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[Fri] 05 Jul 2013 [V+] (CSAR 101)

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:10 pm
by Cam
  • Oily Recommended (Fallujah)
  • Black Folk Down (Fallujah)
  • Tree Valleys (Sahrani)
  • Danger Zone (Podagorsk)
  • Helo On Earth (Podagorsk)
  • Chologorsk (Podagorsk)
Great session, thanks to everyone who turned out. We got to a lovely amount of players during the session, peaking at 16 comrades, all equally terrible at CSAR. As always, stick an AAR below, or Ice gets it.


Re: [Fri] 05 Jul 2013 [V+] (CSAR 101)

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:14 am
by Pr3sario
Just a few videos from last night:

Black Folk Down

Helo on Earth

Re: [Fri] 05 Jul 2013 [V+] (CSAR 101)

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:12 pm
by dancemoox
Oily Recommended (Fallujah) - Alpha Medic

Don't go swimming near Fallujah, can that be what we take out of this? I covered some sectors and healed up some dudes then carried a dead Iceraiser as his brother wasn't happy we were leaving him..

Black Folk Down (Fallujah) - Alpha 1 FTL, Zerga AR, Corcuda AAR, Pr3sario AT

Pr3sario was a lovely video above detailing Alpha 1 in its exploits. We lost Zerga along the way and out of 203 rounds I activated rambo mode to avenge him!

Tree Valleys (Sahrani) - Bluefor A1 AR, Pr3sario FTL, aLmAnZo AAR, Kale AT / Heli Driver

About half way to the LZ Pr3sario decided to eject from the heli, I say ejected I actually used my moon moon mind powers to force him to eject. Once we hit the LZ Kale went back for him leaving me in charge of a LGM element. After some Iceraiser forced marching we turned towards the AA truck and crested the hill. The plan was for me to run down to the truck and do secret things to it so we'd win. Seconds before the assault my AAR went AFK and so I made the dash down by myself. Expecting to get Arma'd at any second by the hill, amazingly I didn't get killed by the scenery and got myself comfortable under the truck and started the countdown. There I remained as Bluefor shot all the dudes coming to threaten my valley chopshop.

Danger Zone (Podagorsk) - Medic

I was teleported in with SL Trytecker and got shwacked by a M2 that was about six inches away. Next time lets set up the ambush further away! It did give me plenty of time to admire Cam and his rather large RPG warhead ;)

Helo On Earth (Podagorsk) - Alpha 1 FTL, Pr3sario AR, Corcuta AAR, Iceraiser AT, Warner AT

I like a five man fireteam it means I can activate the buddy moon moon protection bubble, set up the minions and I can be safe inside the bubble :D

After calming Iceraiser who was having a foreseeing event with compliments about how dashing and attractive he was looking today I was able to get mt fireteam paired off and moving in the right direction. Eventually when we hit the clearing I threw some coloured smoke and fired flares at the helicopter, when I landed I got my green element in first and had red covering (as seen in Pr3sarios video above). I had to move away from the helo to be heard by red element and somehow Pr3sario went down -not having much helicopter luck were you mate- I picked him up thinking I could load him into the helicopter but Daf the ever eager medic patched him up and my fireteam was all loaded, except for me. The CAS flight took off without me leaving Daf and I think Try on the ground. I covered Daf as he did some healing and formulated a plan, namely run away from the enemy. After healing up the casualty Daf went down, I moved to help him as his former patient was legging it, I went down firing as a good comrade should!

Chologorsk (Podagorsk) - Deputy Moon Moon, Chief of the moustache Police Iceraiser

First time I've lived beyond the music playing, it was strange to be without the accompaniment, I put my shotgun to good use blowing the face off one PCP scumbag as he tried to go up the stairs. Comrade Ice went down to lead ingestion on the floor above me, I thought I saw movement on the scaffolding outside and took a look, this was a ruse however as one of the junkies shot me in the legs with his stolen Makarov. I wheeled and blasted his legs and his life away. His buddy Pr3sario however was able to execute me.

All in all another excellent session. I shall see you all on Sunday! :zoidberg: