[V+] Best of Vanilla Plus (Videos)

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[V+] Best of Vanilla Plus (Videos)

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Think of this thread as a 'best of' thread, post below some of your favorite moments and videos!

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Re: Best of vanilla plus

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I loved V+ - I loved it when Cam ran it, I loved it when dance and I ran it - and I loved it when Satire joined the team and worked with dancemoox. There were a lot of highlights for me but lets start from the very beginning and my first session highlights video (apologies for the low res, the HD one was on the FA channel but appears to be removed now):

Not long after dance and I took over we added Infection to the server. It became a regular fixture in our after party sessions. Often met with screams and heart attacks by all that took part:

Christmas 2013 brought a V+ i44 special. Which meant a small team of mission makers had the not insignificant task of creating enough missions to sustain a whole session, including after party stuff. Satires Spitfire mission was played twice and was a hell of a lot of fun:

Flying a helicopter for the first time really on a rescue mission during one of dancemooxs more challenging missions; what could possibly go wrong you ask?

And finally, Dogface and his multiple perspective programme for video making was of particular interest to me and this video from Snipe Hunt is one I'm particularly proud of and shows that V+ made fantastic use of the ACRE mod.

That was my best of V+, signing off.
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