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How we died
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[Sat] 19 Jul (Duck! Duck! Hide! Hide!)

Post by dancemoox »

Tonight 21 comrades went Shilka hunting for Mrs Merkel and did some other exciting things.

Missions tonight were:
  • Red Snow SE - Chernarus
  • Coastal Road - Chernarus
  • Random Engagements - Podagorsk
  • Incursion - Capraia
  • Crash Landing - Takistan
Afterparty Shenanigans
  • Infection - Chernarus
  • Outpost Bean - Chernarus
As ever please post pictures, video and feedback of every kind is most welcome. It helps us as Hosts improve the sessions and mission makers make better missions, with hats and stuffs. Don't forget to exercise Comrades, got to get in shape for A3!
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sat] 19 July (Duck! Duck! Hide! Hide!)

Post by IceRaiser »

Remember kids: Always pay your taxes in time! (srsly, it's $5 per year!)

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Re: [Sat] 19 July (Duck! Duck! Hide! Hide!)

Post by WrathzRevenge »

Coastal Road - Chernarus
The Invisible SPAAG by Issus
"Homer: Wrathz, I order you to find that vehicle, and destroy it with the telekinetic abilities gifted to you by your extreme rage!
Wrathz: I'll try, but we're getting fuckin' destroyed out here!"

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Re: [Sat] 19 July (Duck! Duck! Hide! Hide!)

Post by Boarnoah »

I caught bullets with my face quite early on all missions but good fun was had.

Incursion - Capraia
First casualty of this mission called for a burial at sea.

Random Engagements
ST Acre Volume failed on me once more :(, volume change slider refused to show up. I may have been the cause of our early deaths (sorry gandelph).

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