[Tue] 16 Jul 2013 (River giveth & river taketh)

How we died
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[Tue] 16 Jul 2013 (River giveth & river taketh)

Post by SuperU »

  • Internecine Merkel edition
  • River Assault
  • A friend in need
  • Bunny Hops
We had an awesome number of 45 players during this session. We started with a merkel edition mission which was some good CQB fighting, river assault provided it self as a good meat grinder but was pretty cinematic! We moved onto a friend in need in which blufor did a fantastic job of repelling the strong opfor side, the only mishap was when a sneaky opfor managed to creep up on the helo picking up troops and assassinated the pilot with a bizon! That was very funny! We finished off with Bunny Hop which saw charlie get eaten up in "death vally".

We also had an after party in which Azoz ruled the day again and I preformed a text book tractor flank! We finished the night with cholo which saw new guys as cops (Gang members only just managed to win!)

Awesome session guys was really good fun to host and play, nice to see some new faces you all seemed really cool I hope you enjoyed the session!

If you have any videos please let me know and we can see about getting them up on the offical FA youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/Folkarps/videos


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Re: [Tue] 16 Jul 2013 (River giveth & river taketh)

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Internecine Merkel edition
Bravo FTL, INDOFR, defending

I split Bravo into two buddy teams on either side of the main road into the vilage. FTL and AAR were positioned in a three story building with good vision and cover on three sides. AT and AR were positioned in a small house on the other side of the road to serve as support and cannon bait.
Mission started off well, EI moved up the road towards us, and we were able to keep command informed as they approached.

We were engaged before we could fire back, and were swiftly pinned inside our buildings, bravely closing our doors and shouting for OPFOR to kindly go away. We found ourselves cut off from the rest of the force, and proceeded to simply be as annoying as possible.

We kept an enemy MMG team pinned down to the east long enough for our MMG to take them out. Shorly after, I was shot in the head while inspecting the third floor. I died a good communist death, as our stand at Bravo point delayed their forward push long enough for the rest of Indie to mount a defense.

River Assault
Charlie FTL, OPFOR, attacking

Mission started smoothly as Alpha FTL Lord Penney took command of the squad. We rode on our truck to a high ridge, and set up a BOF where we downed a UN heli. Charlie led the charge to the river, where we were cut down mounting the ridge.

Friend in need
Alpha 1 FTL, BLUFOR, defending

Alpha 1 found ourselves the satchel charge carrying team, after both A-2 and A-3 were hit with a strong OPFOR push. We made our way to the LZ, and went full Force Recon, staying quiet and stealthy until the Heli’s arrival.

Two members of A-1 dropped their gear, and loaded up with satchels, and after waving off the helis, we came back to the AO. One member of the team got lost in the woods, and I lost contact. RIP Pirate.
After some issues with blowing up the [redacted] Crates, we pushed to the backup LZ, only to find that the pilot had been shot.

Though the Admin declared it a loss, they forgot the legendary moment as CPL Gaius jumped into the Heli pilot seat, and destroyed not only the OPFOR assault force, but all of the Soviet Union with a single missile.
[note, last paragraph is but the poor, deluded fantasy of the recovered POW Cpl Gaius.]

Bunny Hops
Bravo SL, BLUFOR, attacking

Mission began smoothly, with Bravo advancing towards our first RV, with only a minor navigational error. I had told Bravo to move East instead of Northeast after misreading the map. In error, we approached RV 1 from the south instead of the West, and met with heavy resistance.

After some incredible FTLing by some very good green FTL’s, we advanced forward with acceptable losses.

Once we hit RV 1, things began to go wrong. The CO was unclear on whether Bravo should defend or attack, and we just sat in the middle of a valley, waiting for clearance to advance. I confused my FTL's with conflicting orders, following what the CO was saying, and things started to fall apart.

Charlie was decimated in what will forever be known as the Valley of Death, leaving Bravo with an exposed flank. Bravo’s chatter went mad as we were attacked from 3 different locations. Two FTL’s decided to push ahead without the SL’s go ahead, and Bravo found itself broken in two.

Radio Chatter became hard to understand, and I found myself not knowing what was going on. B-3’s FTL, by this time, was having connection issues, and was also shot, and without legs. I called for Bravo Medic, only to find the cold gaze of an android. Somehow, Bravo medic’s slot had not been filled. I called for Alpha Medic, but the chaotic chatter made me confuse B-3 with B-2, and the medic arrived at the wrong FT.

I tried to regroup the Squad just in time to watch the Helicopter support crash 30 meters from me.

After that, CC went mad, and I got conflicting orders on what to do, and I just gave up and shouted to retreat. And then we lost.
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Re: [Tue] 16 Jul 2013 (River giveth & river taketh)

Post by dancemoox »

Internecine Merkel Edition - Opattackfor Bravo with Dogface FTL, Blackmamba and Nuttytech

More MP5 MORE! Bravo went on a flanking maneuver on the village and encountered some scouts on the west hill. Dogface was stuck by a bullet and went prone, I fired bursts towards the enemy to cover his retreat and as soon as he'd passed me I took a round myself. Nutty had gone down and was beyond help so once Mamba picked me up and Dogface had worked out his legs were not in fact broken I grabbed ammo and grenades from Nuttycorpse and rejoined B FTL just in time for my first FF of the night! I'm sorry MMG Assistant we thought you were the enemy, I ended your life with a very nice three round burst, no wounding just pewpewpew dead.. I can't be sure who the MMG Assistant was as I managed to kill both Awesomeish and Daf in this mission, the hats they do nothing for IFF! With a brief apology service done Bravo moved into the town outskirts, we paused at an outbuilding and I opened up on a target too far away in a three level building. My pewing was enough to drive him inside away from the windows, we had to move on so off we went. Dogface took an elevated position in the next compound we got to, I set myself up by the wall archway and when Dogface went down for the count I leaned out to throw a grenade, was mid animation when an enemy popped up in the tiny window next compound over and filled me with 9mm..

River Assault - MMG Gunner with Tink as my valiant assistant

When the man with the big gun is killed the man with the smaller gun takes the bigger gun and avenges him!

MMG hitched a ride with Alpha to the ABC marker and we joined Alpha in sneaking a look at the Dam, I had Tink use his laser designator x10000 power range finder doodad to range all of the threats both on our side and the far side of the river. Once I had the ranges the first mortar round landed smack on top of a M113 sitting next to the dam, the explosion killed guys around it and on the building next to it but didn't manage to kill the APC itself. The IFV attached to ABC crested a little too far and a BMP on the far side of the river removed it of its wheels.. At over 1k away more Egg mortars were called for. MMG moved 200m down towards the river and set up a decent BOF, I was able to engage the targets in and around the M113 building and had taken out one of the bunker gunners on the far side of the river when I took my wounding hit, Tink was able to patch me up, but I made him promise that if I didn't make it he would take my RPK and get the bastards! My deathbed cajoling was warranted, once healed up I rolled over opened up a murderous burst on the far bank and was killed. Tink picked up the big gun and mowed down bag guys in my memory, his heroic charge was a sight to see and even full of enemy bullets he fired until the ammo belt was gone...

A Friend in Need - Opfor Medic Cam ASL / CO

Cam drove us down to our disembark point and we went down southish in the ever so lovely forests right into the enemy. Cam was wounded in the first few shots, I threw smoke and leapt from my tree cover to grab him, I threw another smoke once prone to confuse the enemy where the Moon Moon medicine would be taking place.. It didn't matter however as Cam took another few bullets, I was right next to him and was able to call his death before taking bullets to my brain pan myself.

Bunny Hops - Charlie 2 AR, Federal Marshal Wotle FTL and Draakon AT

Keep your arms legs and body inside the helicopter at all times Draakon, only alight from the vehicle when it has come to a complete stop ;)

Charlie moved up to our hill and things went a bit death valley on us. C1 moved towards buildings down slope and I was unable to cover them, I didn't realise but the enemy was down slope from me between myself and C1, I realised this when C2 moved in to support, bad dudes were swarming around the hill and I took one down doing some kind of sideways M249 crab walk Rambo move. C2 ran to a low wall close to C1 and I went prone and pulled the trigger to fire on more enemy when I died. All of Charlie died in the end, it was a massacre!

Hail Azoz!

I tried to get to the bunker but was shot on the way, I spent the mission looking at my brothers moving away from me and the clearly lobotomised civilians standing around in the middle of the firefight.. The mighty Azoz performed a tractor flank and drove an enemy towards me, a blasted simpleton townsperson was in the line of fire so I dropped him to let me bullets fly towards the enemy, the mission ended without the kill..

PCP Party

Lastly beware the running PCP moon moon attack, Kale was on the receiving end of my room rushing tactic, a mag of silenced Makarov to the head and the win was ours!

Also River Crossing Side note Gaius if your FT AT guy is confident he can make the shot at that distance ask the squad leader once, not repeatedly - it made it really tough to pass information onto squad lead with you requesting permission to fire AT and suicide truck bomb it and suicide run at it over and over on TS.
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Re: [Tue] 16 Jul 2013 (River giveth & river taketh)

Post by Black Mamba »

Internecine Merkel edition
Opfor Bravo MP5man

The first part of the mission boils down to myself calling a contact, closely followed by the rest of the fireteam burying said contact under bullets, then investigating the corpse for IFF. Standard Offensive Procedure.
There was a little incident and we lost Nuttytec. Then we went all sneaky and moved into the village. I was somehow assuming that most enemies were dead, without any serious reason. So when Dogface and Moon Moon went down almost simultaneously, I assumed there was probably one dude or two int the next compound. Slice the pie, sprint across the street. I'll be damned. I could hear about five different voices, enemy voices, all around me. I tried to peek around a wall and got shot in the face.

River Assault
Engineer, with Wolfenswan

Seeing that the plan involved an amphibious assault on the southern part of the objective, I was most relieved not to be a real part of the assault. Tried that last time I commanded this mission, and it was a bit of a nightmare.
So, after quite a bite of a mess regarding who was going into which motorized coffin, we set up with the DEF team towards the south, and I made a special point not to crest, because I knew.
We discovered a particularly explosive APC, loaded with no less than 474 satchel charges. Figured that would make a nice carbomb if need be.
Then proceeded to witness the IFV getting shot by some angry BMP and I rode my trusty stolen Land rover up there to fix them up. As soon as I was back down, the IFV joined us and called for new repairs. All of this is confused in my memory, but it involved an enemy chopper landing on top of us, reapiring it, realizing nobody knew how to fly these things so we had a bit of fun with all them switches and stuff, then the homemade carbomb exploded.
Our engineering expertise concluded that the APC was not beyond repair: that was just a flesh wound. Then Wolf died. I decided now would be the time to do something useful, the command structure was all the way down in the hole, so I shot two dudes at long range with my FAL and boarded the IFV for a last charge. Somehow the first driver died. The second bailed out as we hit the water. So I jumped into the driver seat and led the Kalegunner to glory a certain death.

This mission's command channel was horrible to follow, as it turns out, we're not good at rivers crossing. I laughed my ass off at the two dudes alone on the other side.

A friend in need

It never fails. I teamed up with Wilson, called an enemy fireteam close to us on our right. We all died in the next second.

Bunny Hops

That mission went quite well for us for the most part, until we got caught by an enemy MMG on a ridgeline. Lost my AR there, and we had quite a moment of I heal you you heal me. When I decided enough was enough, we moved down into the village, shot up a few dudes, watched the finale of the fireworks (damn, they got money: it involved a Chinook!). Then we legged it back to an hypothetical LZ and the mission was called.

I'd like to see what happened to Charlie. Also I'd like to get some feedback for this mission: difficulty, what could be changed, how was your framerate compared to an usual Takistan mission, (superÜ, I totally forgot to ask during the mission, did you happen to check the server FPS?).
It was funny to see that we didn't take any advantage of the AI suppression system, probably because we were not used to it, or maybe even that most people didn't realize it was included. It was working, at least partially. Which I'd consider very good news.
I'm considering reducing the number of AI and/or reworking the briefing so that we can move faster to the next target. Also, mission makers, Wolfenswan's functions are awesome, and even though they don't allow for as much flexibility as UPSMON, the AI satisfied me a lot in this mission, for a negligible performance cost.

Did I mention Wilson died in the first engagement?

Holy stones

Comrade Wilson's head was filled with hatred. Each of us set out with one goal: find the other one and fill his head with lead instead. We somehow did find each other, and after a short exchange of fire, he killed me. I think I was totally oblivious to whatever was happening to the rest of the people.

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