[Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

How we died
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[Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by fer »

  • Inter III
  • Rook Valley
  • Huzzah SE
  • CHazarLO (after-party)
Yet another sweltering summer night in the UK (and also probably much of Western Europe), yet another surprisingly healthy playercount for a summer session: 43 awesome comrades. The Party thanks you all for your dedication and willingness to throw yourselves in the path of enemy munitions, and rewards you with many toys. There were flying toys, toys with armour and even rifles with magnifying scopes! They didn't necessarily help us ...

Inter III was it's usual, Bizon-firing mad self, with a narrow OPFOR victory coming after some horrendous friendly-fire events on both sides. However, OPFOR's MMGs should not have entered the town with the MMGs in-hand - please keep that in mind for next time. After consulting the mission maker, comrade Ferrard Carson, we attemped Rook Valley on the basis that we probably didn't have quite the numbers, but could at least die trying. Many did die, but a reasonable amount did not: despite the main town being full to the brim with enemies (they were stuffed into seemingly every building), the cache containing American weapons was found. For much of the mission our helos darted about, whilst comrade Draith's SU-25 roared overhead and provided some wonderful CAS moments. Sadly, the Party was forced to authorise a withdraw order, but objective #2 remains for our next attempt. The body of comrade Kefiriz also remains on that lonely hillside. The last official mission was Huzzah SE, which took us to the desert north of Zargabad, placed ACOG'd L85A2s in our hands, and had us engage in long-range firefights with tanks. Apart from the part of the platoon designated as Special Forces. What's that you say, comrade SuperU? What about Special Forces? This.


Note 1: Comrade Barrow, reasonably new to the struggle, was live-streaming the session. The Party understands recordings were kept, so look out for approved footage in the future.

Note 2: Remember, on [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 - CiA will be our guests. We might also see a contingent from the mighty LDDK.

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists. We also have a new YouTube channel that he manages so if you have any content you think should feature then let him know and he will sort you out, for more info check out this thread!; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.


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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by Ferrard Carson »

Inter III
Deployed as AttackFor (OpFor) Bravo Squad Leader
Bizons, Bizons, Bizons! Glorious victory to the Bizon Brigade! We hoofed it to our jump-off point, and waited for the clarion call of MMG rounds smashing our opponents into bits! They arrived, and Bravo 1 joined the suppressive fray as Bravo 2 leaped forward to another piece of cover and lobbed smoke grenades over the wall! The field was smoked! We surged forward through the smoke... and got completely cut to pieces as we emerged into the clear other side of all dat smoke! Some of us were even hit by the stray bullets aimed at comrades closer to the walls of Yarum!

Bravo 1, however, used the smoke to displace to the side, and their steady, cautious movement won the day where my big brass balls didn't!

Rook Valley
Deployed as Weapons Team 2 Leader

We brave three of Weapons Team 2 (Wep 2 for short) dove out of our horribly scratchy Mi-8 bucket seats and saw the CO and his two mates jump out of Goose 1. We made a beeline for their abandoned seats, seizing the beautiful plush leather chairs for ourselves (wait, you mean that was only mine? Haha, sucks to be you!)

Amidst much fanfare, Goose 1 and 2 took off, flying southwest into the AO. After a hair-raisingly questionable landing wherein our rotor blades chopped off a fair bit of telephone pole, Goose 1 finally settled on the ground snug between two very tall trees, and Wep Team 2 dove out and ran away from the flying deathtrap as quickly as possible. This was not to be the last time Wep 2's lives were endangered by that flying retrofitted rust-bucket! :argh:

Cautious, steady movement netted Alpha and the attached Weps 2 12 enemy kills in the space of a minute, in exchange for three losses of our own as we traded massed fire from fairly wide open hill-sides and valley floors. Then for good measure, Rook 1, our resident Fire-in-the-Sky, blanketed the enemy corpses with rockets, two of them flying far afield and demolishing some poor civilian's house a terrorist training camp in the middle of the city.

Our slow, steady advance continued, Wep 2 pouring PKM fire down on the enemies from slightly behind Alpha while Draakon and I set up the Metis when the call came over Squad net "Tank, tank coming down the road!" I scoped in, called it out, and watched the wire spool out behind the missile as Draakon loosed a round...


"Rook 1, we've got a target for you, one T-55--"
"Command, this is Wep 2, the T-55 is dead."

Aww yeah!

We finally neared the town, and as I stared down at it through my binoculars, I began to pay some heed to Dan, my machinegunner, and his uneasy qualms over the utter lack of cover in our vicinity. I ordered Wep 2 into the defilade behind us, and no sooner had we left that location, then the entirety of Alpha 2, the people we'd been tagging along with, got wiped from the map. Damn, Draakon's Metis must've been their good-luck charm - note to self, must keep Metis in my general vicinity at all times...

Throughout this entire phase, Rook 1 was soaring overhead, raining rockets and cannon-fire down on the helpless ground-pounding sods like ourselves, but with far less fetching uniforms. The roar of the jet was like music to our ears!

As we advanced towards a lovely-looking 3-story building standing all on its lonesome where we'd killed an HMG gunner some minutes before, Dan came under fire crossing a road, and went down! I desperately reached for a smoke grenade only to realize that I had none! Draakon threw out two of them, I dashed into the road to snag Dan's harness, and I dragged my poor machinegunner behind cover as Draakon covered us. Once I had stuffed most of Dan's intestines back into his abdominal cavity, we made our way into the three story building, me in the lead as we cleared each floor in turn... and as my feet hit the landing on the third floor and I called out, "All clear!" on the radio, all hell broke loose.

Machineguns and rifles from all across the southern side of the Shukurkalay valley opened fire on the poor mud-brick adobe structure that we had occupied, physically stunning the three of us into an absolute comatose state as I felt hundreds of bullets hit the other side of a disturbingly thin wall to my back, Dan struggled for several minutes to close a door without getting his hand shot off, and Draakon's ears were singed by tracer-fire burning its way not three inches away from either side of his head! "We're pinned and completely ineffective!" I sang to Alpha Squad Lead.

It was the longest two minutes I've ever had under fire, and finally I said, "Get out, get out of his deathtrap!" during a lull in the deluge of bullets.

Only a matter of minutes later, we received the order, "Head northeast! Go to LZ GTFO! Run while you still can!" In the distance, someone blew the cache, sending Wolfenswan into the air on his last swan-dive. At the LZ, Alpha had a tearful reunion. What was left of Alpha. By now, my intact 3-man element formed exactly half of Alpha's effective fighting strength. Bravo and the Command Element boarded as well. All told, our platoon was now maybe twelve men strong, where we had taken over forty into the field :psyduck:

We lifted and left, the horrors of Shukurkalay burned in our minds for the rest of eternity. Fuck Chak Chak - the Imperialists can keep Chak Chak, so long as I can keep what little is left of my fractured sanity!

<<Placeholder for Video>>

Huzzah SE
Deployed as Alpha 1 FTL
With my foot on the gas, Alpha's MTVR sailed gloriously up the sides of the Eastern ridgeline whereupon I got to put in plenty of practice calling out enemy contacts to our squad leader and blithely ignoring them since they were far too far away to hit. One enemy fire-team ran off behind a ridge 700 meters to our east, another was erased by Alpha 2 as it engaged them from 400 meters downslope to our southwest, a third straggled across the fields some 900+ meters to the sou-southeast, and finally an entire squad worth of infantry lay in wait over a klick to our due south. All this could we see, and none of this could we engage!

Soon, however, we moved to the next ridge over, and Alpha's 2 and 3 were engaged in close combat by those two enemy fire-teams who had been wandering around our east and southeast. Alpha 2 lost a dude, Alpha 3 lost 3, and Alpha Squad Leader... Alpha Squad Leader?

<<Placeholder for Video>>

CHazarLO (after-party)
I dashed to the north and used a fantastic vantage point to snipe the brains out of one copper and wound another - then as it looked like I was one of the few remaining Rockers, and the last standing Vuvuzela, I charged the front door! In I dove, Vuvuzela blazing, and as I fainted from lack of breath, I could see the last remaining policeman clutching his ears in supreme agony as he rolled to the ground and expired!

<<Placeholder for Video>>

:clint: ~ Ferrard
"Take a boat in the air you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turnin' of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' before she keels... makes her home."

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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by Barrow »

All footage of the events listed above have been gently secured by Party officials for the greater good; Party approved footage should follow at a later date. In the meantime, archives of the original broadcast can be found below.

Inter III (first half)
Rook Valley
Huzzah SE
After Party
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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by HydrA- »

Wow, what can I say. That got to be some of the most fun I've ever had in a game.. Despite the issue with my VON not working, I got a great taste of what Arma is all about. From the brief workshop, getting a bit of insight to conveying & driving a heavy vehicle, to the PvP action on Inter III, following the command of our 4-man squad leader Fer. Splitting us up into 2, "red" and "blue", methodologically pushing forward and clearing out the area. To sitting behind cover on Rook Valley, completely mesmerized by the air support, to being among the few survivors of Huzzah, where I was sure I was doomed with casualties all around, including my entire squad, ultimately turning into a successful mission somehow.

The communication was a challenge to follow, trying to process all the information with unfamiliar terms such as pincering and what not, while trying to grasp the basics & maintain somewhat of a situational awareness was quite hard. I have to appreciate my squad leaders though, who had the patience to have me in their squad and guide me as we went along. I really had a great time though and will be counting down days for the next session to come :)
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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by dancemoox »

Inter III - Opfor MMG 1

Ser Super of U dispatched myself with Bravo squad and my fellow MG shooter Dogface with Alpha. Our orders were to cover the advance and generally make the lives of the defenders miserable. After jogging over to my base of fire marker I relayed my readiness to Comrade Carson. Cleared hot I unloaded the first ten rounds and found myself to be suddenly blind, fearing the sudden encroachment of darkness I fired more freedom bullets towards the town in the hopes that the darkness would be scared from my eyes. When I had expended the first box of ammo given onto my care by the Party I found the darkness was not afraid of bullets but the pause during reload. With Bravo moving towards the town under smoke I shifted fire away from them and began to deeply enjoy myself. I would pause from time to time looking for a muzzle flash and giving it a good blast, no return fire was evident so I shifted my suppression along. Before too long I had used all of the provided ammunition for my MG, calling 'rounds complete' to Carson I set out sidearm at the ready to assault the town. Bounding to the first 'dwelling' I took a wounding shot to my side but was well enough to clear the building. I moved to the south facing door and was fatally wounded by the infidel Ebass, I'm told he was filled with joy at the sight of my PKM but his hopes of full automatic murdering of the Opfor faithful were dashed as no ammo was to be had ;)

Rook Valley - Alpha 1 FTL, Pelican Pal AR, Iceraiser AAR, Issus AT

A Moon Moon always pays his MMG debts. The plan was relatively simple. Land clear the military compound and turn onto the road leading to the green circle. A1 in the van moving down the roads, our sister elements on the high ground with weapons attachments. Once on the ground I assigned white and red teams and gave my 'stick with your buddy speech'. We moved and cleared the military compound without contacts, I dispatched Ice to scout the road we were not taking, at the request of Bodge I believe. Once turned onto the road heading to the AO we formed into a delta formation with A1 at the rear. We had poor visibility and were unable to see far targets spotted by hill elements. CAS bird was placed on standby as we passed Andrew, Ice became concerned that his cat had become a map marker but he pressed on with us. A2, A3 and Weps2 engaged an enemy squad further down the valley, we pushed up to fall in line with them as the CAS bird did a 'lets just make sure' gun run. With the immediate area democratised we pushed forward, technicals and tanks were spotted and a 'metric fuck ton' of infantry was also spotted. Glorious CO Dogface was killed at this point, ASL Super U took up the mantle of command and I turned on CC and said possibly reassuring words to Alpha. Hill elements engaged targets and gun runs were dispatched, we moved slowly myself struggling to hear squad chat over CC - side note I've got the TS plugin that pushes CC to my right ear, it's great in every regard bar one. It makes normal TS ie squad level chat really really quiet, can this be changed? Please let me know what deity I need to sacrifice daf to in order to make this happen - at this point I should have appointed a new leader of A1 and fallen back a little but the Stockholm syndrome is strong and I stayed with A1 as we pushed to Lima Tango. Reports were filling my ears about an enemy SPG-9 it proved no threat once A1 entered the town, the gunner was facing the wrong way and I happily put a burst of AK fire into his back. Slowly Alpha cleared the area around Lima Tango of enemy contacts, more enemy contacts and emplacements were spotted at, on and covering the approaches to our next assault point Charlie Foxtrot. I relayed the next set of orders from Super U and requested a new set of CAS strikes on HMG targets preventing our advance, moments after the CAS request was complete I took a GP round straight to my face, a sweet relief part of me thought, no more loud CC quiet TS and VON scavenging Iceraiser counting war booty..

Some feedback on my battlefield promotion and undertaking of duties would be welcomed by the Moon Moon at this point Alpha FTLs, Weps2 and Super U? I await the party judgement :commissar:

Huzzah SE - Bravo 3 AT, AJAX FTL, MDeath AR

I curse the side chat for it hid the lack of AI enabled, no special forces for me :|

B3 FTL disconnected at the start of the mission and his replacement temp AI assumed direct control and ejected me out of the moving MTVR, rude but thankfully the truck wasn't going at high speed so I was unharmed. We halted as he reconnected and were soon moving again. B3 took the right of our hillside as we moved forward. Some B2 gents were in our side but I gave them a few stern looks and they quickly got the idea. Moving to the south I spotted a three man patrol and called it in, all three were dealt with swiftly as a scope is a lovely thing. I was dispatched down the hill to ensure there were no more and that the contacts were truly dead, one did look oddly alive but I had given him a 'lets make damn sure' headshot. The patrol we'd eliminated turned out to be a MMG team, feeling satisfied I returned to B3 as we were falling behind. Once caught up I relayed EI and tank contacts to my FTL. The contact reports were not passed up to Squad level until a new T-72 charged past the stationary T-55 and HAT let rip with the javelins. Soon after the plinking at far targets began, ranging them was easy but accuracy at the range was woeful, more than once I'd hit a man in the torso and he'd crumple only to get up moments later and run around in a headless fashion. By this point Bravo had angered more tanks and HMG bunkers, I had my legs broken by fire coming in, the quick actions of the silent MDeath saved my life and Bravo medic gave me my mobility back. Dogface BSL ordered a pull down the hill to our right for all of Bravo. I fell in at BSL position and it took a good long time for the rest of B3 to move down, amusingly I was ordered to get a move on when already at the position. A reinforced B3 and BSL moved forward under cover from B1, pausing at two sets of rocks on the way to the compounds we'd been overlooking B1 joined us and we set about compound clearance tasking. B3 were to take from the middle to south and B1 BSL the middle to north. Before setting off a sneaky survivor of our overwatch popped out, I fired calling the contact and becoming wounded at the same time, strangely despite being wounded I was still able to aim and fire my weapon with accuracy so I executed my attacker before receiving medical attention. I became aware the contact report hadn't reached Dogface as he was expressing his concerns about shooting on the squad net. With me patched up B3 moved out to the southernmost compounds leaving our middle without a clearance force or contact with B1, seeing this I moved between the compounds most were empty some had EI in them. I killed two T-55 crewmembers that had abandoned the still running tank, with the tank and crew on B1 side but in an area they were yet to clear I called Dogface myself to report the tank was disabled and the crew dead and dying. The last compound I cleared had an AI climbing down a roof ladder, he attempted to hide behind the building and the compound wall but I found him and ended the game of hide and seek with a single 5.56 to his head. Now dangerously low on ammo I grabbed his FAL not knowing it was faulty and likely to fire at any faces of dog it saw. In other words when we regrouped at the petrol station Dogface gave me a shock breaking cover in front of me and I missed him with the two rounds I fired in his general direction.. Spotting an enemy with a M16 with 203 launching capability I ditched the FAL and moved with Dogface (apologizing as I went) down the road south. Closing in on the town Dogface went down to a withering burst of fire, I hit the deck and crawled towards him. Finding him lifeless I informed Bravo of his death and asked of B1 FTL was still alive, when I was given a 'erm yes' I said take over before firing burst fire and 203s into the buildings ahead of us. With the volume of fire lowered and now fresh out of 203 HE I grabbed what was useful from Dogface, fired some smoke to cover the run and set off bounding towards the enemy and only cover. I made it a little way closer to the buildings but was taken by enemy fire. Moving back up to limbo channel I was greeted with the sounds of "oooooooo" and "bad luck moon moon". Total plinking kills with scope 10, I approve of occasional Party spending on such luxuries.

HazarLO (after-party) - Police Chief Moon Moon

Knowing the police station to be a deathtrap I announced I was moving away from the station to somewhere I have had decent luck (so long as Bodge isn't a fellow Cop). I got into my emplacement and called sound contacts, made it clear to Dogface who had direct sight on me that I was friendly, even doing a safety dance with him to reinforce the matter. Soon enough the hoard was approaching and I shotgunned MDeath, hearing persons of an unknown affiliation in a nearby building I made my approach only to be bitten by my beloved building in the process. I made part of the decent whilst bleeding but was unable to make a retreat to the station due to massive building related blood loss.

I shall see you all on Tuesday, hopefully I will remember to capture some missions for the youtubes, can't let Pr3sario have all the glory! :zoidberg:
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by harakka »

Me and him, we're from different ancient tribes. Now we're both almost extinct. Sometimes you gotta stick with the ancient ways, the old school ways. I know you understand me.

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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by Black Mamba »

Inter III

Mmmmh. Yeah, nothing to see here, move along.

Rook Valley
Bravo Squad Leader
Medic: Terminal Boy

We were tasked with assaulting the north flank of the enemy-held town. I had noticed my B3 fireteam had at least two, maybe three very new people, so I decided to give them the most straightforward assignments as possible, in order not to add too much to the confusion. I sincerely hope this didn't lead to any boring playthrough on their side.
I would gladly hear the Party's view over that, because I myself don't really like selecting my fireteams based on the players they have. (as well as B3 players: did you notice? Was that bad?)
My plan was pretty simple: upon disembarking, B2 and B3 would move to the nearest hilltop, and secure it if needed, to prevent us from being flanked too badly later. B1, on the other hand, would move to the opposite ridge to later provide eyes on both ridges. Weapons Team 1 would accompany them and provide longer range support if needed.
There was a slight incident upon landing, which may or may not have involved the pilot being a bit hard on his collective lever, but we all survived, and the chopper was later retrieved and put back into a flying state.
All my teams did a very good job at following the plan and eventually dealing with whatever problem they might encounter. We did learn there were quite a few enemy infantry squads roaming around on that big moutain mass between us and Alpha, though. I reported them to the CO, called in some CAS and decided to not worry too much. B2 and B3 were to move down into the valley, while B1 (and the temporarily incapacitated Weapons team) would keep on sweeping their ridge towards the objective.
Sadly, some comms were seemingly lost in some spatiotemporal wormhole, and CAS never went to clear those hills behind us (I believe they were instead called to help Alpha), and the CO decided to run, alongside with an engineer, right into the hornets nest. We found ourselves with enemies on our back, swarming the hills, and somebody decided that shooting the glorious CO and his comrade in the noggin was a good idea (that's however, arguably not worse than knowingly deciding to move a two man CO team, alone, into a hillside full of enemies).
I rushed back towards his position with my medic, but had to stop for a few seconds to put down a few markers for my teams. Sadly, those were a few seconds too many, and by the time we got there, the only thing to find was a set of two cold corpses. Damn.
Inform Alpha SL. You, sir, have just been promoted. Request for some helos to come clean whatever's on our back. Resume movement.
After a bit of waiting for Alpha to get into position, we started the assault on the team. The usual issues regarding our ability to move while under fire resurfaced again, we got pinned down quite badly, and it was quite a hard process to get the squad into the town per se.

After what, most of us died in CQC, including me at some point, but, still, Bravo did clear two objectives and the actual cache!

Huzzah SE
IFV2 Gunner/Commander
Driver: Terminal Boy
The Party had judged useful to grant everyone scoped weapons, but a commander for the IFVs was deemed utterly useless. So, the plan here was to have our IFV act as an independent force, securing what could be secured between the two distant squads. And securing, we did! I was destroying tanks and MG bunkers faster than I could even report them to the CO. I even shot up a few squads of infantry, at which point I had to stop to let somebody for the glorious comrades to fight against. At some point we were called to support bravo, who had found a tank close to their position. I never realized how close they meant. Shot up a couple more tanks on my way there, then stopped to find the goddamn tank.
Then bravo reported it destroyed. Mmm, okay. So I order my driver to crest that little rise in front of us: surprise! That tanks was indeed destroy, but there was actually another one right next to it, 50 meters in front of us. Couple of 30mm Armor Piercing Discarding Sabots later, we were good again. Shot up two or three more dudes wielding RPGs, then remembered Alpha was probably going to have fun fighting them, so I switched back to the autocannon and ceased fire.

Sometime later, Glorious CO Draith called us to move back East towards the front of Alpha. Turns out, Arma features in the Warrior IFV a built-in GPS, but prevents you from actually using it unless you're actually turned out (see what I did there?). Which is kind of an issue as you can't turn out when you don't have a commander in the vehicle. I messed up the bearing I gave to Terminal Boy by a couple degrees: instead of moving in defilade behind a small rise in the terrain, we were actually driving right on top of the said rise. But I was reading my map (so nobody was actually scanning around the vehicle) and never realized it until we ate a metis rocket.

Glorious CO then drove to our rescue and led us in a daring and ballsy charge against an enemy held compound. We both gave our life so that the CO could die later to the hand of the last enemy armored vehicle.

What I think is to be noted in this mission: the IFVs are way too powerful. I mean, most of the time, I was watching enemies, knowing that I only needed to pull the trigger to kill everybody and probably clear all the way to Zargabad without almost any kind of risk whatsoever, seeing that the AI has some trouble engaging at max range. It was kind of frustrating to finally lose the IFV to dudes (and I actually told the CO about it way before it happened) who I could have shot safely by just saying a little further, but at the same time could not kill without putting everybody's fun on the line.
I could really see this mission without the IFVs, maybe with a tad less T-55s, and maybe an additional AT team (Dragons, for example, because the Javelin tends to be a lot of a point-and-kill thing as well) as well as another MMG/HMG team.
Although having to rely on players to not engage stuff they can engage in order to preserve the overall fun factor can be looked at as a sign of a healthy community, simply denying them the means to do so might engender less headaches and/or frustration, be it for the CO, the IFV crews, or even the rest of the grunts.

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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by wolfenswan »

Inter III


Thanks to the comrade at the revolutionary armory having a funny day we were equipped with pea shooters and any engagement over 0.5m wasn't an option. We decided to approach Yarum over the NW where thanks to my superior tactical senses I suggested that charging through the open wasn't advisable and we might want to use the smoke grenades mother had packed us this morning. Said and done we sprinted towards Yarum through puffs of smoke, bullets whizzing by. I told my FT to flood the building ahead, leading the way myself. I'm not sure if they heard me or not but I think they decided to throw grenades instead or something similarly advanced which just gets you killed (as shown by them getting killed). In my glorious charge I managed to kill 2 traitorous rebels before a lucky bullet took my life.

Rook Valley

B2 - RAT

Lead by Mr. Link we approached the town over the hills when I noticed an "unknown contacts" marker on the map. I volunteered to have a peek and together with Barrows we went up the hill to get some better eyes. There was nothing around the marker area but when I turned around I spotted an about squad-sized element casually moving towards our rear. Great. I told my FT about the situation and legged it down the hill for obvious reasons of self-preservation. What exactly happened to the enemy element I don't know as we kept advancing but I guess it is the same element that engaged CO and ENG later on as Mamba mentioned in his AAR. Approaching the town we took out a ZSU-truck and a few EI, readying ourselves for an assault. Said assault then lasted for about 5 seconds until B1 and B3 got pinned down and my FT, which was smart enough to advance crawling, was hit by a friendly grenade, killing the FT and wounding our AR. :psyduck:

Thinking "not today" I decided it was time for heroics and sprinted towards the enemy fortified position, just after an entire FT had been mowed down by a machine gunner five meters from my position. Said machine gunner was obviously too stunned by my display of pure ballsy-ness and I dispatched of him quickly. What followed was the remnants of Bravo clearing houses as best as they could and me shooting rifle grenades indiscriminately into every open window and door step. We kept loosing men, with Alpha faring hardly better, and in a last-ditch attempt we were tasked to take the Minaret.

As any sign of squad-coherence was gone anyway I told Bravo to make a final charge to the Minaret with me leading the way (seeing a pattern here?). Again bullets wouldn't touch me and I made my way up to the top of the Minaret to cover other people's approach. It was then that we were told to fall back to a LZ up north and so I descended when suddenly I heard Danny over coms saying "I'm gonna blow it!".

My last words were "NO NOT YET". :owned:

In true FA spirit a friendly satchel accomplished what hordes of enemy AI could not. :v:

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Re: [Sun] 28 Jul 2013 (Combined Harm)

Post by Pickers »

Rook Valley - Bravo 3 FTL
Black Mamba wrote:I had noticed my B3 fireteam had at least two, maybe three very new people, so I decided to give them the most straightforward assignments as possible, in order not to add too much to the confusion. I sincerely hope this didn't lead to any boring playthrough on their side.
I would gladly hear the Party's view over that, because I myself don't really like selecting my fireteams based on the players they have. (as well as B3 players: did you notice? Was that bad?)
For me, as it was my first time as a FTL I was very appreciative that the assignments were straightforward - I kinda suspected that you were making it a bit easier on us given that you had B2 & B3 take a hill and had B3 in the middle as opposed to on the flanks - but I wasn't bothered byt that because it was my first time as FTL and some of the guys in B3 had VON issues (one player couldn't speak on VON, another player couldn't hear me on VON but could hear others so Homercleese was relaying my instructions to him).

We got some engagements as we moved up the road (a couple of Technical and enemy infantry) and as we moved from cover to cover toward the Bravo RV I realised: "Oh hey - I've got GPS and don't have to look at the map constantly. Now what is the key for that..."
:siiigh: After I got the GPS up I found navigation a lot more easier.

As we bunched up on a house outside the village things got confusing, largely due to one of the FTLs (I think it was an FTL?) accidentally ending up in my squad. He crossed the road and started telling us (thinking that we were his FT) that we should be with him on that side of the road... ...so I told the team to hoof it on over and clear the houses (I kinda thought the BSL was down at this point - turns out he wasn't and B3 wasn't supposed to of crossed the road). Anyway we started moving through the village and eventually I got killed by enemy fire.

I'm quite sure there are many things I could improve on, but, overall I'm pleased that I managed to lead B3 in the right direction towards their deaths.

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