some beach with a nice cocktail. But apparently, the island didn't want to let us go just yet...
This is my first mission for Folk ARPS V+ Sessions, any critique is very welcome. I heard last time, it was over relatively soon, but this time it went actually a little too smoothly. The other thing is, I felt like this mission might have been a little too long, so people who did die early had quite a long wait. So the question is, do people like such a longer mission, or should I rather make something completely new rather than reworking this mission?

Swamp Thing - ASL Medic
Weird noises, (NV-)green jungle, shooting, apologising for friendly fire. Typical 'Nam mission...

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Re: [Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by dancemoox »

gamma_gandalph wrote:This is my first mission for Folk ARPS V+ Sessions, any critique is very welcome.
The run last night was helped greatly by fog and night, one or the other would help ramp up the enjoyment and lower the AI "oh I'm spos'd shoot" lobotomy factor I saw going on last night.

In other news my death is still being investigated, for now I'm blaming aliens..

I'll get to work on a new version of Winsen Crossing for another session, got to give the Russians time to move the tank factories east.. T-80s for all :zoidberg:

See you all next week or its long term stay in my 'holiday camp' for you all!
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Re: [Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by Dogface »

It was a dark and stormy virtual night... apologies if I sounded a little less chirpy than usual, I was le tired.

River Escape Ghost -- Missed slotting but got to watch another hilarious fleeing in boots with the chopper and the shooting!

Beach Boys ASL -- I drove the boat at the beach, except actually I was driving the boat at an MG nest on the beach. It didn't like me and I got shot in the head. Boo!

Winsen Crossing CO? -- The tank cleaned up in this bridge defense mission, as all of the squishy troops underwent a comically violent ordeal of getting shot by everything from everywhere, including being shot by the buildings we were standing in or near. Even the empty friendly LAVs got shot as I mistook them for enemies and ordered the tank to obliterate them! We didn't last that long in the end, but the tank crew got to mark a lot of notches on the cupola.

Random Engagements: Sahrani Edition -- We came, we saw, we advanced, we got shot through the triple-fence of the death-camp. Rarr!

Last Flight Out -- ASL

This mission was more substantial. And how! After trying to show me up by making me take the CO slot, Homercleese instead showed me up by taking the CO slot himself and attaining far more success/money/women than I did last time we played this mission. He even used my maneuver!

My maneuver!!

Namely, heading south from the airfield, passing through the small village there and advancing up hill towards the AA radar, leaving our vehicles about halfway up. Somehow we managed to avoid the patrols this time and as Bravo moved around to the east side, us in Alpha tromped straight up to attack first.

We saw a meagre handful of dudes wandering around and easily disposed of them -- indeed if someone hadn't fired without being ordered, Satire probably could have crawled all the way there and blown the radar without us even starting contact. Either way, it was all over quickly, and we ran back the way we came to retrieve our trucks. In the first of several occurrences, we heard the one-FT Bravo squad getting engaged while we safely got away.

After some considerable kerfuffle getting ourselves back in order and on the road to the fuel truck we needed, including MMG having some kind of auto-inflicted auto accident, we started moving south, then broke off for a long hike through a pass. The next objective proved similarly easy to take; we drew up on a hillside overlooking it, lined up our shots, and all the enemies were dead in about 30 seconds. Fortunately the captured AGL we pelted a technical with didn't blow up the fuel truck parked right alongside it! I hopped in, and after a bit more faffing around, we hot-footed it towards the airfield.

We had heard earlier on that the airfield had been overrun while we were away, so we stopped short just south of it and approached on foot, while Homer drove the fuel truck just behind us. Eager to in his words "end this waking nightmare" he drove up to the waiting plane at full-pelt despite the fact that it was surrounded by enemies; luckily I was able to stop the fire that our boys responded with before the fuel truck blew up!

Things got a little chaotic at this point as the troops scattered to deal with various threats including a BMD or whatever at the end of the runway. At this point I had hopped in the pilot seat of the plane to start the refuelling process, and a badly-wounded Homercleese jumped in beside me. He exhorted me to exhort everyone else to get in the damned plane so we could take off, but they were all "Ohhh, there's enemies! Ohh, there's armour! Ohhh, we'll get shot and die!" GOD, LIKE WE EVEN CARED!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, everything enemy did eventually get killed and I was able to resist Homer's orders to leave long enough for us all to pile in. I turned us onto the runway and started taking off, but at the last moment I had a fit of pride and couldn't bear to see myself surpassed with a successful completion of this mission. I therefore hardened my heart and ploughed us into the ground, blowing us up, although it did take a couple of tries.

(I actually don't know why we crashed as such, other than it being a shitty old plane -- it lifted off the ground easily enough and I kept the nose rising only slowly, full throttle and flaps down, but apparently whatever model of rickety old cropduster it was is even more stall-happy than the AN2; limited cockpit visibility didn't help as I had pretty much no way to visually gauge our speed and elevation!)

Swamp Thing - CO

A night for firsts apparently as we somehow managed to complete this meat-grinder as well. Rather than ploughing straight into the jungle I took us for a little jaunt along the road, right to the edge of the swamp, then turned south. We ended up on the edge of an inlet that was too deep to swim across, but did let us work out way into the swamp while taking only relatively small and spread-out contacts, rather than instantly getting.. well, swamped, from all sides as we usually do.

Unit cohesion was a problem though as two of the three FTs wandered off into the jungle, and got promptly wiped out save for two survivors. The people around me, including a very enthusiastic M60-wielding Dancemoox, managed to wade and swim and shoot our way all the way to the objective, wandering in through the firing arcs of about four thankfully unmanned KORDs and clearing out all but one sneaky NVA survivor. Great success!

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Re: [Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by Crocuta »

River Escape: A2 FTL. I actually made it to the end this time, but we still didn’t get to discover what horrible things happened to the units we were meant to check up on on our way out. After dismounting, the shore was so hot I spent most of the time wounded, and as I was revived we pulled out.

Beach Boys: B1 FTL. After plenty of confusion about the status of BSL, B1 camped out among buildings next to the western road. Homer (AT) went off on a magical adventure to dispatch armour, and that was the last I saw of him. I have no clue whether he made it, but the rest of us were eventually swarmed.

Winsen Crossing: Tank Commander. I spent a bit of time trying to find us a nice spot, but didn’t realise that the gunner couldn’t see over a small wall. We then found a nice barn to pop out of. As a hind buzzed overhead, and off to the north, I wanted to get us repositioned out of the line of its strafing run. We weren’t fast enough, and as it had us lined up, gunner Wolfenswan wasn’t taking any shit so unloaded a round directly into it. Most of the rest of the mission was unloading MG into waves of infantry on the other side of the bridge. I don’t have a clue what happened to the friendly infantry, but a few times I saw the masses of blue [“ARRGH”] text.

Random Engagements: Blufor A1 AT. As we warped in I went ballistic at someone for turning on their laser. I died as we tried to find a way in around the outside. Shame I didn’t think to use my AT.

Last Flight Out: A1 AR. This went so much better than last time. One of the ways that it could be improved is a few small randomised patrols between the antenna and fuel truck objectives to keep the journey a little more tense. As we were waiting to go in the trucks I saw an evil tree watching us, but no one believed me. As we drove towards it, it didn’t turn out to be headlights - there was actually nothing there.


Swamp Thing: A3 AAR. I had fun freaking out about enemies all around us. They were intermingled because we were jogging in loose formation. I eventually died during an engagement when tired hippo and I simultaneously turned to each other and opened fire. His M60 won.

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Re: [Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by Rook »

Crocuta wrote: As we were waiting to go in the trucks I saw an evil tree watching us, but no one believed me. As we drove towards it, it didn’t turn out to be headlights - there was actually nothing there.


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Re: [Sat] 31 May [V+] (Moox's Happy Campers)

Post by Thirith »

It's the son of that Christmas tree in Cold War Rearmed, out for revenge after a T-80 ran over his father.
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