[Sun] 30 Jun 2013 (The Alamo)

How we died
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Re: [Sun] 30 Jun 2013 (The Alamo)

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Well it was OK, but the choppers here got awfully quick, we haven't even spotted and got into position for engaging any EI.
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Re: [Sun] 30 Jun 2013 (The Alamo)

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@ Wolfenswan: A Friend in Need timing is about right. We almost got bogged down and eliminated due to casualties as it is. With such a force imbalance, and the defenders tethered very harshly to wherever the convoy has decided to drop dead, it's really impossible for DefendFor to hold out much longer than we did. It was an extremely difficult mission to squad lead, as documented below:

Check my AAR for another vidya!

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Re: [Sun] 30 Jun 2013 (The Alamo)

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Ferrard, most of Alpha were scoping you while you were running towards the chopper. We were in the NE tree line, waiting for you guys to all load up.

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