[Sat] Aug 17 [V+] (BMP Flips)

How we died
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[Sat] Aug 17 [V+] (BMP Flips)

Post by dancemoox »

Thanks to the 18 radio enthusiasts that tagged along this week.

The missions on offer were:
  • Dire Straits
  • Coastal Road
  • Radio Free Hazar
  • Box of Chocolates
Afterparty Stuffs
  • Oily Recommended
  • Infection Chernarus
  • Outpost Bean
As ever screen shots, video and lovingly sculpted marble busts are most welcome!
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sat] Aug 17 [V+] (BMP Flips)

Post by WrathzRevenge »

Me trying to land. What skill. Like an Eagle I was.

The Invisible SPAAG by Issus
"Homer: Wrathz, I order you to find that vehicle, and destroy it with the telekinetic abilities gifted to you by your extreme rage!
Wrathz: I'll try, but we're getting fuckin' destroyed out here!"

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Re: [Sat] Aug 17 [V+] (BMP Flips)

Post by Dogface »

Hmm, my video of this session seems to have corrupted - may or may not get a chance to fix that later. Anyway! A good solid session I thought.

Dire Straits - CO

In this mission we had to cross over a bridge/strait from one piece of the mainland to the other, then fight our way to the airport and make our escape by helicopter. For this we had a three-FT squad plus two MMG teams.

Due to the need to cross the bridge there wasn't a lot of room for creativity in the first part of the mission -- it was just a case of advancing along the coastal road, scoping out the patrols moving over our side of the strait, and carefully maneuvering our way closer until we could pour some effective fire on them when they went active. This happened!

Once we'd secured our side, we moved our way up to the near end of the bridge, taking out a few stragglers on the far side and tentatively bounding our way across. At this point we had a clear view of the docks on the north coastline, and a quick scan with the binoculars showed them to be empty. I decided to abandon the usual plan of moving along the east beach and assaulting the airfield through the hills, instead looping around through the forests of the north and west side.

As we tabbed along the beach towards the docks, we took some heavy-ish contact from the now-abandoned southern route, but the with the good defilade we were able to deal with them effectively, bound over to the docks, and clear them. Orienting south, with we had the MMG teams hang back to cover us as we moved along a woodline towards the airfield. Once again we took a lot of fire from the area around the eastern route, but perched up in the trees with overwatch over a large flat area leading up to the airfield, we were able to smash 'em without any serious problems.

Only as we prepared to make our final run to the chopper did we start to take more heavy fire -- popping out all our smoke grenades, pilot-Head's A1 dashed across first to spool up, with the reargunner blasting away at the approaching enemies as the rest of us followed, piled in, and flew away south to glorious victory. With barely any casualties, no less!

Coastal Road - A1 FTL

In this one, commanded by Head initially, we had to escort in this case a tank(?) driven by Dancemoox along the south coast of Chernarus, clearing out some enemy-occupied towns. Things progressed easily enough at first, with two FTs covering the hills on the north side of the road, and one FT accompanying the tank as they moved along the beach-road. A2 (led by Satire) were uphill from us and handled the bulk of the hillside patrols, with A1 occasionally moving up to support them; the group on the road also encountered some substantial contact, taking them out easily at first until an RPG or two gave pause to Dancemoox's IFV.

I think it was around this point that Head got smooshed in the face by something (the tank, he claimed!) and I got field-promoted. I drew us hillside FTs up to assault the semi-fortified valley ahead of us, until we caught side of a roadblack manned by an enemy T34. As I called up our AT, the beast faced off against our own tank, which became enraged and charged in guns blazing. Many rockets and tank-shells later, both vehicles were ablaze, and we moved down to consolidate at the beach as well as rescuing the brave armour crew.

What lay ahead of us at this point was a decent-sized town running along avalley to the beach. As we moved through it from the west, we encountered stiffer and stiffer eresistance until we heard the rumble of heavy engines above. Though we were low on AT, the tank crew managed to capture at least one static ZSU and I think an SPG was mentioned as well.

I unfortunately bought the farm at this point, but I got to watch in amusement as the survivors desperately tried to hold off the armoured assault, climaxing with an IFV leaping like a dramatic salmon over some buildings and into the line of fire of Dance's mounted cannon. It came down to the wire, with two survivors taking a final shot at (I think) the last tank before being wiped out. Huzzah!

Box of Chocolates - M113 "Lunchbox" Gunner, Ardyvee(?) driving, Dancemoox(/Satire? Someone important) CO

I like this mission, for there is much boom. In this case we only had one of the crazy megaguncars with the miniguns and the missiles, but on the plus side we also had only a limited set of objectives to capture. What's more, we switched up our usual plan and rode along the road to around the middle of the AO, instead of moving in from the south.

We had the M113 eat all the troops, then barf them out once we reached the designated attack point, having neutralized a few sparse contacts along the ridgeline on the way. Once we got our way up to the ridgeline we could see two major settlements, one south and one west. The IFV and most of the troops concentrated on the southern town (Darshaq I think) while Lunchbox held the northern/western flank, mowing down the small groups of insurgents coming our way from there. Eventually we were called in to give close support at Darshaq, bashing down a wall or two and holding that position against incomers from the west and south, while we cleared the last of the building.

After getting briefly buzzed by a Hind that we swatted out of the sky on its first run, the troops piled back inside us and we rode north to the second town. At this point my memory gets a little hazy but I think we ended up on the road, pushing our way up to the compounds and staying there as the troops moved in to secure it -- leading to victory!

Great stuff all round, I say.

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Re: [Sat] Aug 17 [V+] (BMP Flips)

Post by Dogface »

Oh, right, Radio Free Hazar was the chopper one - I was in Wrathz's chopper, which was... exciting! Refreshing! Gave me a newfound respect for my own life A++++++++ would fly with and silently whimper in terror again!

Seriously though, you got us off the ground and on it and off it again, and besides friendship and believing in yourself, that's the most important thing. (Other than that, I didn't do much in that mission - just escorted Wrathz one way and then t'other.)

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