[Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

How we died
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[Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by dancemoox »

Tonight 22 comrades went on the offensive to capture some lovely collective farms on Podagorsk only to be tenderised by the Capitalists T-55 war machine.

A special commendation & milk bottle top medal for excellent Commanding also goes to the yellow faced Comrade Homercleese for his leadership during the blinding times of Sandstorm.

Missions tonight were:
  • Angels
  • Agrarian Utopia
  • Random Engagements - Podagorsk
  • Death Squad
  • Sandstorm
  • Red Snow
Afterparty Shenanigans
  • Infection Vietnam
  • Outpost Bean
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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Thirith »

I joined for two games, Death Squad and Sandstorm, after a brief round of "Why is Thirith hotmiking?" I don't deny the hotmiking, though it's weird that it caused everyone to hear wild typing noises, since I wasn't touching the keyboard at the time.

Anyway, Death Squad. Pretty short mission, unfortunately, because our good plan was soon shot to bits by the enemy, as were we all. Croc got us holed away in a house overlooking the road that the convoy was going to come down, we waited for the frontmost vehicles to pass, and I got off a shot at a UAZ - but it seems there was an armoured vehicle at the rear that then opened up and showed us the colour of our insides. (A nice subtle mauve, I believe.) I survived longer than others, but after Croc headed off to confere with Satire (I believe) and I heard some shooting and dying noises from their direction, I got shot up a bit myself. As command radioed to say that the mission was lost and we should all return to camp, I started on my long crawl, bleeding out after 10m or so.

Sandstorm worked better, in that I made it to the end, we won, and the friendly I shot in the legs neither died nor did he even fall down, which is what I call a high pain threshold. As so often, I was very clear *that* we were being fired on and less clear *where* we were being fired on from, but while I didn't get all that many enemies (three, I believe, after which I ambled obliviously past a bad guy that was still alive but hampered by stupid AI) I think I healed a few comrades that had gone down. I also got sand in my eyes and will have to look into getting some snazzy sunglasses.
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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Dogface »

I just want to apologise for Angels. I spent ages on it, thought it would be super rad and interesting, but it turned out to be overcooked and also vulnerable to 'sequence breaking' when the group triggered two different LZs. All in all, I learned a lesson not to overscript stuff. :P Anyway, vids and AAR to come later!

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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Ardyvee »

Highlights of the night:
I absolutely love doing Scout/Sniper work. walking in a open field with your mate, spotting an enemy patrol and... instead of engaging, using the radio to communicate with a friendly dancemoox and have him engage them. Witness the jump of enemy paratroopers in the middle of an open field, knowing that those are not your problem. Being told to get eyes on a AA marker and get pinned in the process, knowing that unless you get out of it on your own, there is nobody else to save you. No friendly element that could help you. It is a very calm experience, if everything goes right.

Then, in infection, I learned the love for bushes. Hiding, seeing a zombie rush past me towards the LZ, where other humans are. No, he didn't see me. Moving carefully, trying to find more bushes like that one, while heating up my feet. And then the overconfidence which resulted in death.

As two honorable mentions: it is not every day that somebody runs a mission without suffering too many casualties; and it's not every day that a take an ambush goes wrong, resulting in friendly forces being pinned down by enemy armor. We need more ambushes.

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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Rook »

Ardyvee wrote:Witness the jump of enemy paratroopers in the middle of an open field, knowing that those are not your problem.
Those were definitely OUR problem though aha

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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Mamuto »

MMG Gunner
I want to profusely apologize to Dogface and another friendly whose name escapes me at the moment for the FF. The bloodlust and sand in my eyes blinded me almost completely and I went very trigger happy on 3-4 friendlies. That is quite unlike me. I then realized that I urgently had to use the bathroom and so I tried to get myself killed, over and over again, quite unsuccessfully, as we cleared the mission with minimal casualties. As such...

Red Snow
Commanding Officer
...I was slotted as CO in the brief absence during slotting. Oh boy. I do like this mission, though, so I gave it a proper go. After we HALO dropped on top of the MLG420PROHALO marker and mined the road, we headed north west into the first town, clearing it with almost no casualties (but including the medic who was controlled by AI :argh:) No medic is not good. I commandeered an enemy UAZ technical which helped in our assault on the radar dish, which we took again, with surprisingly no/low casualties.

Although that's where our luck ran out. I told everyone to clear the hill and head north and attack the shilka, but somehow someone was still on the hill, getting shot. Then someone stole my UAZ. Then the sniper teams died. Then I died. Then everyone else died. A valiant try, I say. If only we properly disengaged from that bloody hill...

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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by WrathzRevenge »

This is what happens when i forget my energy drink...

The Invisible SPAAG by Issus
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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Pr3sario »

Dogface wrote: just want to apologise for Angels. I spent ages on it, thought it would be super rad and interesting,
I loved the feel of this mission, with the sounds and the mortars. Darkness wasn't helpful, not sure if it was intended to be played at night?
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Re: [Sat] 02 Aug [V+] (Say Wildebeest)

Post by Boarnoah »

Death Squad
Bravo's house took some direct fire as soon as the tanks popped up into view and things went downhill from there

Red Snow
I liked this one a lot, the breath fogging up was a nice touch. We got contact on the hill with the radar and I fired my rocket at the tank a tad too early, it just might have rolled past us if it wasn't engaged :(

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