[Fri] 28 Jun 2013 [V+] (Technical difficulties)

How we died
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[Fri] 28 Jun 2013 [V+] (Technical difficulties)

Post by Cam »

  • Ambush at Tobolsk (Podagorsk)
  • Sensitive Data (Podagorsk)
  • Radio Stars (Sahrani)
  • Jolly Green (Chernarus)
  • Jolly Green (Podagorsk)
  • Cleanup Operation (Celle 2)
  • Chologorsk (Podagorsk)
Fun session, cheers to everyone who turned up. We reached around 13 players during the second/third missions, though that playercount was stable throughout the entire session, despite being lower than usual. Feel free to post AARs below, you know you want to.


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Re: [Fri] 28 Jun 2013 [V+] (Technical difficulties)

Post by Issus »

I'll hopefully get a proper AAR up later, but I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to my Blufor comrades and Zergra in particular for accidently grenading him in the face. Any rumors connecting his explosive death to the fact that he managed to grab the hostage slot before I could click on it are foul slander of the highest order.

Seriously though, slightly mortified by the whole thing. Was aiming to hit a guy on the balcony as he was exposed, and I thought anyone inside would be unaffected by the round bursting on the other side of the wall. I guess that tells you all you need to know about my experience level with ARMA explosives... :siiigh:

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