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How we died
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Re: [Tue] 02 Jul 2013 (Dead Russians)

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Plug Ze Gap


"IFV, try sniping their officer from half a kilometer, should totally work out"

So it was a standard plan, IFV moves under the command of me whilst Alpha supports. Alpha had free hand to do whatever they like with their FTs and attachments, so I only really had to care about the IFV. Things went very smooth and our first EI contacts took an accidental HE round to the face (should've used the PKM!), and we went on to obliterate most of them. They somehow retreated though and those who did retreat met us later on in the valley of death (yup official name now). As we reached the valley of death, I saw a lone AT dude stand in the woods. Relaying these contacts around I just opened fire on the guy. I was met with AT fire (that hit the tree right above me). At this point A1 + A2 pretty much got screwed over by those BLUFOR dudes that ran away from the first fight, maybe. So I had to get the IFV to support, problem is, map didn't help. Time to walk right infront of everyone, into the woods of the EI, just to find a good firing position for the IFV. SUDDEN REMINDER, 15 MINS LEFT. I get everybody to their markers and get the IFV to move forward. Alpha spots HMMVs and I pretty much tell them to take them if necessary. So since it's 15 minutes left (turns out it was 25) I decided to let the IFV snipe the officer from half a kilometer, I mean.. They have HE rounds, right? Well IFV is met with AT and gets blown to bits. So do I. YOU SNEAKY LITTLE HUMVEE WAITING.


CAS/TH1/Helo Pilot

"Yay now that you're in the front seat we can do perfect CAS.. wait.. CRUNCHIE?!"

So this mission starts off with my gunner almost dying from somebody shooting him (I swear I only had the drag option). But we got him fixed up. And off we were to Alpha LZ. I planned everything neatly but promptly noticed the disadvantage I had without TrackIR / Freetrack at that moment. I had tons of trees all over the field so I had a bit of an offset from the actual LZ. Turns out we also had a Bravo member in Alpha Helo, so I got to fly to another LZ. Always nice to have more flying stuff. After I took off and did an orbit (we spotted the LZ meanwhile) I almost screamed like a kid when I saw we had rockets. CAS possibilities were unlimited now, yay. And we had a gun in the front. I started to like the Mi-8 actually. But then I told Crunchie to switch to the front gunner seat. Was happy when I saw him there, being all like "Yay now that you're in the front seat we can do perfect CAS.. wait.. CRUNCHIE?!". Sudden message: "2, IS DOWN!". Well screw you ArmA! (And screw you Russian tech) You killed my most important dude just because a fan was built right next to the goddamn gun. I definitely blame the tech.

So moving on (ignoring the failed, and only, CAS mission) I picked up Alpha, again landing short of the actual LZ. Then I only have about two-three people in but get word to take off, so I do it. Thanks Issus for reminding me that there were 2 Fireteams right outside the helo. So after everybody's in, we fly to Alpha LZ. One thing I should've done here was a rotation before I land, just to make sure no contacts were there, and if, they could've been taken out. Instead, I landed right in the middle of 15ish EI contacts + a T34 and got Crocuta and my helicopter killed. So I decide to man this rear gun, sudden T34 pops up. IceRaiser luckily tells me to bail out before the helo gets blown to bits by just that T34. What an explosion. I grab an AKS and an RPG, using that to engage the T34 (I shot short). Now that the T34 is sufficiently angry, I RUN LIKE HELL BECAUSE BULLETS ARE FLYING EVERYWHERE. Ice and awaitz get shot infront of me, so I start a sufficient smoke wall to fix them up. Mission end. We didn't die. Nope.

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