[Fri] 19 Jul 2013 [V+] (Berry trees in the moonlight)

How we died
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[Fri] 19 Jul 2013 [V+] (Berry trees in the moonlight)

Post by Cam »

  • Black Ace Cycle (Chernarus)
  • Spring Cleaning (Podagorsk)
  • Cratesistance (Podagorsk)
  • Unholy Castle (Podagorsk)
  • Jolly Green (Chernarus)
  • Lumber Mill (Chernarus)
  • Oily Recommended (Fallujah)
  • Chologorsk (Podagorsk)
Great session, thanks to everyone who came along. A few more players than last time, around 11. Feel free to stick an AAR below, or just your general thoughts and feelings.


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Re: [Fri] 19 Jul 2013 [V+] (Berry trees in the moonlight)

Post by dancemoox »

Nice to try some new missions but boy was the balance off on some of them!

Black Ace Cycle (Chernarus) - Police Sergeant

I was to set up our line of police cars across the road before the gang showed up, we managed to get one into line before the steady stream of lobotomised bikers started showing up. Why people ran out into the road is beyond me, stay safe behind a lovely orange and white police car people!

Spring Cleaning (Podagorsk) - Alpha 1 FTL

I lost Cam to SL for radio work so Pr3sario and Antler and myself swept through the town, gathered our thoughts and discovered men in the trees, really silly men six meters away not killing us.. We murdered them and pushed beyond the woods to find the Vodnik they'd abandoned. Alpha 1 claimed it for joyriding purposes and we went zooming around killing EI as we passed. It was bound to end badly, we all got shot and were stuck spectating inside the vehicle, a lovely view of someones dead foot is what I had to watch..

Cratesistance (Podagorsk) - Defend For A1 AR

We picked the cache and set up defences around points pink and purple. A long long long time passed, a UAZ drove past and eventually blew up south of us. Dan decided to check out what was going on and died to a single terrifying shot to the head at super close range.. Becoming one with my tree I stayed as still as I could keeping eyes on the cache and scanning as much as I could see. Something ran from the south towards the objective and I put it down, I've no idea if it was Friendly AI or enemy. With my tree cover blown I ran north looking for the guy I'd shot, I failed to see him and in full on panic mode looked for a nice new place to hide. Seeing the Ural we'd arrived in facing the cache I jumped in the passenger side and waited a little longer. Popups were saying enemy contacts had been spotted by the guards, shots were fired into them from north behind me, I saw what I thought was an attacking for moving away from the cache so I jumped out and murdered him, it wasn't enemy it was one of the AI guards. I wheeled and fired at muzzle flashes in the trees and was dead in seconds.

Unholy Castle (Podagorsk) - Big box of guns and ammo with no more ammo for my PKM, guess 300 rounds will just have to do. We were going in 'swarm of bees' formation when we spotted the enemy patrol, we thought it was just tree. Red Team leader went down as did a few others, I went into suppression mode mowing down the EI as they moved out of the trees. Before too long I was out of ammo so switched to my pistol and started throwing smoke to patch up the wounded. I was in the middle of healing Antler when tryteyker murdered me.. The moon moon remembers!

Jolly Green (Chernarus) - Doomed FTL Leader!

Lets all keep moving on this mission - lets all hide in the barn! Not my finest leadership but ah well. Best moment would have to be me and Cam at the 'escape' end of the barn both wounded and Cam clicking constantly to tell me he's out of ammo.. You kept talking to me for some time after I died, the 'oh he's dead' was quite nice :D

Lumber Mill (Chernarus) - Charlie, no Bravo, no what?

We called upon our Dayz past and moved between buildings getting closer to the lumber yard. I was shot by one of the ten thousand dudes swarming around.

Oily Recommended (Fallujah) - Alpha 2 Helicopter Modern Art Installation Team...

The less said the better, at least the little bird stayed on top of the roof at the 45 degree angle...

Chologorsk (Podagorsk) - Officer Moon Moon

I think Kale was having some serious connection issue, Antler had shot him in the face quite a bit and I put two good bursts of pellets into him as he moved around outside, not sure who got the kill but it took a long time for his death to register!

New missions are new, and a nice change. Plus who doesn't love an ammo box full of other guns!
ramming speed!

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