[Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

How we died
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Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

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Black Mamba wrote:Edit: to further confirm that, Carson's video shows an FTL, I guess from alpha, still alive way after I was told to be the new CO. Doesn't make any sense seeing that I'm not even an FTL, and from the last possible fireteam.
Well, I have two answers to that:
1) I wasn't aware that you were an AR and not the last remaining FTL, and I should have found out who was alive and determined seniority from there...
2) ...But seniority doesn't matter when the Platoon is decapitated like a chicken on a chopping block, and you were the one who seemed most in control of anything at the time! In the absence of any leadership, the "proper" leader is the one who steps up! :hist101:

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Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

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As a downed pilot, I'm not exactly sure it was your job to determine seniority. Somebody in Alpha should have stepped up, probably.
Ferrard Carson wrote: and you were the one who seemed most in control of anything at the time!
Yeah. errrm. Not sure about that, see. :laugh:

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Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

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A1 AT - IceRaiser
pvtBones (FTL), Pickers (AR), Fer (AAR)
Poor bones having to deal with me and Fer as his "subjects"

We loaded up in Ferrard's Chopper o' Smoothness.
Got a nice ride to the airfield, although with a scary rolling landing, and had EI to our north.
We shot 'em up a bit then left them to the other helicopter's troops and went NNE to the buildings around the controltower.
Bones' plan was to have me on point(bullet magnet), Pickers as #2, himself in the cozy middle and Fer in the rear with the gear.
After some exchange of rounds with some EI that were milling about the buildings up on the ridge we finally got the move order up there.
All of Alpha cleared it out and took it as our OP/BOF.

After a long wait for Bravo, and watching SF's Littlebird go down, A3 pushed to Yarum, followed by us and A2.
From Yarum we pushed North on the right side of the road, Bones' ordering me and Fer to buddy it up, while he cuddled with Pickers.
We kept having to engage EI to our NorthWest that Bravo refused to kill(I bet they got bribed).
When we got a little bit in the town, Alpha linked up with the SF team and a pilot carrying an M60 :roll:
Order came to clear buildings so I rushed up a two-story that had some sandbags/emplacement on the roof, I thought Fer was gonna follow me but instead he felt the smell of blood and tried chasing down an enemy rifleman.
Sadly that rifleman had a friend who popped around a corner and shot Fer in the face :psyduck: FEEEEEEEEEER! NOOOOOOOOO!
Bones ran there and got some revenge while I mounted( 8-) ) the L7(M240) on the roof and shot EI that tried flanking us from the far west.
However, when I exited it I got placed outside the sandbags. Tried vaulting over, but that pushed me backwards instead of over the sandbags. Oh well, GG.

A2 FTL - IceRaiser
Fireballs(AR), Black Mamba(AAR), Bones(AT)
Plan was to drive about a kilometer down the road, dismount and have Bravo take the West and Alpha the East.
However, a plan never survives contact with the enemy(and neither does Bravo)...

Just as we were about to roll out, Draakon's internetz died and locked him in the Driver position. But after some shouting and whining his AI finally decided to give me the seat.
And I'll let the video tell the rest

Vanguard SE
A2 FTL - IceRaiser
Fireballs(AR), The Red Sniper(AAR), Dan(AT)
Mission started off great with Fireballs getting stuck in the helo and got taken back to base for "Questioning" regarding "dereliction of duty" or something like that.
So, three men(ok, two men + Denise) strong we steamed on!

Bounded with the rest of the squad via the derrick and then into Nango.
ASL+A1 pushed towards the Factory complex and got slaughtered, suddenly I was the SL >.<
Good thing about it all was that the CO(Ebass), Alpha Medic, and Fer+one more in A3 were still alive.
So Alpha, 6-man Squad :D

Bravo pushed off and we bounded a bit with them, Red Sniper got the "Do whatever, as long as you kill dudes and don't die"-order and he excelled at it!
After clearing out the closest stronghold, the tank ran out of snacks so the tank crew joined in as a third three-man fireteam.
We all pushed north, then East to the northern-most stronghold.
Everyone shot off their RPG's at a T-34 that refused to die, then we stormed the stronghold. Which lead to the death of many soldiers...
We barricaded us in the buildings and shortly after the Party ordered a full-on assault on the bunker-hill.
(I saw Ebass signing a piece of paper while a man looking a lot like Headspace pointed a Makarov at his face).
Last people in Alpha before the charge were: IceRaiser, The Red Sniper, Dan, Dabbo, Whitesymphonia, Kalelovil

The Generals
Blue A2 AAR - IceRaiser
Egg(FTL), Dogface(AR), vfig(AT)
We ran on the north side of the main road, Egg "decided" to push me further East and engage while they swooped in on the station.
Sadly, OpFor had brought their latest weapon in Anti-Ice Tech - Black Mamba.
He took some potshots while I was engaging some OpFor, which lead me to move to a tree instead of finishing them off.
Then Ferrard hid behind a invo-fence and co-shot me with Mamba. OP fence is OP (and I only killed Draakon :()

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