[Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

How we died
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[Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by fer »

  • Rook Valley SE (Part 1)
  • Rook Valley SE (Part 2)
  • Internecine II (Merkel Edition)
  • Finale XL
  • Cholo (after-party)
Wow. Just wow. :clint:

88 comrades from the revolutionary brigades of CiA, LDDK and FA took part in opening mission, Rook Valley SE (part 1), possibly setting some kind of session record for us! We were still at 69 going into Rook Valley SE (part 2) over 90 minutes later. By the time we entered the third mission, adversarial Internecine II (Merkel Edition), our numbers were still comfortably into the 40s. We even had around 27 comrades for a desperate attempt at Finale XL and a little after-party Cholo-ing!

The Party extends a huge thank you to our comrades from CiA and LDDK for helping to create a truly epic joint session (particularly those from LDDK who patiently coped with heavy losses when Goose 4 crashed), and to all FA comrades who attended. As session host I'd also like to extend a personal thanks to everyone for helping to make slotting/briefing phases very easy to manage, and to all involved in the pre-planning of the event itself. Big thanks to comrade Ferrard Carson, who adapted his mission Rook Valley for the session. As a community, I think we can be really proud that we were able to organise this event and successfully complete two lengthy combined arms missions (particularly the second Rook Valley, in which our opposition had far superior equipment).

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists. We also have a new YouTube channel that he manages so if you have any content you think should feature then let him know and he will sort you out, for more info check out this thread!; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.


Edit #1: Including comrade SuperU's first video from last night:

Edit #2: Posted a gallery of stills I took during part 1 of Rook Valley SE:

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Bodge »

Rook Valley (part 1)

So the plan was to have two strong elements pushing into the town from the NW and SW approaches to town with 2 CAS assets backing them up.

Alpha and Charlie were attacking from the WSW under my direction, with the Frogfoot overhead because of the longer valley. The CAS Mi8 would be covering Bravo and Juliet in the tighter confines of their valley under DC. The elements would touch down sequentially and secure the two LZs before beginning their sweep of their respective valleys holding a couple of hundred metres out from the town perimeter. A simultaneous assault from both teams would secure foothold in the town and allow for a controlled steady search for the cache in town. When the cache was located all elements would then extract near Chaman to the West of town.

In actuality the mission ran pretty close to the plan. Juliet's chopper incident was unfortunate but their element still made good progress towards the town, keeping pace with Alpha and Charlie's advance. The CAS assets did a sterling job of eliminating targets and assisting the infantry, transport pilots did a grand job of spotting targets as the assault took place notifying us of potential problems so they could be dealt with. There were quite a few losses and a bit of friendly fire in the confusion of the assault but nothing too untoward considering the potential problems with assaulting a built up area. The cache was found quickly and the extraction was fast and tidy for the most part.

A big thanks to my squad leads for nice clean comms, particularly Ferrard for dealing with the loss of his element lead and stepping up. Thanks to Draith and Tiger for providing excellent CAS.

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by tryteyker »

Quite an amazing session, and definitely a lot of fun. It's nice to have missions with higher player counts as they absolutely last longer and surely provide more fun, considering that there are more assets, and, in theory, people survive longer*.

Part 1 was a great experience as Weapons Team since we got to carry all the big bad stuff (a PKM and a portable Metis? well yeah), and coordinating with boberro was pretty cool. I only got 4 dudes in total (somebody got 29 ... what the hell, did you go close-close-quarters or something?), which I'd attribute to the fact that during the first half an hour or so of the mission I burned through 4 belts of PKM ammo (engaging two lagging UH-1Hs with a PKM isn't a fun thing to do at all) due to.. helicopters. On that note, the first UH-1H really rolled down into A1, A2 and A3 without anybody noticing. I kept watching it slowly slide down, slowly, very, very slowly. At first I notified Wolfenswan of that fact (I'm sure), but at the end I just got so focused watching it slide downhill, I didn't really care anymore. Well, up until the fact where it exploded and killed half of Alpha. Maybe I should really have told everybody more clearly..... Maybe.

Part 2 saw me team it up with Phoenix, who I totally comforted during Part 1 (if you crash your helo, everybody will spend 90+ minutes in Limbo, including you. Let that flow through your head), like, pumped him with extreme confidence and all that. He did reasonably well, that's why he got Goose 3 during Part 2 again. And here I sit, as his door gunner. It's a fun thing to do because you get to talk the pilot down and all that, navigate for him and stuff like that. But well, let's start off from the beginning. We have our minute(s) of silence for the red chain (you're not welcome here, get out), and then we kick it off by slowly but steadily flying towards LZ Opel (sewing-machine manufacturer LZ). I talk Phoenix down in a totally professional manner and all that, and we drop the CiA Squad off (Charlie). As we take off and orbit a bit, we have reports of an enemy sniper set up around Charlie's position, and I get ready to give him a few rounds of my machinegun, but apparently the Americans in Chak Chak didn't like that idea. An MMG / HMG set up in town melted my face right as I was about to fire. Thanks Phoenix for exposing me to Chak Chak :(

*Unless a UH-1H creeps up behind them and explodes in their face.

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by dancemoox »

I hope everyone enjoyed the workshop before the session, SL without CC blaring in one ear was almost peaceful :)

Rook Valley SE (Part 1) - Alpha 1 FTL - Pirateman AR, Pr3sario AAR, Elukka AT

As a fresh graduate of Party Approved Fireteam Leading Doctrine School #6 I was honored to be selected to lead Alpha 1, I hope the helicopter gravity incident did not impact too greatly on A1s enjoyment of the first mission, sadly the syllabus covering sliding helicopters was not one of my better subjects..

Once dismounted at LZ Atlanta and once over some amusing desync where my FT flew around the place at light speed (and I did the same for them) we gathered and proceeded to our assigned compound, the furthest east of Alpha. With EI and BRDM-2 contact incoming I had my AT Elukka ready himself, he fired out the front door scoring a good hit destroying the beast - after the brief engagement WEPS1 decided to take residence inside our building along with other ragtag members of Alpha. Feeling squeezed I requested permission to push out beyond our compound along the north side of the road taking the lead on the push into Chaman East this was granted by ASL Wolfenswan

An enemy flight of two UH-1 flew over head when we were advancing on WP Suburb, WEPS1 dealing with them leading to this incident:

Video kindly stolen from Comrade Pr3sario - go subscribe, go, do it now or else! :commissar:

Sadly Pr3sario and Pirateman bled out as help arrived, only myself and Elukka survived to push on further. We took to the north hillside engaging EI inside the buildings, I took direct fire from an SPG-9 on the south hill. Unable to spot the bloody thing I was only lightly wounded by the first strike, but knocked on my backside by the second, I crawled back to Elukka and was back on my feet again. With the push on Shukarkaly continuing we set up on the ridgeline and took out targets within the town enemy HMG was eliminated and all contacts without A1s range were down so I set to spotting targets further into town. As soon as I had my binos out I spotted the enemy ZU-23 parked on the far east of town, calling it to Wolfenswan a T-55 drove past it, a METIS each from WEPS1 dealt with them. I also spotted some reporter filth skulking around town, with minimal EI contacts I spent a moment or two playing the 'Spot Rolling Stone SuperU' Mini Game, the best part being when another Alpha element were engaged from the building he was in - but from a lower floor - his retreat inside was amusing.

Soon after the assault into Shukurkaly heated up, what remained of A1 bounded downhill to the first cover available to us, I took fire NE when sneaking a look around, loosing my legs in the process. With higher priority casualties the medic got to me eventually, A3 was down to low numbers and were ordered to join up with A1. The War and Weddings Videographer August may well have captured my 'join this element' dance, trying my best to signal who A1 FTL was to the replacements. With them attached we moved around the east side of the building, with friendlys on the other side I was shocked to see an alive enemy MG gunner inside the building, I dispatched him swiftly lest Wolfenswan die and me face the dreaded CC...

A1 moved north to clear the mosque interior eliminating resistance within when the objective was secured. The town was still hot however as Wolfenswan took shrapnel, thankfully he made it - I however was less fortunate. The new members of my Fireteam were taking contacts east in town, I looked out from the mosque walls spotted movement in the building, fired GP and popped back in. A return fire GP killed me, at least I lead most of A1 to the objective..

Total Infidels Killed: 5

Rook Valley SE (Part 2) - Alpha 1 FTL - Pirateman AR, Zenzos AAR, Inverselaw AT

For Pirateman this one was personal. Once on the deck at LZ Sokol we took the north side of the road with Bravo on the south, Juliet was somewhere but where I couldn't honestly say. Again A1 advanced first, forming the center A3 on the left A2 on the right. We advanced maybe 100m when I spotted the first EI, that threw out the hold fire instructions. Behind cover we eliminated the contacts and wheeled our advance north east, down in the small valley A3 had contact with EI - the slope of the hill and trees in the dip threw out visual that we had but seeing where tracers were going I fired down a GP and the contact was called.

Suddenly fear gripped me, two enemy Blackhawks were flying overhead, we spread out and opened up, thankfully they didn't land on A1. Our encounter with enemy helicopters wasn't over however, I spotted a littlebird in the distance, it was shot down quickly but not before it killed one of WEPS1.

We orientated south east for an attack on the first village, providing a base of fire for A3 as they began to advance down the slope. ASL Wolfenswan changed the orders and we were soon pushing beyond A3 bounding down to the north end of the village, with the compound clear and orders to hold for now I went up onto the roof where I first heard then spotted the incoming Bradley WEPS1 were again on the ball again and it was soon popcorning nicely. Enemy infantry were milling around to the east, I had my AR engage the targets and dropped a few GP into the group - I was very pleased with the accuracy I got with the first round. Tanks started becoming an issue, WEPS and CAS runs dealt with them without any casualties to A1.

With ammo becoming a serious problem I gave orders for my guys to requip with whatever they could scavenge from the EI we'd killed in the depression. I stuck with my AK and what few GP rounds I had remaining, more tank issues presented themselves, Inverselaw scoring a good hit on a M1A1 that refused to cook off to begin with, some AT overkill then happened and it was toasted. We then pushed up to the road leading into Chak Chak from the north, A1 leading the way on the road with A2 and A3 to the side. We advanced as far as some disabled M240 HUMVEES.

Seeing movement within the town I bino'd down into the town seeing not Americans but an armed peasant rabble army. Reporting this to ASL and given the green light to open up, I jumped into the gunner of the HUMVEE and let rip with the first 100 rounds, getting out as it reloaded. As I got out Wolfenswan was shouting at me for being inside when an AAR would do just the same with less leadership loss if the worst should happen. At that moment an RPG hit the HUMVEE, I pulled back 10m and engaged what targets I could see in town, I did however see Wolfenswan jump into the same gunners position I had, sometimes the lure of the M240 is too great ;)

A1 was ordered to assault the town whilst the rest of Alpha provided covering fire, with my orders being simply 'the nearest compound' I elected to assault the west of the roadside buildings. We cleared the initial buildings eliminating some more EI. ASL passed down new orders that we were to move to the east side and secure the compound there, but to wait until other Alpha elements were in place. With very little AK ammo remaining I grabbed a L110A1 off a recent recipient of freedom and got A1 moving again. The next compound was clear aside from one guy, who took an unnecessary long burst to the guts from me. We secured the compound and waited further tasking, I apprised A1 of the unarmed civilians and ensured they wouldn't war crime them, or the ambulance next to them. Something big and explosive then hit A2 killing all but that AT guy, I have no idea what the hell it was - all I know is it was loud and fireball shaped. Wolfenswan ordered the A2 survivor to join up with me, we took contact south east and one wounded (who was quickly healed) in the final moments before the mission ended. Its nice to lead a fireteam that doesn't die horribly :dance:

Total Infidels Killed: 6

Internecine II (Merkel Edition) - Opfor MMG Assistant - Kale Gunner

Kale and I setup on the NE hill, with limited view into the town but pressing deaths from our second squad we set up and I began to use my laser marker range gamma emitter 1000x vision box of doom to spot targets in town. This excellent spotting eliminated the enemy CO Super U but didn't help our attacking forces too much, with the attack failing I began my run in, sadly the mission ended before the last moment Moon Moon turnaround assault could be effective..

Finale XL - MAT Gunner - Wilson Assistant / SPG-9 Gunner

"Hold the Line" our orders from CO SuperU. Wilson made two trips to get the SPG-9 set up, the first wave of tanks were soon on us, I fired three AT and hit two tanks, one cooking off nicely. Wilson was firing the SPG-9 for all it was worth, with the tanks now obscured by trees I used the enemy incoming tracers / death bullets to fire another rocket before shooting at some crewmen milling around by a disabled T-55. Wilson was hit badly on the SPG-9 so I dragged him back to the M*A*S*H two feet downslope and patched him up, brave Comrade Draakon jumped onto the SPG and gave his live so others might live. With Wilsons insides now held in with all the sellotape I had on with me he got on the SPG again and we were doing our best to kill tanks. I fired my last rocket as Wilson was killed, I tried to drag him off the gun but his insides and the sellotape had gummed up the workings of the bloody thing and I was unable to remove him or man the gun, I switched on CC to tell SuperU the bad news, moments before I hit the transmit button I was killed by a tank round.

Cholo (after-party) - Police Commissar Chief his Excellency Officer in charge Moon Moon

I took up a position inside the construction site, leaving the precinct in the capable hands of WPC Carson and Deputy Chief Awaits. I opened up on a pickup as it stopped, killing one and hopefully at least wounding the other who got out, relocating I ran into some lowlife in the dark confines of the building site. I fired two blasts into him killing him but not before he wounded me. With no medical help available I crawled outside setting myself up in a cordoned off area outside to the north west. There I thought I would die quickly but my love of police work and the paperwork that goes hand in hand gave me the strenght to continue for a time. Through my hazy blood loss vision I spied another miscreant by the fence, I dispatched him quickly. Smoke began to billow out beyond his corpse, a third man was alive I killed him with the last of my strength ..

Truly cracking session we have to do it again sometime :D
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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Crocuta »

I don't think I've ever seen so many lives taken by crashing enemy helicopters.

Rook Valley SE (Part 1): A3 FTL. My game completely froze a little while into the mission. I rejoin, run to my team - "what did I miss?" Everyone is huddled around the burning wreck of a helicopter. A little later I was trying, and failing, to describe the location of a distant enemy SPG. It fires, and I don't see the round move at all. Brain ticks away... "that means it's.....shit". I died soon later under mysterious circumstances. Gaius was pretty happy about that. He was itching to take a lead role from the beginning.

Rook Valley SE (Part 2): A3 FTL. I wasn't expecting the trek to the AO to be as much fun as it was. Great stuff. We lost our AR to a crashing blackhawk. Issus stepped up as AR and I spent most of the time around Chak Chak describing targets. It's something that I'd like to improve at (so I'm going to try and take more MMG assistant roles).

A quick, interesting thing about firing the RPG at aerial targets: I haven't tried it in Arma, but IIRC the Mujahideen used them like that against Soviet helicopters. Because they detonate just before 1km, they make an effective air burst if ranged properly. (Not that we should have used them like that. Those tanks really take a beating.)

Internecine II (Merkel Edition): Indfor Bravo Rifleman. Originally meant to be defending the East of town, we were exiled NE to peck away at Opfor's advance. I was in a bush, a bit off to the side of the rest of Bravo - paranoid that we were being flanked, when a well placed grenade left me as the only remaining member. I managed to take a few down with me as they converged on our position, and they turned out to be CiA. SuperU was right, it would have been nice to mingle with everyone else a bit more.

Finale XL: Delta RPG. I think I made a tank giggle a little bit by hitting it with a few rounds at ~25m.

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Pr3sario »

Rook Valley SE (Part 1)

dancemoox, Pirateman, Pr3sario, Elukka

Unfortuntely due to other things happening last night I could only come along for one mission. Unfortunately for me it didn't last as long as it could have. First off, hello to Pirateman and Elukka, first time serving with you guys and it was fun! Dancemoox, its been a while since I have sat in your FT, and may I say I see vast improvements.

Now onto the mission itself. Slotting was done incredibly quickly given the number of people that were in the session. I think we topped out and had to start turning people away? Once on the ground Alpha 1 was making progress as the point team for Alpha, clearing buildings and eventually reaching our marker. Things got a little busy in the two bedroom house as *Alpha 3* joined us? Gaius annoucing his arrival by bringing a whole FT up to our position. We decided rather than most of Alpha hanging out in one house (disaster waiting to happen) we would move up a little further. Little did I know that would be my demise...

Can we add a flaming heli emoticon to the forums please? I think most of alpha could make use of it... :D
dancemoox wrote:

Video kindly stolen from Comrade Pr3sario - go subscribe, go, do it now or else! :commissar:
I cut out a lot of expletives of this one! :roll:
I make videos starring you lot. To see yourself live or die just click here

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Draakon »

Goose 2 pilot here.

For the most part, I'd say what I did would had been boring for most people. Although I am not complaining myself, because if a role needs to be taken that might not see that much activity, then I am not the person to complain and would gladly take the role because there are instances in our normal sessions where I see plenty of action anyway. I'm also sorry for Sek and Terminal_Boy for not seeing much action themselves. I might have been too cautious and didn't fly that much in the first part of the session, not doing any active recon and such. Although orders were to fly off and wait for further orders.

During part 1 however, it seems that an enemy Ka-60 decided to fly over me and Sek as we were due North of the AO, landed at the town of Kushab (I belive) and just being AFK for the most part. It seems that the enemy chopper managed to damage us a bit and then...crashed. At least that's what we though happened, because we didn't directly see what happened. I was alt tabbed out. We did see the ka-60 wreckage nearby. Also, due do desync, I think Sek died or something when switching between the gunnery positions.

Part 2 saw a bit more action, as I decided to actively fly behind the front lines and see the action from above. Terminal_boy died very early in the mission from enemy armored column fire that approached Bravo. It was both terrifying and fun seeing friendly forces move around like ants and be crushed at the same time by the giant tanks. Chak Chak needs more active AA measures I think, because from what I saw, Rook flew in and out like nobody's business and theoretically, I could had flown even more closer to the town at higher altitudes because the enemy HMGs (that are 2nd dangerous weapons to choppers) was too much concentrated on our ground troops.

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by fer »

Draakon wrote:Goose 2 pilot here. .... For the most part, I'd say what I did would had been boring for most people. Although I am not complaining myself, because if a role needs to be taken that might not see that much activity, then I am not the person to complain and would gladly take the role because there are instances in our normal sessions where I see plenty of action anyway.
I should have put this in the OP, but huge thanks to all transport helo pilots - it's a tough role for humans to play in a very long mission, but hugely beneficial to the wider platoon both in terms of movement/extraction options and immersion. Thank you for flying the air cows all evening, even when the enemy was throwing munitions in your direction!


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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by head »

Was really fun guys.

You can watch the entire thing over here >> http://www.twitch.tv/headswe/b/444271586

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Terminal Boy »

Rook Valley Part 1.

Goose 3 Crew Chief/Gunner - Pilot : Phoenix

It was all going so nicely and then a Fat Fingers/Action Menu moment saw me moving from the Co-Pilot's seat into the sky instead of the Crew Chiefs seat'.
Alas, Wings, 1 pair, angels for the use of had not been issued by the FA QM before mission start.

As I've heard this happened to Sek as well, I'm suspecting this down to de-sync and the Action menu resulting in Unexpected Consequences.

Rook Valley Part 2.

Goose 2 Crew Chief/Gunner - Pilot : Draakon

I lived long enough to see some action this time. Fairly quiet to start with and then the radar began to fill up with red squares.

I got to shoot at Blackhawks. I shot at a tank. The tank shot back at me. The tank won.


INDFOR/DEFENDFOR Alpha 1 Rifleman. FTL: Awaitz, R/M: Boberro & Aquarius

We set up in a tiny house to the North of Shukuralay and just got the kettle on before being ordered to a better ambush/over watch location where SuperU expected our sworn enemies might set up one of their MMGs.

We got into position just in time for the enemy to show up in a fetching blue van and an ugly brown truck. Lots of shooting and being shot occurred. MP5's have more range than I expected. After halting their enemies initial rush, we pushed forward to a low stone wall which probably saved us all. We all got to take turns playing medic and I doubt we had more than a gallon of blood between us at the end. We must have repulsed the enemy on all fronts, as we got the Victory message as we moved South East to see if we could link up with Bravo.

The score board showed zero kills for me, so I'd like to think that my shooting over 200 rounds wildly in their general direction scared the enemy into my comrades bullets.


Alpha AAR. FTL: Phoenix, AR: Boberro, AT: Pirateman.

Moving out of the nice safe compound to huddle behind a very flimsy looking wall, we were surprised to find some locals had decided to help us defend our chosen FP. We were more surprised when the locals started shooting at the enemy tanks as they rolled in. By "surprised", I of course mean "angry and terrified".

Lots of AT and MMG rounds whizzed around, but the tanks kept coming. We were about to fall black when our AT chap Pirateman was hit and the FTL gave first aid while I covered them somewhat optimistically with my ageing Belgian bangstick..

Again, we were just about to find a more tank-resistant position to defend when the FTL got hit. The smart thing to have done was to attempt to drag him to safety before breaking out the Band-Aids. What I actually did was fail around in my gear menu for a smoke grenade that I wasn't issued and then started giving first aid right in the middle of the beaten zone of a tank MG.

I looked up from a groaning Phoenix just in time to see the nearest T-72 slew its turret around so that I was looking straight down the bore of its main gun.
Re-incarnation is very snappy these days as I saw the muzzle flash and was a seagull 5 seconds later..

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