[Sat] 21 Jun (Maybe it doesn't have ammo...)

How we died
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[Sat] 21 Jun (Maybe it doesn't have ammo...)

Post by dancemoox »

18 brave comrades were out tonight to 'German' a Shilka to death amongst other things..

Missions were:
  • Sandstorm
  • South of the River - Filthy Millennials Edition
  • Incursion
  • Random Engagements - Podagorsk
  • Bolshevik Raid - Chernarus VE
  • Hail Mary
Afterparty DangerZone
  • Chologorsk
  • Clear Blackblast
  • Infection Chernarus
  • Gungame Rog
As ever mission feedback from you guys is invaluable to the mission makers, pictures, video or just a few words are always welcome!
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Re: [Sat] 21 June (Maybe it doesn't have ammo...)

Post by Crocuta »

Sandstorm: A1 FTL. (They’re using our own satellites against us.) Could be made easier crossing that open ground with a bunch of vehicle wrecks along the way.

South of the River: A1 FTL. It was fun approaching from a different direction. Makes everything fresh again. Worringly, there was a point where Alpha 1 was using the river bank as cover to get to a treeline, which I didn’t realise was about to be bombarded by mortars. Not sure how I missed that one, but it was very pretty up close. Arriving at the second village, with CO absent to save mortar team (not sure what was happening there), Alpha 1 made it into the village via the closest treeline just in time for a tank to roll down the street and cause havoc. Our only AT round spent, we took refuge in the pub. Minutes later, the CO was asking for help, and then tank shot me through the window. It was up to Zenzos to save everyone, but that's the last I saw of him.

Random Engagements: Blufor A1 FTL. One of those times where you forget how close you’ve just teleported in. Shots were fired and A1 was ready to storm in. We took fire from a barn just as I’d darted into open ground so I sent GPs their way. Feeling committed to carry on forwards, I crawled most of the way to the wall. I then thought that it would be a great idea to grenade myself.

Incursion: A2 FTL. I think I know what went wrong with the satchels and the boat. Silly me was using “addMagazineCargo” instead of “addMagazineCargoGlobal” (on only the server), and that’s why you couldn’t take them. I can’t actually replicate it while running multiple instances of Arma on the same machine. I also didn’t realise that locking the Shilka wouldn’t stop AI from using it. I might leave that in because a few of you didn’t do too badly sneaking up to it.

Bolshevik Raid: A1 AR. Alpha 1 and 2 died fairly quickly in a thin corridor of woodland. Soon after, the helicopter landed nearby and discovered our bodies. LtArtorious ended up channelling Wafflynumber while wounded.

Hail Mary: A3 FTL. King of the West. I don’t even mind any more, but it was interesting having friendlies to our south for a change.

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