[Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

How we died
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[Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by fer »

  • Zigzag
  • Running Rabbit
  • Fulcrum
  • Fritz Frenzy
  • CHazarLO (after-party)
Despite it being a sweltering summer night in the UK (and probably much of Western Europe), 51 awesome comrades took to the field in support of the revolution. It was an outstanding show of force, and our enemies ran before us. And then returned. In tanks.

I will write some more words here in a moment, but this will certainly form part of this post:

Note: Please do not connect whilst running ACE. It creates issues for other comrades and may result in you being ... executed.

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists. We also have a new YouTube channel that he manages so if you have any content you think should feature then let him know and he will sort you out, for more info check out this thread!; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.


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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by IceRaiser »


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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by tryteyker »

Remember Running Rabbit. The VALLEY OF WIN and the tense standoff against a squad of EI (suppression fire at 10 FPS? SLIGHT problems there) at some random hilltop which resulted in 2 deaths. Also helicopter of death where people randomly died on us which resulted in THE VALLEY OF WIN. Actually let's do a full AAR on that just because it was a fun as heck mission (whoever was running ACE I will PERSONALLY FIND YOU IF YOU CAUSED THESE FPS ISSUES TO ME).

So as Delta we were completely detached from the main force. A fun feeling because you can do whatever and still have fun. So yeah we loaded into the Blackhawk (and the talks about "my precious FPS" started), and Danny being Danny this felt like a total AI flight. Slowly ascend, pitch your nose forward, then fly forward (just fucking around Danny :P). Now our actual task was to land somewhere and support the main force. Basically we'd just be another attachment with an MMG and cool long range rifles. But (luckily), things never go according to plan. Turns out our CAS got shot down by a static Hind somewhere far off in the oil fields. So it was pretty much "go fix Gus up while everybody else covers". Fun to have some off-map fighting (although we weren't actually fighting anything). After we fixed Gus up and he went off, we went off. I initially wanted to suggest "let's approach that Hind and take it out, eh", but this quickly turned into "50 bucks this exact Hind will approach the main AO and fuck us all up". Our next move was to land besides Bravo (on their western side) and support them as they move. Well, we landed, we engaged a bit, but then we saw a Squad of EI, so far neutral. Delta 2 was to move up to Delta 1's position but midway through one of D1s guys took a bullet to the knee and I immediately, or almost immediately (I never went above 15 FPS in this mission, so), set up my MMG and laid some fire down on them. This continued on for like 10-15 minutes maybe (it felt like an eternity, the back and forth of getting people fixed up, micromanaging stuff, all the good stuff). One of our guys took an unfortunate bullet to the head. Our AAR. Delta 1 lost one of their guys during the engagement aswell I think. But nevertheless there was A LOT of back and forth after 2 guys were dead, Bodge was wounded and Draakon was wounded (I think). We got ourselves fixed up and to an impromptu LZ (I was lagging so hard with my horrible ping of like 60 ms and 10 FPS, a bit of a killer).

During approach on our new LZ, Danny took some serious MMG / HMG fire (according to Gus it was basically 4 tanks shooting at us), but got only wounded. He got us to a new, again impromptu, LZ where he touched down. During approach people died randomly. Draakon and Bodge both bit the dust (and a third guy apparently). So Delta was down to 4 guys. Pedro, Swatter, Barrow and me. We get Danny fixed up, and I coordinate all the stuff. Originally thinking we're fucked because we landed somewhere behind enemy lines, it was actually quite the opposite. We landed outside the AO.

The flight towards Imarat, safe territory (as we assumed), was the best fun ever had. The Hind I bet all my 50 bucks on actually came at us and tried to screw us over. But 2 door guns and an AH6 ain't nothing to screw with. He received so much fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it was insane. (By that note, all of Delta + Helo crew now owe me 50 bucks personally) Now we touched down and finally thought it was all good, we could organize ourselves, but NOPE. Explosions to our North East, so we face that way. Suddenly, jet happens. A fixed wing flies right above our head towards AH6 and our Blackhawk. That was one hell of a glorious Air vs Air fight, and obviously we won. Helicopters got a fixed-wing. Logical. We were busy cheering when we got the sad news RABBIT SCREWED THEMSELVES AND TOOK AN RPG.

But honestly I had great fun with this mission even with FPS issues. Combined ops are always fun, especially if you're not part of the main force. Delta is where the juicy stuff happens. Or maybe CAS or TH1.

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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by Mojo »

Sweet session that started with Ts3 overlay deslotting me and messing up my game and also ended as my TS3 decided that it should disable the PTT hotkey.

Running Rabbit
Engineer Assistant Stryker driver - Mojo
Engineer Assistant Stryker gunner - Zefriz

The raging boner defeated our army with a bumrush of SPGs and tanks. I had a FOV of a tincan as I couldnt turn out of my hole and didnt feel like running peoples feet over (Dont run across the road of a moving IFV plz) but as my first IFV mission it went well. We first cleared 10 billion mines that where placed on the road and then gave some HMG fire to the enemy as we advanced. When the music started playing we all knew that we had triggered a big load of bull and not long after the stryker took a SPG hit to the side. I called in the hit and was greeted by the Spec screen 2 seconds after as the IFV exploded. A quick scan of the mission showed that Carson had amased an army of tanks and IFVs to charge head first into rabbit, and soon enough it triggerede them to move together with a soundtrack. Rabbit was defeated with its damaged gun and all hope was lost for the UN soldiers who where resting in the base, drinking coffee and having crumpets.

Short note to this mission Ferrard. It might be a good idea for the stryker to have its own marker as both I and the rabbit CO got confused by our position as the other half of the ENG team went ahead and lost both theyr truck and themselves on the hills near the AH (No names, you know who you are :lol: )

INDFOR Alpha 3
Fire Team Confuser - Mojo
Lee Enfield sniper - Gus
Bizon AT Combo - Barrow
Lee Enfield Assistant Gunner (?)- Warner

Started off by running in the wrong direction thanks to my superior navigating skills but instead witnessed a firework of helicopters and explosions on the horizont. We even got to shoot some pilots who bailed (Fu rules of war). When we got to our designated spot I send a daring soul (who happened to be Gus) ontop of a old building, sadly he could not see anything but explosions. We realised that the enemy was inside of Bravos compound and was attacking alpha , so we set up a small front but where called to retreat North. Once we had succesfully retreated and engaged the stunning amount of 0 enemies, our SL send my team further north to a container yard. On the way there, the bonebreaker dancemoox joined as we passed by his window. As we approached the area I was promptly shot at from bravos compound but found cover behind a Rampart that was on the road. Moving from cover to cover, we took a few injuring hits but still managed to find our way into the yard. From here, gus opened up with his LE and managed to get some guys that where suppressing us with machinegun fire. A short firefight emerged and amazingly enough, nobody died! Even with all our effort, the russians managed to get close to the cache so we charged across open ground and into the CO compound. Some close quarter combat saw moox getting himself injured and appearently some FF from inside the bunker we where around. As I was treating his wounds, the mission ended in INDFOR success. First mission where nobody in my FT died. :jihad:
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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by Ferrard Carson »

Deployed as DefendFor (IndFor) Bravo Squad Leader
Sadly, I had forgotten to trigger FRAPS at the start of this mission, meaning that you will never be able to see the absolutely terrible predicament I found myself in when my CO said, "Oh shit, they're right on top of me!" and hightailed it off his observation point. In a pattern that was to repeat itself once more this session, Bravo was square in the path of the enemy by sheer chance.

My two-team Bravo was torn to shreds by their two-squad platoon whilst Alpha sat by the side of the road 400 meters away, waiting to spring an ambush that would never be sprung. As the CO desperately reoriented Alpha for a flanking sweep to the East, both my fire-teams and my medic fell ominously silent as the outgoing fire slackened. Incoming, however, never abated, and I flattened myself against a tree as FAL rounds whizzed by both sides of my head.

My medic's last dying action was to lay a smoke grenade in just the right spot for the billowing fumes to obscure my bullet-eroded tree from enemy view, meaning that I and Phoenix were able to tumble off the hilltop, shaking with fear. As Alpha swept through, we joined up with them, and the Blue Helms finally hunted down and executed the last of the Takistanis.


Running Rabbit
Deployed as A1 FTL
Huzzah to a first-time CO! There are some missions that are kind to first-time COs! This is not one of them!

Chaos reigned supreme, not the least because some jackass had connected to our session with ACE and royally FUBAR'd server FPS for about half our number. I personally had no difficulty, but the problems were readily displayed in our casualty ratio - Alpha spent its strength clearing out Imarat, and Bravo was far afield desperately fending off BMPs and other assorted nastiness. Meanwhile, technicals and tanks galore performed their own personal totenritts against our lines, being torn asunder by massed fire and a few choice rockets and APFSDS rounds from Rabbit.

Someone was even either smart, or metagaming when the engineers examined the roadblock and discovered that it was, indeed, a trap! For the first time, Rabbit suffered not a scratch from the IED that may or may not be in Imarat!

I was already dead at that point, watching as first an Mi-24 swooped in from the east, then an Albatross from the south! Both decided that the greatest threat to their continued existence was the grounded / half-destroyed Delta Force milling about behind friendly lines, rather than, y'know, the tank tearing things to shreds at the front. And perhaps they were right O.o - both died to massive amounts of minigun fire!

And then a pair of BMP-2's went all Dukes of Hazzard on the hillside, screaming over a ridgeline and belching Konkurs missiles in the midst of catching some freakin' sweet air. Rabbit exploded in a rain of chobham shrapnel, and the hopes of UNFORT died with it.


Deployed as DefendFor (IndFor) Bravo 1 FTL
For a second mission this evening, I found myself in the unfortunate understrength squad placed serendipitously square in the path of the enemy schwerpunkt, twice our strength. I got not a single kill, as SuperU downed, then executed me as I attempted to flank his wounded soldiers. I was able to wound his medic, thus delaying Super's wrath long enough for a wounded me to crawl the length of a wall away and get shot in the face from afar.

My fire-team, however, managed to make a much better accounting of themselves, inflicting terrible, terrible damage on the dastardly Russkies as they crested a ridge to be met by volley after volley of .303 caliber rounds. In the end, all of Bravo died, but not before taking a greater number of Russkies with them into the grave. More importantly, Bravo's sacrifice delayed the massive push from the West until Alpha had repositioned to lay a merciless crossfire on the few remaining attackers, and only one Russkie made it to the stronghold to be riddled with holes by a truly unfortunate SMG gunner.


Fritz Frenzy
Deployed as... Oh god, who even knows?
So... no map markers for anyone, no group names, no pre-mounted vehicles, no true loadout display, no squad arrangements... Methinks there's a reason we don't use old OrBat missions anymore. Apparently the KSK had a load of fun repelling the massive attack on their position, but between the lack of navigational anything and several other factors biting into our logistical overhead, this mission was absolutely horrible.

CHazarLO (after-party)
Deployed as Marker-less Rocker Chemist!
Ze drugs! I must have zem so I can make zem! Ze druuuuuugs! I led the vanguard as we charged into the station, flooding the first floor with bodies even as more of our number scaled the ladders and walls. We pushed the bodies of our dead ahead of us up the stairwell, and their still-warm flesh absorbed enough shotgun pellets that we were able to execute the last donut-munching monstrosities and throw the dopest most awesome concert in the history of Hazar!

CHazarLO Acid-Redux (after-after-party)
Deployed as Lead Singer of the Delta Vuvuzelas!

:clint: ~ Ferrard
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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by Barrow »

Hello comrades; this was my first Folk ARPS session, and it certainly won't be my last. I'll recount what blurs I can recall from what transpired:

OPFOR Alpha(?)
Automatic Rifleman - Barrow

This one is completely hazy for me. Was so busy trying to get the layout of the session that I don't even recall what FT I was in; we were to flank the enemy's encampment with the intent of supporting Bravo(?), once they pushed the front and breached the target area from the main road. However, within moments we were engaged by multiple INDFOR atop the hill we were circling. There was a heavy firefight, in which I mostly hid under trees and saw nobody, and as I understood it we were out-flanked from the North (with the primary engagement to the South West) and quickly wiped from the map.

Running Rabit
FT Delta 1
Automatic Rifleman - Barrow

tryteyker summed this one up excellently for the Delta and helicopter units. The crew of the Blackhawk deserve a medal; they dropped both a Hind and a Frogfoot within minutes of each other without breaking a sweat.

INDFOR Alpha 3
Fire Team Leader - Mojo
Lee Enfield sniper - Guus
Bizon AT Combo - Barrow
Lee Enfield Assistant Gunner (?)- Warner

At this point I was finally getting up to speed with everyone else. We started the mission slightly turned-around, heading South West rather than South East, though this afforded us an opportunity to fire on para-dropping troops from passing/crashing helicopters. We then proceeded to the South East compound in an attempt to scout for and engage any enemy units. Guus, who was providing overwatch from the tallest building, noted that the enemy had approached from the other flank, and Mojo had the unit retreat North to our designated fallback location. At this point, command request we move further North past the ammo cache we were guarding; along the way we took a sudden barrage of long-range gunfire from the West (towards the cache). I was struck down in the initial volleys, but some brave soul managed to drag me out of the line of fire and resuscitate me. From here we slowly made our way towards the action, dodging between whatever cover we had available. After some initial volleys from our Enfield marksmen, we made a glorious charge towards the cache, but were too late assist with the final confrontation.

Fritz Frenzy
Fire Team Leader - SuperU
Rifleman - Barrow

This was an amazing show of German (or possibly Russian, Scottish, Italian, or Belgian?) pride and tenacity. The KSK took up arms and valiantly held a hilltop under heavy enemy fire, defending against wave after wave of enemy. A few bullets were taken by the men, but nobody was struck down. After a surprisingly short time, an American UAV flew over our encampment, followed a few minutes later by a convoy of Humvees. This is where things took a turn for the interesting, however.

The Humvees quickly filled, leaving some of our German and American comrades behind. At this point, the drivers appeared to split up; our driver took a wrong turn, and after some quick planning, dropped myself and two of my comrades (sorry, forgetting names at the moment) off on a hilltop with vague directions of where to head and to avoid a nearby town. We only had a few minutes to stand there confused and lost, though, as a medical Humvee driven by Dogface (I believe) soon came barreling over the ridge to ferry us the way back to the American base.

We were the first unit back, though soon after the rest followed. However, to our horror, we found that one of the transports sustained heavy fire and suffered some casualties near us. At this point, under our brave leader's guidance, we spear-headed a push back into hostile territory, with comrade Guus providing appropriate music, where we secured at least one of our fallen comrades and carried him back to safety, victory-fire filling the air.
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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by Phoenix49 »

Bravo 2 Automatic Rifleman

Having predicted that OPFOR would use the classic "reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology" tactic, Bravo knew that the Alpha ambush would never happen and were watching the East and South-East for any enemy flanking. Soon enough, we were under fire, and Bravo 1 got more or less decimated. Before my squad got killed, I managed to pick off 2 or 3 enemies before the salvation came from Ferrard in the form of "retreat to the village", where I met up with him as sole survivors of the entire Bravo squad. We bunkered up and managed to pick of 3 more enemies. Sadly, I was not able to redeploy to the south fast enough and one of the last flankers managed to pick me off before I had put my automatic bringer of death in the prone position. I thought all was lost, but it turned out, by the time I hit the dirt, only 2 OPFOR remained, which were promptly taken out by the fully operational Alpha squad *Emperor cackle*!!

Running Rabbit
First time CO

After taking forever in understanding what assets I had to my disposition, where they were deployed and what role they could play, I decided to form a plan that would revolve around a typical convoy formation but would heavily rely on airborne troops flanking/deploying behind enemy lines. Realizing that the distance to the our end-goal was huge, I opted for a sweep tactic which worked for the first 15 mins but proved detrimental in the end.

My plan was foiled from the beginning when the designated LZs and surrounding areas were so hot that all helicopter elements had to pull back and reroute to the south. The rest of the column made good pace towards our first Waypoint, Imarat. After redeploying Bravo to the southern mountain ridge and making them advance in unison with Alpha, any resistance was promptly cleared and Imarat was reached without any trouble or delays. My sweeping tactic allowed us to avoid 4 tanks moving from the south-west towards our position (thanks for the reports, Guus!).

In Imarat, however, the "move fast/shoot fast" tactic stopped being as fruitful. Being wary of time constrictions and not wanting to anger the FOLK admins (if I could, I would have taken more than an hour on that mission), I decided that instead of fortifying Imarat and clearing any incoming enemies before proceeding, it would be best to ignore them and move fast so that they would never engage us. Sadly, as soon as we moved out of Imarat, the shit hit the fan, and I was shot out of my vehicle while I was coordinating troops on the map. In spectator mode, I realized with horror that I had trapped the entire platoon between a "rock and an ever-evolving hard place" as was put eloquently by a comrade on Teamspeak. Indeed, our infantry could not get rid of the many EI in the front, so that the enemy technicals and tanks managed to catch up to us from the rear, while a Frogfoot and Hind appeared out of nowhere.

In a last valiant attempt, our own helicopters (what was left of them) took care of the Hind and the Frogfoot, MAT and Bravo with the support of Rabbit took out 4 out of 5 of the enemy armor while Alpha cleared a compound of an entire enemy squad. All this was not enough however, as something (not sure what) eventually took Rabbit out and the mission was ended.

In hindsight, I should have probably set garrison in Imarat, and defended that position from the multiple "incoming" reports that I was receiving from my very helpful MAT, Bravo and AH1 elements. It would probably have meant that FOLK admins would have cut the mission short and that other comrades would have been angry at me for not leading them into a glorious death, but I am positive that it would have been a better strategy!

After the mission, however, a flurry of very positive and enthusiastic comments erupted, even from Delta (who I had completely lost understanding of their whereabouts for the entire mission), and I retired my CO cap, content that everyone had died happy. Brutally, but happy.

Looking forward to leading again, thanks for the opportunity and patience, FOLK comrades!

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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by dancemoox »

Zigzag - Indie A1 AR
Draith FTL, Tryteker AAR, Wolfenswan AT

Alpha got into ambush positions and I found a bush to stick my big blue helmet inside so as not to get it shot off.. When no vehicles dared our killzone we were dispatched to flank the enemy. Moving through forest scanning for the enemy we made contact with Dogface CO who in turn made contact with the enemy, we pushed towards the village and I got my first kill. Some poor bastard in a close range plinking match with one of the village defenders, I walked up behind him and zipped him with my SAW. We had enemies on the south side of the village and lost ASL, Draith took charge we went looking for the enemy, finding some and then returning to the village to clear out any sneaky enemies within. I spotted one moving in the village, dropped to the ground and down went the enemy, mission over, four confirmed kills and a happy moon moon :)

Running Rabbit - Alpha Medic, Draith ASL

Deciding to spend more time with my non aviator'd brother I slotted as his medic. Alpha moved on the left side of the road passing the largest line of mines I have ever seen along the way. We paused several times as A3 were reporting contacts on the right side hill, A1 and A2 got into good positions for the attack on the village and then the enemy suicide battalions began to charge. Wave after wave we shot as many as we could but they kept coming. Draith ordered a move up to clear the village and set off by himself, this came as a surprise as I was tending to some wounded in A2 and A3 at the time. Returning to where I'd left Draith I was at a little of a loss as to where he'd gone, I checked the map and realised he'd charged the village solo. Fearing his imminent death I mentioned we should be moving to the people still plinking away at enemy in the village from great distance and began my run. I made it to Draith and took down EI in the immediate area. Draith was hit moving between cover and I popped smoke and moved towards him, grabbed him and dragged him all of six inches before I was hit too. Down on the ground and wounded we crawled to the relative safety of a cleared building step and set about encouraging Alpha to come join us... I looked down into the village and saw the guy that'd wounded us, killing him with my second shaky attempt I wheeled myself around to talk to Draith in what I thought would be my final moments, only to see a Technical behind us up the hill. With a shout of "DRAITH BEHIND YOU TECHNICALLL PEWPEWPEW" I was able to kill the gunner, phew I thought for a moment when a second then a third technical showed up.. We were fast bleeding out and I had three rounds remaining and Draith was dry. The charge of the Technical Brigade over guys from Alpha were able to start first aid, I made it just with seconds to spare. Draith however wasn't as lucky he died despite the best shakyshaky hand gestures. Fearing a massive clusterfuck I told Carson clearly that ASL was dead and he had just assumed his duties, he didn't have time to assume them as he was dead moments later. What followed was a clearing of immediate buildings around where Draith had died and me rushing between the now healed up A2 guys and on to the sole survivor or A3 then back down into the town and across the road to A1 who were in a bad way. With the casualties tended I joined with A1 and pushed with them further into the town. Helicopters of the enemy variety showed up and we dashed from a low wall into the next compound clearing it and dispatching A2 to the bunker on the left side. EI were streaming out of the forest on the left side of the road and the tank had moved up firing all sorts of things further down the road. Suddenly the tank exploded and more EI were pouring in.. Mission over. Quite how Draith and I survived the rush of the technicals is beyond me.

Fulcrum - Indi Alpha Medic, Kerfiz ASL

I missed the start of slotting due to a comfort break and was left with not much option and anyway Bizons are cool yo. I joined Kerfiz in his HQ house and looked out windows for the approach of the enemy, when none arrived and A3 were pulling back to the container yard I detached myself from ASL and joined them, probably for the best too as we took two casualties half way to the yard. Once inside the yard the enemy had taken over the industrial buildings beyond the supply dump. I kept an elevated enemy occupied by leaning out from one side of a shipping container and firing a burst, returning to cover moving to the other side and firing another burst.. It did sound awesome, rounds pinging off the shipping crates and Lee Enfield fire in return. With the CO down inside his bunker we dashed across in a glory charge, I was shot at the bunker entrance, possibly by friendlies. I didn't die but was badly wounded when the mission ended.

Fritz Frenzy - KSK Doktor

Große Führer SuperU hat ein sehr gutes Video von unserem Abenteuer, schauen Sie hier: http://youtu.be/Mkg_stMHuuA

Mission start take positions in the Deutsch Bunker and fire at the enemy! When I had a moment I replaced my G36C with a scoped G36 and was much more effective at range. I took a wounding hit and called Doktor down Doktor down, Ice patched me up and I was good to go again. Low on ammo I grabbed a MG36 drum from the ammo box and went back to patch up a wounded comrade, humvees arrived and Ice took a bullet, I attempted to treat his injuries but was unable to perhaps because I began the treatment procedure before he was dropped fully? I was ordered to load up by Führer SuperU and grabbed a seat in one of the evac vehicles. We were spirited away and dumped on a hillside somewhere. The enemy was nearby and we took some more wounded, I returned fire then dropped all of my gear in an attempt to fix my medical licence, it was ineffective until I tried it on Ice who had just arrived in the second evac. With my medicine working again I set about fixing everyone else up. We paused for a moment to pay our respects to Fer who had died after the second Evac. Returning to base in two different directions we lost some men inside humvees, had they been German made I am quite convinced they would have survived!

CHazarLO (after-party)

I was a police officer for both runs of this, first try I hardly got inside the building before the bands turned up. I was killed firing inaccurate SD suppression towards the enemy. Second run I decided to be a sneaky moon moon and not get bottlenecked inside the building doorways , rather run across the street and take up an overwatch position. I was able to kill Guus as he tried entry to the east, with most of the band dead, dying or defecting I went on the hunt for the remainder. I was wounded by one but may have returned fire successfully I'm not sure, I did hear 'nice return fire' as I went down but can't be sure. Mission ended with Officer Moon Moon down but not out! :cop:
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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by SuperU »

Fritz Frenzy -

[Place holder for more videos from the other missions!]

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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Post by Dogface »

Flippin' eck, this was a bit of a hectic session, but fun!

Zigzag - INDFOR (defense) CO

Us blue-helmet types found ourselves stranded around a small fortified zone in a village in the hills of Chernarus, with some Takistani badmans approaching down a road to the north. Ay caramba! With nothing but contempt in my mind for those weaklings who would resort to such measures as defense in depth or use of fortifications, I spread my forces out very finely amongst the trees. Specifically I sent Alpha out to the northwest to lay in wait along a twisty section of road for ambushing purposes, while Bravo got more defensively placed atop two hills just to the north and south of the defense zone. I myself headed out alone towards a wooded hilltop north of Bravo and east of Alpha, in order to make scout. :hist101:

Alpha soon reported sightings of an enemy convoy coming down the road, but they stopped before reaching the designated killzone and melted away into the trees. However I promptly found them again when my solo scouting expedition ran me almost immediately into the faces of the enemy. Fortunately my Camo Index was at 95% and I remained unseen, able to perform a tactical roly-poly down the hill and into cover. It soon became clear that I had encountered the entire badman force, and they were heading in Bravo's direction, south along the broad, wooded ridgeline.

Alpha were quickly attracted by my incoherent screams of terror and I led them back up the hill to the site of my previous encounter. The enemy weren't there but at this point we started hearing furious gunfire to the south and radio reports of bravo getting their shit taken away from them, repackaged, rebranded and handed back to them at lethally high velocity. Assuming scorpio formation, we followed the enemies south. Since they were still engaging Bravo and we were approaching from their rear flank, defeating them was as easy as taking candy from a baby after shooting it in the back. Time and again we came across an enemy fireteam, hit the dirt and obliterated them with minimal casualties. (Apart from Bravo. :fry: )

By the way, this whole bit really reminded me just how effective a true, unexpected flanking maneuver can be, as opposed to just shifting some of your dudes to a slightly different sector. Food for thought! :eng101:

By the time we'd massacred our way to the makeshift Alamo in the village, Bravo had been reduced to just Ferrard and Phoenix, holding the line. A brave but tiny counterattack from the south was quickly crushed, every shot of theirs met by a volley of ours. I then sent our remaining forces - i.e. most of Alpha - to sweep the south and west while I put a brew on in the fort. This turned out to be my undoing as the last surviving OPFOR member, Kalelovil, popped a bullet into my head, but only after I'd managed to call out his location to the rest of the team. They all turned around, swarmed him and killed him, ending the match in great victory. I didn't see my score but apparently I got 7 kills. Alhamdulillah!

Running Rabbit - Rabbit commander

Deciding that I had well-earned a go with a toy, I leapt into the top-turret of the tank along with a slightly nervous Sek and an extremely exuberant Ebass. Being put into the middle of a convoy with the engineers we mostly followed their pace, pausing occasionally while their truck careered off into the hills to rescue downed helicopters from tanks in a heroic fashion, or when the engies got out to de-mine mines and de-IED barricades. All the while we engaged distant groups of enemies in the hills, plus an SPG technical that showered rockets down on us but couldn't hit us due to the quick wits of driver Sek, and was soon defeated by the yelling and wildfiring of Ebass. :zoidberg:

Threatened by reports of various armour approaching but mostly being taken out by other elements, we nonetheless eventually pushed forward into the sights of some kind of filthy rocket-havers and were blown up. Boo!

Fulcrum - OPFOR(?) (attack) Alpha SL

With SuperU taking charge to implement a plan that he'd previously recommended to me when I CO'd this mission/side, we were sent up to the west edge of Shapur to approach using the cover of almost the only substantial sandbank in this particular blasted stretch of desert. After I lead us in a slightly wobbly interpretation of SuperU's intended route we all drew up behind the ridgeline and promptly charged forward to the wall, taking minimal casualties but apparently waking up the hornet's nest of enemies in the factory complex ahead. Alpha took the south side of the compound, and Bravo the north.

As soon as we'd crawled under the wall, we started hearing the pings and whines of incoming fire from the east. Ducking and weaving around some silos we soon found the nearest site of resistance was a large warehouse behind another wall, resulting in a furious close-range firefight that we eventually won. :clint: However as soon as we entered the warehouse we realised it was not much of a prize, being directly exposed to heavy automatic fire and spotlights from the objective bunker.

As we pulled ourselves together around a bombed-out building, preparing for our final push and attempting to rescue SuperU from outside the wall, we got flanked from the southwest and promptly, tragically wiped out. :argh:

Fritz Frenzy - CO

Oh good jesus, this mission. Never have I experienced something that felt like such a total clusterfuck, but ended up turning out so well. :psyboom:

The basic idea was to rescue a small force of krautfor KSK kommandos who were holed up on a hillside in the east. The rest of us, of the US persuasion, started in the west with some humvees and a truck, along with an A-10 and a UAV drone on standby. Between us, a couple of long roads dotted with occupied villages.

The first problem that presented itself was the old ORBAT and resulting lack of force structure. I had 5 fireteams, plus a small mess of command-element types as well as the A10 and KSK guys. So, first task was to politely shove the germans into their own channel to look out for their own defense. Second was to assign the grunts to the brass in a vaguely sensible fashion. Ebass, the squad-leader, therefore took control of A1+2, dubbed red group. The 'platoon sergeant'/DC and 'platoon rifleman' took A3+4, dubbed blue group. I myself took nominal control of A5 along with the A10, dubbed green group.

I laid out a basic plan which involved a 'main force' of red+blue groups taking the southern route, over a hill and through some orchards to meet up with the KSK just south of their outpost. Meanwhile green group would take the north route in order to scout, spot for the A10, and possibly act as a distraction or BOF force. I myself stayed back at base as I was the only one with a drone-operation scout badge. Unfortunately this badge was ill-earned as I had no idea how to actually operate the drone... :?

Following exhortations from Fer I then assigned vehicles with extreme painstakingness, with me moving from one vehicle to the next calling out individual fireteams to jump in. Following some kerfuffle we got everyone loaded up and rolling out, while I hopped inside the drone control laptop to try and determine what the fuck.

Unfortunately I completely failed to discern what the fuck and the drone ended up careening madly about the AO, rewarding my incompetence with precisiely zero useful information or utility. At the same time I realised that I had no map-markers to see where everyone in the team was, and was in general basically fairly useless. Luckily, the team comported themselves with badassitude of the highest order. Ze germans shot down all attackers with clockwork-like efficiency, while our troops found themselves a high-ground approach and powered their way to the beleaguered OP in what felt like no time. The A10 received no useful response from me to his request for targets but still managed to rain fire down on bad guys and avoid raining it down on the good guys. Before I knew it, blue group had stormed their way into the designated orchard and picked up all but three of the KSK. :jihad:

Some minor confusion followed during which I decided to take some initiative and drive my way out to the front so I could be less completely useless. As it happened I stumbled across the last of the KSK standing folornly on a hillside - or maybe it was the ones who got left behind so the last defenders could be picked up - in any case, I made myself into a taxi and carried them to home sweet home while ordering everyone else to do the same, even having some time for some uproarious victory fire before the mission was called, by some miracle, as a resounding success. Yay! :dance:

CHazarLO (after-party) - Cop

I sauntered onto the balcony, enjoyed a croissant and a glass of orange juice, blasted some unpleasant-looking long-haired types with my shotgun, and then got killed. Such is the circle of life!

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