[Sat] 07 Jun [V+] (Good Doggies)

How we died
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[Sat] 07 Jun [V+] (Good Doggies)

Post by dancemoox »

Tonight 21 humanoids and two canines hit the server for some one man and his two dogs action.

Missions tonight were:
  • Shady Harvest
  • Snipe Hint - Zargabad Edition
  • Elder Rescue
  • Dog Days
  • No Pardon
  • CHernOLO
  • CHazarLO
  • Chologorsk
  • Infection Vietnam
  • Outpost Bean
As ever pictures, video and mission feedback are most welcome, now who's a good dog!
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sat] 07 June [V+] (Good Doggies)

Post by IceRaiser »


Much cache, such skill, wow. Good doge

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Re: [Sat] 07 June [V+] (Good Doggies)

Post by Mr-Link »

That's it. FA is gone to the dogs.

Really nice mission Dogface. As disorganized as we were, I still enjoyed it. I was thinking that maybe you should add a mechanic were the magic dogie sensor can either lead to a cache or an IED instead (dogs can't tell which is which), and maybe we have a limited time to deal with it or bug out, but that would be way too evil :mrgreen:

Also, whatever happened to 'Hearts and Minds' was it ? the one with the informants. how come we never got around to playing it ?

Speaking of evil things, dat Zu-23 in the back of the camp were it probably can't even shoot at aircraft like it's supposed to. :argh:

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Re: [Sat] 07 June [V+] (Good Doggies)

Post by Crocuta »

Now I know why Ice was torturing poor Mr. Muffles.

Shady Harvest: A1 FTL. I don’t remember much that happened between the insane rubber banding and being shot by a tank from behind while taking fire from the front.

Snipe Hunt: Blufor A2 FTL. The entire mission I was paranoid to hell about not exposing myself to the East (direction we were heading), but one of them slipped the net and got up behind our FT taking out Miro. Proving that he wasn’t completely silly, the sniper fled the building in time before it was reduced to rubble by Rook’s rocket. We occupied the ruins and then took fire from the police station we had been occupying 5 minutes earlier. That’s when Rook bought it, and left Spitnam and I shitting ourselves for the rest of the mission.

Elder Rescue: Bravo FTL. This was good fun. After watching the tank take ZU-23 fire, we advanced to the treeline overlooking the complex to get a good overwatch position. IceRaiser soon tempted me onto the back of his bike and drove us, mid-song, straight through the front gates. We dismounted and began clearing, and it wasn’t long before the AA took me down by destroying the barracks I was hiding behind.

Dog Days: A1 AR. Also great fun. The roof-spawning enemies were a nice surprise, and DOGS.

No Pardon: A1 FTL. We didn’t die in the forest of not-death. Instead, we managed to save that for the barn a few hundred metres further. Another logistical victory for FA.

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