[Tue] 06 Aug 2013 (Orthopedic Nightmares)

How we died
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[Tue] 06 Aug 2013 (Orthopedic Nightmares)

Post by Bodge »

Tonight we played:

  • Highway
  • Clergyman
  • Wideola
  • Big Fish
A nice player count for a tuesday at 40 odd. Thanks for the missions! People died in superb form.

Please put thoughts and reports below.

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Re: [Tue] 06 Aug 2013 - Orthopedic Nightmares

Post by Doofling »

Arma crashed, tried to reconnect, someone Joined in Progress and left me to spectate instead.

Waited as B1 FTL for Opfor in the north, got ordered to go south to respond to enemy sightings, got shot from our backs

As Bravo SL, got out of the heli and took a bullet to the face before my feet hit the ground

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Re: [Tue] 06 Aug 2013 - Orthopedic Nightmares

Post by dancemoox »

Highway - Bravo 2 FTL - Boberro AR, Greyeric AAR, Iceraiser AT

We set up in a compound right next to the road, my chosen building having steps and an archway to the roof, perfect I thought for shooting at the convoy as it headed south past us. The convoy passed us, myself an Boberro looking through the tiny square window, counting the BRDM-2s as they passed us we'd reached four by the time BSL Draakon changed his mantra from 'hold' to 'engage'. I ran up my stairs and let rip south with four well placed GP rounds, killing the crew and the EI that dismounted. Draakon ordered us to move south to mop up the remains, by the time we'd moved south of the gas station every enemy was more than very dead. Iceraiser began scavenging every RPG he could find, coming away from the death zone with four fresh rockets. We were ordered north back to our first positions to repel a new wave of armour, I could hardly contain Iceraiser and his RPG rage. Fresh BRDMs broke past the annoying blocking trees so I launched my last GP towards it, missing it completely, the BRDM broke east back into the trees, Ice launched his RPGs at the swarm of armour and then was out of rockets, he went back looking for more in the carnage south but was unable to locate any. He returned muttering about EBass and how medics don't need AT.. With some of the remaining convoy dead and us out of rockets Draakon ordered us to bug out and flee to the evac point. Myself, Grey and Boberro disengeged and moved south east, avoiding the contacts south down the main road. It took some ordering to get Iceraiser to abbandon his post and flee with us, something about RPGs and how the enemy armour was his by right.. B2 was the first element to make it to the evac point. We found no cake awaiting us sadly :cry:

Clergyman - Alpha 2 FTL - Tired Hippo AR, Iceraiser AT

Iceraiser still had some of the RPG blood lust going so we moved quickly in our deployment move, setting up at the Alpha hold north of the town. We waited for Bravo to start the attack, and we waited and waited and finally shots were fired and deaths and woundings were being announced by sidechat. A2 split from A1 at this point and moved within the red box of doom on the north western side, we could hear the enemy IFV moving nearby but were unable to spot it due to the fog coverage. Pushing the attack towards the town we made contact with the IFV moving north, Iceraiser missed with his RPG so I fired off two GP rounds onto the turret, killing someone inside. This action seemed to anger the enemy beast as it traversed towards me and let rip with its cannon, I was horribly wounded and began to crawl back north towards Tired Hippo who was killed by a second wild spray and prey burst from the IFV. I was patched up by the Alpha medic and with our friendly IFV coming to say hello to the enemy one we resumed our attack, I however wasn't able to participate for much longer as a sneaky enemy in the trees killed me and was instantly murdered by SL Super U :)

Wideola - Bluefor Mortarman - AkKind Assistant

We loaded up with Bravo for our insert after a bit of faff trying to secure two seats. We landed at the LZ and took fire, requesting orders from CO Super U we headed off to meet him leaving Bravo to it's LZ fight. Once we met up with Super CO we set up our tube on the tree line and awaited tasking, we remained in place as CO and Charlie FT moved further north, eventually we were called forward and set up again in a clearing 200m from the front line. As soon as we were set up we had our first tasking, three rounds into woods Alpha were assaulting, travel time was around 25 seconds and we apparently had good effect on target as Alpha were able to push beyond the trees in time. As a bonus I got to say 'rounds complete' and that makes me a happy Moon Moon :D

With the frontline moving slightly further forward we moved up again, taking up a position around the odd massive rocks south west of Zelno, they offered good cover from the east where Bravo were still fighting hard, we remained in place watching CAS runs and I found myself wishing Super would adopt the call sign Broadsword so when a CAS run was ordered he could say 'Broadsword calling Dannyboy' this amused me for a time and soon enough we were called upon for another salvo, three rounds HE fire when ready, another satisying 'rounds complete' followed by the sad news we were down to our last two rounds, they were soon sent sailing off towards the supermarket parking lot. With some sadness we abbandoned our mortar pit and regrouped with CO inside the devistated indistrial compound, this may have been our downfall however. We were tasked with reinforcing Charlie who were seveal hundred meters further north, setting off we made it to open ground between the two treelines, I broke into a full pelt run when without a shot being fired I was dead, as was my assistant and a large number of people who were around the CO compound area. There was no blast that killed me, unless it was an invisible silent ghostly one..

Big Fish - Jackal Driver - Dan Gunner

Dan had never been in a Jackal before, and will probably never go in one ever ever again.

We stood off on the edge of the airfield whilst Dan engaged targets with the main gun (ACOG M2 :D ) with apparent contacts clear we moved downslope ten or fifteen meters and were immediately engaged, I was lightly wounded but able to drive us back up slope onto the runway where Dan shot more and more and more people. Deciding we'd be sticking in position for a time I jumped out and took the commanders gun, finding myself wounded however I looked for the nearest medic. Spying the CO medic standing in the open next to MAT MMG compound I requested leave from Dan to go get the bullet removed from my body. He agreed and I ran over to him, asked nicely for some healing and was met with a blank lifeless stare, it dawned on me quickly he was an AI and my words were wind, with no controlling player nearby as far as I could tell I cut my losses and returned to the Jackal. As soon as I retook the drivers seat I spied Draith moving away from the MAT MMG compound taking his thrall AI in tow with him, with us still not moving anywhere I left to try and get some healing from Draith. When I reached Draith he got in a landrover and was unresponsive to my call for aid, I tried group, direct voice and eventually text but nothing was effective. When he exited the landrover and produced his sidearm I again decided to cut my losses and return to Dan. Once remounted we drove to our first clearance and hold objective, skirting the mines and engaged targets further down the road, we took intense fire and Dan was wounded, I backed us up and looked over to see if he was okay, he was very not okay, slumped over the gun rail covered in blood - decidedly dead. Continuing to back up I took another wounding shot, I was able to report Dans death and my own wounding before another round ended my life, annoyingly the Spec script kept me locked in game so I had to alt-f4 before I was able to change channels, to EBass saying 'need me to drag you out of there?' I simply responded, 'dead'. The broken spec script explained why so many people were loosing connection mid mission at least. Looks to be a good mission if bloody hard, next time I'm taking my chances on the ground Jackals don't have the armour required to keep me alive..

See you all on Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY!
ramming speed!

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