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[Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:51 pm
by fer
  • Inter III
  • Blackfolkdown
  • Grishinokessel
  • Vanguard SE
  • The Generals
Quiet night, with just 35 brave comrades taking to the field. The Party thanks all attending comrades, for you are truly the most loyal!

It was a mix of old and new, beginning with some new that was actually old. Wait. I'll explain: Inter III is really a modern re-make of Internecines I and II, with the action transposed to Yarum. In fact, its full title should really be Inter III: Putin Edition, because everyone has Bizons, except the PKM-wielding MMG gunners, who's job it is to cover OPFOR's advance. This happened, and happened well; unfortunately, after OPFOR made it into comrade CO Ferrard Carson's twin-hedgehog defences, they were all killed. Staying in Zargabad, we switched sides, upgraded our equipment and mounted a helibourne assault of the city in Blackfolkdown. Under the heroic leadership of comrade CO Tigershark we took Yarum (again) but accidentally killed the high value target located there. Writing that off as quietly as possible, we headed for the city mosque in search of a second warlord, whereupon our leadership structure all but disintegrated. The assault reached the mosque, but it wasn't really an assault by that point. Who knew the enemy would put KORDs at the top of stairwells? Not us. I don't know what happened in Grishinokessel because I was convincing my two-year-old that sleep was a good idea; it can't have been good, because I hear a lot of people died very quickly. We'll try that again soon, but perhaps with less dying. Turning to an old stalwart mission, we next attempted Vanguard SE with barely two squads of infantry and a fully-crewed T-72. And do you know what? We managed to clear the outlying town and take two strongpoints before comrade CO EBass once again chose to needlessly sacrifice the troops under his command with a charge to glory. Still, one comrade judged that mission amongst the most relaxed he'd experienced, apparently remarking that it was 'the calmest war [he'd] every fought in'. Finally, there was some more adversarial shooting in The Generals, during which BLUFOR's CO, comrade Kale, demonstrated the limitations of a mute CO, and comrade Wilson told me he'd had a little bit to drink. What could possibly go wrong?

Note: When taking a commanding slot, or a pilot / crew slot, please ensure your TS (inc. CC) is fully functional. Thanks! :)

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists. We also have a new YouTube channel that he manages so if you have any content you think should feature then let him know and he will sort you out, for more info check out this thread!; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.


Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:12 pm
by Tigershark
Hi all,

Just a note from the commander of BlackFolkDown. Those who have played BFD under my leadership have known it to go smoother than it did last night. Instead of relying on the tried and proven plan we have used previously I intentionally mixed it up in the hopes that
a) we would see more action == more fun
b) in the face of more enemies we would have the opportunity for SLs and FTLs to put into practice some of the tactics learnt in the workshops
c) I was hoping we could Alpha and Bravo to support each other rather than operate on different objectives.
d) it was different...change is like a holiday

So apologies for the carnage but I think, whilst flawed, the action meant we had a bit of fun. It was not the ideal plan but this was intentional.

I would like to hear what happened to Bravo helo and why the SF got cut up so early.

Oh and Carson...nice flying my man. Good to see you behind the stick for a change. Pity about the RPG that hit you but you survived...that in itself was quite an achievement.

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:42 pm
by tryteyker
Tiger, SF got cut down so fast because we had a slight change of plan - meaning we recon the eastern (external) part of Yarum, see if there's a good LZ there, simply because your marked LZ was about half a kilometer away from target & alot of open ground (considering that the southern parts of Yarum were occupied SF would've been cut down there). So that was the initial plan. What we did, instead of recon was we landed at the riverbed at the eastern side of the external part of Yarum, close to the riverbed. I had to land because I took DSHKM fire from Zargabad itself. So it was really clearly my fault.
Also sorry to Bravo Medic for being a fucking retard and getting shot on the way to the LZ. Situation was heated, I had a max of 15 FPS, I was being shot from all directions, and despite all that I tried to land successfully. My vision was getting wonky and I managed to land on my tail. Needless to say I was really mad because I just shouldn't do tail-landings, that's really not okay, doesn't matter if I'm downed or not. But great fun was had being shot in the head by SuperU, running over to Alpha just to shout at them via group (ACRE-like I'd say). Good thing nobody was in my group.

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:35 pm
by Dannysaysnoo

As an FTL, my glorious leader disregarded the lovely bounding tactics I suggested, and we charged to our mostly-lethal death. With most of my team dead, I made a dart to the side, to attempt a flank with my lovely Bizon. I got jumped when I didn't look around a compound properly.

Blackfolkdown - B1 FTL

After a near-disastrous landing that involved minigunning a line of about 4 people right on top of that C-130, my SL died somehow. This forced me to be a very grumpy acting SL, filled with lots of barking and snark! This continued until I got jumped by a tripod DSHKm.


There was no Grishnokessel.

Vanguard SE - Tank Commander

Goodness me, do I hate the T-55's commander view. It's slaved to the tank's turret, and any movement of the turret is made on the commander view. It led to a very grumpy commander.

We shot a lot of things with big tank guns, until a T-34 rather suddenly immobilized us. We really need engies.

After that, me and my crew ran aroudn the desert, until an SPG suddenly launched me fifty foot in the air.

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:58 pm
by pvtbones
Fer (AAR), Iceraiser (AT), Pickers (MG)

so this was my first time playing in probably a little over a month due to life and I chose to FTL (I'm so, so, sorry XD.) on our way to the LZ I quickly laid out my plan to my team. Iceraiser was to be my pointman/bullet locator. namely because I knew he was experienced in folk sessions and I'm absolutely god awful at navigated around a map. so I could trust him to lead us in the right direction and he was sufficiently expendable should he die. Fer was to be the second man in the movement line, to which I immediately ignored my own order and spent most of the mission being the second guy to move anywhere. and pickers was to bring up the rear with the MG. Shortly after touch down at the LZ, Command ordered A1 and I think A2 to sweep a compound to our north(?) after a few moments of getting my bearings we were advancing on the compound and cleared it very professionally (props to you guys on that one) A2 came under fire while in the compound from outside from a location I couldn't tell. after that we returned to the LZ and made our way to OP1, where we were ordered to watch East, while the other units moved forward to our position. we came under sporadic fire which most of the time I had no idea where they were. But I heard alot of return fire and at the end shot at a couple as ran across some flat terrain.

Once everything calmed down A2 and A3 moved forward to assault Yarum. we spent most of the time provided overwatch making sure nothing flanked us. By the sounds of it A2 got mangled and we were called forward to assist with Yarum. There was a fair bit of confusion at that point as everyone was either seeing enimes, the SF guys, or the SF guy they thought were Enemies.

Then we pushed on into the city Proper to link up with Bravo, A2 and 3 had taken a beating so A SL to move down together the left side of the road while A1 moved down the right. I ordered Fer and Iceraiser to lead, again due to their greater experience and the fact they could navigate themselves out of a wet paperbag, while me and Pickers we're a few steps behind. thats when things started getting chaotic. as we were moving up the road we'd catch glimpses of opfor behind the buildings taking potshots at us. when we got to a road block things started to really lose control. Fer and Iceraiser went to investigate behind the buildings lining the road finding an angry bee's nest of opfor activity while me and pickers held position in a building at the roadblock. hearing the chatter between fer and Ice I went behind to lend a hand and make sure they didn't get flanked. thats when I saw fer take a bullet to the head as he rounded a corner. Ice in a fit of blood rage climbed a building that had a MG emplacement on the roof and did... something(?) During that Command wanted us to continue our advance forward and stop wasting time chasing opfor in the backyards. Ice had a clipping issue and fell off the building (I didn't know this at the time.) I went up to yank him off the MG and I discovered there was no one up there, fearing the worst that he had been shot and KIA'd I made my way back to pickers and continued forward. we managed to make it a few blocks further before we got hit hard at an intersection. we ran into a small house with some other alpha people but got gunned down by an enemy somewhere outside. seeing red all I could do was flail in pain and call out for a medic over the comms, but I didn't have much hope. what seemed like forever a medic came to pickers' and I's rescue and informed me I was now the highest rank in all of alpha, Me and pickers :psyduck: . we pressed forward again this time I got the drop on some opfor and making them rue the day we killed my men.

We made it to another intersection where pickers got hit but managed to crawl into an adjacent building while I smoked and ran over to apply first aid. I leaned out to try and find where they were shooting from and was met with angry gun fire. somehow I managed not to get hit but discovered pickers behind me dead. I moved out from my position to finally link up with bravo who was assaulting the mosque. The mission ended just as I was about to entered the front gate.


any feedback from you three would be super awesome. it's not often I ftl so theres alot of improvement I can make, so the more I know the better.

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:22 pm
by Tigershark
trytyker...this video seems to contradict your version of events. I see no fire and it does appear you broke your helo by landing too hard.

As well as having TS and CC setup we may have to mandate that you get acceptable frame rates to be a pilot as well.

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:37 am
by tryteyker
There was no /heavy/ fire where I fucked up by breaking my helo - however there was HMG fire coming from Zargabad itself once I dropped off SF Team. That was my first landing. When I got tasked with picking up Bravo Medic I got shot inside my helicopter but still survived. The issue with being shot inside your helicopter is that the dude wobbles back and forth, plus the red-screen effect which makes flying very difficult. Considering that my frames dropped to about 15-20 due to it being Blackfolk Down and Zargabad (both have equally bad performance on my side) I was trying extremely hard to lose speed, touch down safely, get fixed up, and then get going again. Now I screwed up at the lose speed part as I managed to land on my tail :| So yeah it wasn't the best piloting that mission and I expect myself to do better.

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:56 am
by pvtbones
Tigershark wrote:trytyker...this video seems to contradict your version of events. I see no fire and it does appear you broke your helo by landing too hard.

As well as having TS and CC setup we may have to mandate that you get acceptable frame rates to be a pilot as well.
Hey I'm in that video... sounding like an idiot XD

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:31 am
by Ferrard Carson
Inter III (Putin on the Ritz Edition)
Deployed as DefendFor Alpha Squad Lead CO
What do I know? The enemy is coming for blood! What else do I know? We have bizons! What else else do I know? The enemy has bizons...

AND A PKM! :psyduck:

...Right, so no pot-shotting at them as they run across the wide open ground surrounding Yarum. If you do that from windows or rooftops or doorways, you'll get lit the f*** up before you can say, "MMGs OP, Nerf Now!"

So what's a Ferrard to do? Make like a spikey animal of the more toothless, harmless, and cute variety, since our bizons are just that to our AK-74's from Roadside II!

Alpha adopted a courtyard hedgehog in the north, with Bravo doing the same in the south. We both fell under attack, with half of Alpha, including yours truly, being slowly rooted out and slain (but not before taking most of the attacking force with it). Bravo fared even better down south, as the enemy MMG was positioned in the north, meaning Bravo could move without attracting 7.62mm death.

The attackers trailed down to two, including the guy who put a bullet through my head in return for me putting three of mine in his family jewels. I think I came off with the better end of that bargain! Then he thought of Pamela Anderson, and the subsequent blood flow finished him off. His screams of pained ecstasy frightened the last remaining AttackFor guy so badly that he up and shot himself rather than face the terror of The Hedgehogs.

Deployed as Transport Helo Pilot #1
Well then... an interesting mission if I ever had one, and split into two very distinct parts.

Part I featured a fast and low landing, dropping off Alpha at the airfield and swooping off over a dying Bravo chopper as Tigershark the CO poured minigun fire into EI on the airfield. I brought him in on several more strafing runs, but no targets of opportunity presented themselves, unfortunately, and Delta team had apparently gotten into some deep shit in Eastern Yarum. We observed and Tiger mowed down a few straggling enemies before I spotted the wounded special forces and landed Tiger in a nearby courtyard. Our brave CO hoofed it over and revived the crazy SF dudes while I dodged RPG and HMG fire. As the SF set off once more on their brave adventure, Tiger called me in to pick him up. I spiraled in from the southeast, bleeding my speed and altitude as I turned, gingerly nosing my bird between trees and telephone poles at 40 kph with barely 5 feet of clearance to either side and then began...

Part II wherein I linked up with an astounded Tiger and traded my MP5 for an M-60 pried from the bloody hands of an SF dude who Alpha friendly-fired. I followed in a column of three, with Tiger in the lead, the last survivor of Delta behind, and me in the van, hands shaking from the landing. And the pain. But mostly the landing.

Things progressively went downhill from here, as Tiger bit the dust, and then subsequent commanders continued to fall until I informed a confused Bravo 3 fire-team leader that he was in command now. In the meantime, I was sneaking up on and murdering Takistani insurgents left and right inbetween belly-rubs and light sprinklings of pixie dust that awoke at least a fire-team of wounded. And then my number was up as I dashed for glory across a wide open square. Except not quite yet, as I took one of my two enemies with me, and shot the glasses off of the other. With an M-60. Glory.

Deployed as the FTL who hesitated
This mission was all of 3 minutes long, but there is a very, very important lesson to be learned here. Please note that this is intended to be instructional, not personal. Everyone has an opportunity to learn from this. For educational purposes and to avoid cluttering this AAR thread, let's take this discussion to a completely separate forum.

Vanguard SE
Deployed as Alpha Squad Leader
Not much to say about this mission. I died when my medic and I rushed forward to help a beleaguered Alpha 1 at an oil-derrick on the outskirts of Nango. Turns out, oil derricks don't provide much cover against boolets :(

The Generals
Deployed as OpFor Alpha 1 AR
Aziz is here! And drunk. Huh. He sprinted off for the train station, screaming, "Sweep the city!" at the top of his lungs, so we set about doing his task. What Aziz says, Aziz gets. Black Mamba was clever and stayed behind at a commanding hilltop to both recon for the three of us, and to engage targets of opportunity. Opportunity soon struck, as a rogue flanking IceRaiser revealed his presence in the middle of a large field by shooting and wounding both Draakon and Mr. Link. I laid down a withering barrage of fire, but all my shots were foiled by a blasted wooden fence that really shouldn't have been able to do anything to my bullets. Thankfully, that fence also made all of his shots go wide, and further cemented his location for Mamba to squeeze off five or so shots with his FAL. Most missed high, but one winged IceRaiser enough that I could roll out from behind The F***ing Fence and pour a burst of fire into the feisty flanker.

:clint: ~ Ferrard

Re: [Sun] 07 Jul 2013 (The Calmest War)

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:32 pm
by Black Mamba
Well, now that you wrote that, turns out I actually have something to write as a very short AAR.

Command falling appart happens. Plans going right through the window happen. Yet, we almost always fail to keep an even semi-organized platoon when it happens.
(note that those observations are made from memory of what happened in BFD, but they still apply to a wide variety of cases)

Whenever somebody witness the CO going down, immediately jump on CC to announce it or inform your squad leader who will do it. Note that it's also true at a squad level: if the SL dies, the Squad should be informed as soon as possible. Depending on the level the next ranking SL/FTL takes the lead of the platoon/squad and announces it on the relevant nets ("Mamba, Bravo 3 AR, I'm in command of the platoon". Which I didn't do, I'll explain).

As Bravo 3 AR, I was quite uneducated relatively to the master plan, and obviously not listening to CC during the most part of the mission. At some point, BSL went down, and the transition was difficult, but finally my own FTL stepped up, informed the squad and Command about it. At which point nobody told us that Command was actually down.
If you're not an SL/acting SL, don't be the dude that talks the most on the net, it's extremely confusing. For quite a length of time, I was sure that we had an SL, for some reason, while it was actually the SF downed pilot. When I realized that (and it was only because he was wounded and called for help on the TH4 marker), and the rest of the squad was mostly silent, I decided to take the lead.
I did so on bravo net and jumped on CC to announce that. Problem, I don't remember announcing that I was new to that role, which was a mistake. Sometimes later, Carson would inform me that I was actually in command of the platoon, but for whatever reason I missed that line and never realized it: I thought all of Alpha and Command was dead. I effectively took command in the end when the last remnants of Alpha joined our channel, but the mission was fubar anyway.

So, what's to remember from that?
- As fubar as the mission went, keep the comms clean: FTs on VON, FTLs and SLs on TS, CO and SLs on CC.
- Inform every relevant person about changes in the chain of command.
- When somebody gets promoted to a SL role, a quick recap from command and/or the other squads would be nice. Acknowledgement, Sitrep, ongoing tasks, future tasks.
- Did I mention keep the comms clear?
- Sitreps are usually way too slow. As an SL, you should be able to give the CO a general idea of how things are going at a moment notice. Even if you have to correct that a minute later, after gathering info.
- Sitreps are usually way too slow. As an FTL, you should be able to give the SL a general idea of how things are going at a moment notice. Even if you have to correct that a minute later, after gathering info.
- Keep a sense of "seniority" at a squad level: FTL 1, 2, 3, AR 1, 2, 3, ...

Edit: to further confirm that, Carson's video shows an FTL, I guess from alpha, still alive way after I was told to be the new CO. Doesn't make any sense seeing that I'm not even an FTL, and from the last possible fireteam.