[Sun] 04 Aug 2013 (The Useless People)

How we died
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[Sun] 04 Aug 2013 (The Useless People)

Post by Ferrard Carson »

  • Cholo Episode 2
  • Whitewash
  • Radio Free Hazar
  • Fuel Raid
  • CHazarLO (Afterparty)
A beautiful, if oppressively hot day in Dallas, 42 faithful comrades attended the Sunday worship of Folk ARPS, services provided by beaucoups of boolets! It all began with a workshop of basic fire-and-movement applied to urban combat. Then we blacked out and awoke in a suburb of Zargabad.

We dusted off the cocaine powder from the previous night's wild orgy and settled in for a (sadly) sober round of Cholo Episode 2, in which IceRaiser proved that negative depression on a AAA site is indeed a valuable thing, before Headspace's UNPROFOR slayed the last OpForian in the station, letting the cowards in the construction site run free like birds. They made the hostage do the polka too, those monsters! Whitewash saw the rainfall run red with blood - a straightforward infantry push straight through the forest was met with minor resistance, primarily from Saiga-wielding landmines, and the city of Zelenogorsk was cleared with acceptable casualties (including the sanity of yours truly, the sole surviving member of Bravo). The choppers blew, taking with them all hopes of British extraction (and a fair bit of Charlie's command element)... and then came the Hinds. Radio Free Hazar saw SuperU and Kefirz pit wits against one another... only to have half the mansion defense eviscerated by long range DMR fire while a mini-gun armed chopper fired off all its bullets and then futilely attempted to ram the building. Turns out, Aziz strengthens his mansions with adamantium frames. It came down to Wires, his spotter, and his grenades. His pistol carried the day until a frighteningly effective last-man-standing proved why you never fight a single ninja and survive. Fuel Raid saw a sacrificial scout's dying breath enable Draakon to line 'em up and knock 'em down an unbelievable 9 times, and CHazarLO finished the night off in a flurry of blaring, coke filled rock concerts. Aww yeah, got the drugs back.

Once again, Comrade Barrow livestreamed our session, broadcasting to the world the beauty and rightness and utter class that is Folk ARPS.

Remember, on [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 - CiA and LDDK will be our honored (honoured?) guests.

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists. We also have a new YouTube channel that he manages so if you have any content you think should feature then let him know and he will sort you out, for more info check out this thread!; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by the comrade writing these words. Posts in these AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.

:clint: ~ Ferrard
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Re: [Sun] 04 August 2013 (The Useless People)

Post by dancemoox »

Cholo Episode 2 - Indie Alpha Medic, Fer ASL

I mounted up with Fer in A2 vodnik and we set out prematurely, too much singing from A2 FTL Kerfiz methink..

Once we hit the disembark point I stuck with ASL as A1 moved north of the road and A2 south towards the construction site. A1 lost two men to some hellish fire, I exchanged my FAL for a slightly used once dropped RPK, as I was doing that Fer made a mad dash across the open ground and I was left alone. With deaths all around Fer asked for a sitrep for all Alpha elements, I let him know I was still up at A1's old position and armed with an RPK I could give some distraction fire as other elements moved in. Given the green light I opened up on the precinct getting off two drums before taking a wounding shot, I moved back into cover to patch up before repeating the process on the opposite side of the building I'd been using as cover. This time after the first drum I was wounded more seriously. I made my way across the open towards the nearest friendly Audiox, who with a small bush for cover patched me up. I joined him for the assault on the Precinct itself. Making my way up the ladder to the first floor I patched up Phoenix a fellow PMC medic who Audiox had shot through the building, I moved through the level I was on clearing rooms and was behind Audiox on the ground floor when he went down, I returned fire towards the enemy and the mission ended.

Whitewash - Bravo 2 Technician Assistant Gunner - Ajax FTL, Bobero AR, Bones AT

Side note for Ajax, you need to look at your ingame VON, I heard nothing from you at all this mission apart from what you said on Teamspeak. The indication of who was speaking indicator thing didn't show up either. Just something to take a look at before leading a fireteam next time.

We were loaded into an unarmoured SUV with B1 in the armoured. Whenever we stopped I would jump out since the unarmoured SUV is a luxurious deathtrap, an idea that my FTL didn't seem to share as we drove around in it all the way up until Bravo Objective 1 where he drove at EI in the trees. Anyway more on that later I'm getting ahead of myself.

On one of the frequent stops I got out the SUV as we were under fire, grabbed a tree and returned fire, B1 rolled up in the non deathtrap SUV and gave the enemy contacts the 'what for' with the mini gun. Bones had also seen the wisdom of not sitting still with no cover, but sadly took a stray bullet moving to his selected tree. This is where the VON issue with FTL showed itself, I reported the death of Bones possibly six times with no reply or indication that the message had been received. I switched from group to vehicle once mounted back up and was finally given conformation of the message on TS. We were falling behind a little and drove towards our first objective with B1 in the non death waggon and us mounted in the death wagon. BSL and BM were running alongside us, at one point I jumped out of the moving SUV because I thought we'd clipped medic Carson, thankfully he was unhurt, as was I as our speed was so low. B2 FTL drove us right up to our objective where he and Bobero were wounded by EI swarming inside the treeline,

I jumped out before hitting the treeline and was able to kill the closest three before becoming wounded. Carson dragged me back from the trees with me saying 'there are men in the trees, bad men' his medicine got me on my feet again and I retook my position in the forest and cleared the immediate area. I killed the gunner on a mounted M240 down at the petrol station, I didn't have eyes on the L111A1 inside the bunker so moved left to the main body of Bravo, finding dead wounded and dying all around I jumped on the unmanned B1 minigun and gave the petrol station two long bursts with the 2000rpm setting, taking a wounding shot I decided to up my ROF to 4000rpm causing fuel tanks to burn down at the petrol station, Carson pulled me out before I was killed and patched me up again. By this point I was the only one alive in B2, reported that to BSL and joined the rush on the petrol station, I set my satchel charge on the Chinook and waited for the sanitise message when it popped up I waited for the area to be clear before blowing the first of three helicopters. Returning to the petrol station we were being engaged to the north west, I swapped out my G36C for a L85 SUSAT so I could see at range, I didn't live very long once contact shifted south into town.

In the end I had six confirmed kills one chinook and forty four civilian buildings.. Who knew there was a secret base under the petrol station that I destroyed with my satchel charge :confused:

Radio Free Hazar - Opfor Medic

Spawning in and hearing helicopter noise immediately I ran for the mansion and got myself on the DSHKM waiting for it to pass by, sadly it didn't fly by at that point. Insed I was treated to enemy forces sauntering out onto the rooftops of not too distant buildings, I let rip and they were rooftop dickers no more! This epic blast of fire was met with some incoming rounds, I dropped to the floor and waited, eventually Colonel Super U asked for a second burst and I obliged firing off the remaining belt and dropping down again as it reloaded. This brought more fire and wounded one of the guys further inside the building. This lead to the doors being closed and me being trapped out on the balcony waiting for the heli to make a pass. With the ZU-23 destroyed Draakon volunteered to man the DSHKM freeing me of the task, I had to open the doors from the outside to let him in. This was the start of lots of crawling around on the floor. People were wounded and I set to work patching them up. Colonel Super U took a round and I moved to save him, in the process I took bullets intended for our great leader, it was however not enough to save his life :cry:

The wounding I suffered may have caused some reality blurring to occur...

With the defenders being reduced in numbers and the enemy siege lines drawing up around the castle I set to my Maester duties healing up the brave defenders as best I could, all raven communication with the watch tower was soon cut and we feared the worst, I began to prepare the King in the North for burial within the crypts, first by retrieving his body to his solar and awaiting the arrival of the silent sisters. In the meantime my healing duties kept me busy a member of the household guard would be wounded by a crossbow bolt whilst manning the walls but this was nothing my training at Oldtown hadn't prepared me for. The attacking Lannister forces were ruthless even attempting to kill me, a humble Maester sent from the Citadel, in the end I was murdered tending to the wounded, seven above judge him for his sins!


Fuel Raid - Indfor Charlie Scout

I was the furthest east of the Charlie fireteam spread thin within the car graveyard. When I spotted the enemy moving in I reported the sighting, placed a marker and engaged guerrilla mode, firing and moving, firing and moving. I made it back to the next Charlie rifleman but was wounded as I broke engagement. Despite help being right next to me Draakon ordered me abandoned. With time to kill before my death I spent my time attempting to draw fire to no success, marking my position on the map as 'Moon Moon Grave' and finally reporting danger close contact with the enemy, the fools executed me rather than attempting to take me prisoner. Draakon knew right were to go and gave them what for, what for indeed!

CHazarLO (Afterparty) - I missed the police station with the bus we were going to ram it with by about twenty feet.. With the precinct a no go area due to satchels exploding I milled around out of the blast radius and spotted a cop northwest, shot at him but was outmatched.
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sun] 04 Aug 2013 (The Useless People)

Post by audiox »

The workshop was a mix of the ever useful bounding drills and some urban environment bounding with two fireteams.
Moving in urban environments can be somewhat tricky, since situational awareness is so easily messed up by walls and such. We made an attempt at moving down the street, and got ambushed by Ferrard and IceRaiser along the way.

Cholo Episode 2
Indie A1 FTL

Apparently party brainwashing has removed all memory of this one. Or maybe it was the free drugs.


Then it was time for Whitewash, a mission i've wanted to command for a while.

I've toyed with the idea of moving out eastward and try to spot the choppers from the radio tower. That was what i intended to do until i read the briefing, which said "move south on the road", and until i asked ferrard about weather and he said "monsoon". :psyduck:

That pretty much blew my original plan out of the water, so improvisation was needed. Driving through the first village has been a death trap before, so i didn't want to do that. Which caused me to introduce you all to the forest of not too much death. (Surprisingly enough!)
Alpha had to wait for a bit since Bravo and Charlie were engaged pretty much immediately upon starting their move southwards. B/C mopped them up nicely, and we could proceed.
The original Charlie overwatch point was useless, so we had to do something else. Meanwhile Alpha took light potshots from the village to the east whilst they were moving towards first objective.

Bravo and Charlie got to move to a new staging point whereafter C went south and B went west. Bravo got shot up bad in the forest, but decided, for some reason, to move ahead to the chopper by the gas station w/o waiting for A. Marks for suicidal bravery i guess. :jihad:
Charlie was, in the meantime, busy advancing on the second chopper, and managed to take the compound with it in pretty easily. Then they managed to blow themselves up with satchels pretty easily. Way to go! :laugh:

I then sent Alpha out west, desperately looking for a vantage point for the last chopper, but no dice there. Which meant we had to head into the city and slog our way through it. Amazingly enough we found the last chopper, and Alpha/Charlie moved slowly south to sanitize and blow it up.
Then we mounted up and got the hell out. At least those of us who didn't take a Mi-24 rocket salvo to the face..... :commissar:

General notes.
- SL's were slow to report ei/taking fire situations. I didn't explicitly state that i wanted to know right away, should i have to?
- Bravo went a bit gung ho with the chopper in sight. If there was a reason i never got to hear it.
- Alpha were given orders and counter-orders quite a lot. I know that's annoying, but the situation changed quite rapidly.

Other than that SL's did great. Thanks for the ride!
SL feedback would be much appreciated.

Radio Free Hazar
Russian ASL(Useless)

Useless team got to stay at Elena. Useless team seemed to die at Elena. Not much more to say.

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Re: [Sun] 04 Aug 2013 (The Useless People)

Post by Aqarius »

Recently returning from a southbound scouting trip, I am glad to report that the isles of Greece are blessed by a substantial number of goats, to provide the party with ample food, drinks, and entertainment during our coming redeployment. And in the game. Upon returning home, I was greeted by a 42 degree heatwave, and left unable to dive into the sea. And in the game.

Cholo Episode 2
We took the western vantage point, spotted an EI on the second story of the construction site, and on FTL's mark, my trusty FAL earned another notch. Not two seconds later, we were mowed down by AA fire. Funfact: the official nickname of the ZU-23-2 towed gun is apparently 'Sergei'.

Both WEP teams were assigned to Charlie for the first leg of the mission, skirting Sosnovka through the eastern woods. WEP1 lost their MMG in the first minutes, but the rest of the advance went along relatively smoothly. Until, that is, WEP2 was sent to support Bravo. The ill fated fireteam had taken cover in a small patch of trees overlooking the gas station, and found themselves under heavy fire from practically everything in said gas station, including but not limited to multiple gun emplacements. Wounded and patched up, we joined Bravo channel as the order was screamed to clear the gas station bunker. Grabbing a dropped Minimi, I let loose. With the station now cleared, Bravo, ever the glory squad, charged the crashed chopper. I grabbed my MAAWS, and we followed suit. Once there, we found ourselves under fire once again, and while Bravo cleared the chopper, I grabbed an L85 and proceeded to plink away at Zelenogorsk. By the time the chopper was blown, and the gas station properly secured, the only ones left were me and Carson, so we sauntered into the town with the rest of the task force. I believe we were the first to stumble onto the last chopper. Soon enough, the chopper went up in smoke, and we hitched a ride with Alpha's medic, IceRaiser. Dashing full tilt to Sosnovka, it dawned on us Sosnovka was still a hot zone, so we turned into the woods that saw us begin this undertaking. After all, there were two medics in the car, what could possibly happen?
Rockets. Rockets could happen, that's what.

Radio Free Hazar
Tagging along ASL, hopping from cover to cover, I was forcefully integrated with the scenery by ZU fire. Promptly followed by ASL. As I was wondering "where the hell did that come from", we were treated to a beautiful long range RPG shot taking out the ZU truck. The crew soon joined us in Valhalla, echoing my previous wonder. We spent the rest of the match watching INDFOR disable every antenna in the entire town. Perhaps next time we could rent some spectrum analyzers instead of that chopper?

Fuel Raid
After taking out the lone sentry, the entirety of Alpha and Bravo (CO included) dispersed into the car graveyard, and was was gunned down one by one in what was eerily reminiscent of a firefight I once had in STALKER. Except in STALKER I was the dude doing the shooting. Still, as this was my only death of the evening to a non-crew served weapon, I'll take what I can get.

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