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Re: [Sun] 21 Jul 2013 (That's Logistics)

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:47 pm
by Mr-Link
Running Rabbit
Delta 2 AAR

My god! the performance...the horror...the horror!

Ya I knew I wont be much use for anyone with all 8 of my frames per second, nonetheless, I hoped in with the brave Chopper/Delta squad into the unknown. After a small Hind-related misadventure and an episode of "Saving Private Guss", we were finally off to some LZ to try and make ourselves useful. We dropped very far to the right of the main force and managed to engage and destroy a big enemy squad who might have had dubious flanking intentions. So that was good, but after much loitering around, it seemed we were falling way behind the frontline. So, it was decided to use Danny's chopper to hop over to a new LZ.

On the way there however, our brave (and possibly AI) pilot Danny took some serious heavy fire to his windshield. We saw what no person in that chopper wanted to see. That is, Danny's name in blue saying [AAAH]. Just before I was about to push the eject button, Danny yelled on the comms that he is in fact still in control of the chopper (Tryteyker is right, he IS an AI :P ) and that he is trying to get us out of there. So intense was the situation, and so much panic in the air of that tiny cramped blackhawk cargo space, that me, Drakkon and Bodge suffered a simultaneous case of Heart failure and found ourselves loading the spectator script for no apparent reason. :psyboom:

Sadly, while spectating I missed all the Air to Air action that Tryteker described. I did however, witness how a pair of daredevil BMPs raced down a hill to the left of the main force. One of them took two RPG shots and exploded, while the other ignored all the infientry in it's path and accelerated down the hill even more. Finally it crossed a ridge right behind our glorious tank and lobbed an ATGM right into Rabbit's very exposed tail pipe. :commissar:

It did this feat without even stopping and aiming. My eyes might have deceived me, but I think it might have fired the missile just as it jumped from the ridge at top speed, tracks still in the air and all. It looked like something right out of one of those Russian tank-fire-in-the-air demonstrations :D

Fritz Frenzy
Alpha 1 AAR

No markers, No player tags, and we weren't even sure who was who. Lots of fun! The comms had a lot of cases of people yelling "But we ARE Alpha 1,2,etc". In the midst of all that chaos I was assigned as a gunner of the only armed Hummve around that did not have the extra armour protection around the gunner. Even worse, being alpha 1 meant that we would lead the convoy! So an exposed gunner on the head of the convoy, it is easy to see where that is going :mrgreen: To be fair, I think someone (maybe Alpha SL) realized that this is far from ideal and tried to get an armoured hummve to the front. However the mangled logistical situation and lack of markers meant that we were soon in the front of the convoy once again. So when we encountered our first major contact I shot 2 dudes down and every other AI in shooting distance opens up on me. I bite the dust. :lol:

CHazarLO (after-party) Take-1
Charlie Guitarist

Stupid pigs. Why they no let us have no fun. We only want to make concert in their station. Plus have lots of LSD. Where is the harm in dat?
Unfortunately, in our anger we consumed all of the LSD before even getting to the station, which was to have drastic effect on us later on.

So we park our Hippie bus/Party mobile, illegally of course, and head out to the police station. Just before we got there we started taking fire from across the street. A person who may or may not have been our drummer (So much LSD, I cant even tell :oops: ) laid on an entrance to some building withering in a pool of his own blood. Then the darnest thing happened, I cant seem to be able to drag him away, it is as if he weighs a hundred ton, I can grab him but i cant drag him anywhere (might have been ArmA physics). Even worse I cant even heal him in place, I start doing the magic wavey-handy-thingie but nothing happens. Finally the poor sod bled out, and I had to declare to my band that our drummer had died during a bizarre gardening accident and that it is best leave it unsolved really. :mrgreen:

Just then, Cops died, we won.

CHazarLO (after-party) Take-2
Charlie Band lead


SO MUCH LSD :zoidberg:

Anybody there?

SO MUCH LSD :psypop:

I was going through what can only be described as an out of body experience.


I was outside town.....about 300 meters away....I could not see my body........I could not move.......I could only move my head......but there was no point........Because I DID NOT HAVE MY BODY TO LOOK AT.....I was a floating skull.


Eye witness report indicated that I was "Still chilling in the bus". Obviously I had no idea where I was.

Got to lay off the LSD for a while...........the end.