[Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

How we died
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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Nothun »

First of all. Thanks for the great session!
Although i was only there for the first mission it was awesome having such a great joint ops. I had some serious FPS issues (hence having trouble figuring stuff out), turning graphics down didn't help at all.
fer wrote:it's a tough role for humans to play in a very long mission
I like being in support positons (Pilot, crew, medic...) and will keep filling in those slots in the future. I want to try a pilot position, if there is enough trust on FA side of course. (Workshop for Pilots? :oops: )

On to my AAR! :D :D

Goose 1
Pilot -Zitron
Crew Chief - Nothun

Although being in a position where 1. you get shot or 2. chopper crashes, I made it through the mission without a scratch. (Number 2 applied)
After dropping of our Fireteams, we moved away from the Battlefield to await further orders. Then we decided to move in and support the ground forces with covering fire and spotting. just as we came close to Alphas position, desync kicked in and dropped the chopper out of the sky. It landed firmly on the ground.
I thought Zitron got shot and hopped out to check on him, but all of the sudden the server was syncing again, and the chopper was happily flying away from me... :o
Called out to Zitron to pick me up again, he in turn was confused as how the f i got out of the chopper in the first place. :confused:
Back in the chopper we went on scouting runs and providing fire support around the town, me marking E.I. and the like. ( This caused me to stay in command chat... sorry :suicide: )

We took some hits, but nothing serious and took up a good spotting position on the south side of the town. All of a sudden MG bullets ripped our engine to shreds, but thanks to Zitrons flying skills, we managed to reach the ground safely.
At this point I was confused and calling out Hostiles to Zitron and asking him to (please) retreat. I did all of that on Command Chat :bang: .
It didn't take long for Zitron to catch a bullet, and I was ordered into the valley to meet up with friendly's. Victory Fire commenced shortly after, but it was bittersweet, as we lost a good pilot.

Those action packed minutes described above also in my Vid.:

"We all make mistakes, just none as grave as yours" -Spitnam after a Blue on Blue


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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by fer »

Comrade Nothun, those rockets overhead in your video here: http://youtu.be/echv5rRF6uM?t=12m50s - I believe that's comrade Tigershark's Pigeon 1, following by comrade Draith in Rook. Cool footage! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by dancemoox »

tryteyker wrote:...On that note, the first UH-1H really rolled down into A1, A2 and A3 without anybody noticing. I kept watching it slowly slide down, slowly, very, very slowly. At first I notified Wolfenswan of that fact (I'm sure), but at the end I just got so focused watching it slide downhill, I didn't really care anymore. Well, up until the fact where it exploded and killed half of Alpha. Maybe I should really have told everybody more clearly..... Maybe.
You should have spoken up louder and clearer and the casualties could have been avoided. I lost two good men to that bloody Huey! :argh:

From my view the helicopter was up the hill sitting doing nothing, when Pr3sario reported it moving down the hill I had conflicting information, a 50/50 chance my view was in sync so I held in place. With other information from your overwatch position I could have seen it was me that was out of sync and done something about it.
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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by audiox »

Great session. Too bad about the deadly sync-issues some experienced. Now when are we doing a 44 vs 44 adversarial?

Rook Valley Part 1.
Bravo 3 FTL - Willem | Issus | Aquarius

Don't move in the beginning they said. It was kind of tricky to pull off with a TrackIR on, but i didn't crash the server. YAY. :dance:
Bravo 3 was tasked to stay closest to the road heading south. That lost its significance before too long, but anyways. Watching Juliet's chopper get the jitters on landing was quite nerve-wracking, and the result wasn't pretty.
Whilst moving southwards we were told to move west up the hill to support Bravo 1. That was the only part of RV1 that seemed unsatisfactory. We ran up the hill, i had no idea towards what, and the threat was neutralized by the time we reached the top of it. Pretty boring, so luckily for us a technical swerved past us when we moved back down to the road. We got rid of it, and moved like ninjas through the forest. Once we got within binoc-distance of the village it became clear that there were a lot of EI present. Luckily for us, Juliet had commandeered a technical and decided to alert the entire village to our presence by driving it down the open road. :jihad:
Bravo 3 hunkered down, took some potshots at distant enemies, and missed an order to bound ahead of Bravos 1 and 2. When we finally managed to leg it to Bravo 2's? position we got hit in the face by a grenade round. Willem and Aquarius was wounded and me and Issus continued running to the first house in the village proper we could get to. We waited there whilst W & A got patched up, and cleared the house just as W & A rejoined us.

Then the fun part started! :dance:
So now our objective was to locate a cache of stuff that goes boom. Which meant house to house movement and clearing during night-time. That this favors human players shall be noted by the fact that i survived... :eng101: But it was great fun.
It was the first time i ever felt that i had at least -partly- control over movement in an urban environment, and tasking for the two fireteam-elements worked pretty well. We went to the north side of the road so that we could clear out the three story buildings there first, since it might have turned really ugly otherwise. It also gave us good control over the eastern approach to Bravo's clearing operation. Willem and Issus went to town on their designated buildings, and me and Aquarius managed to survive moving through ours. Then some potshots were thrown out towards the east and we had to lay low due to some return fire from an unknown location.
Then somebody found the cache, and we cleared out. Nothing further of note but the object lesson in "let's all cram into this compound and wait for an enemy to send a GP-round our way". Those are -always- fun! :hist101:

Good comms with my fireteam, good comms with BSL, who also had to play DC.

Other than that its worth noting that the EI is dumb as bricks at night. Its kind of annoying really. Of course, i guess i deserve to play some missions wherein which i survive, but when it becomes so situationally unaware as it seems to be at night it feels kind of cheap.

Rook Valley Part 2.
Bravo 3 FTL - Bandzai | Syn | Aquarius

Dumb as a brick the AI may be, but that is why you send three abrams and a bradley against exposed fireteams w/o proper AT set up. :suicide:
Apparently the rest of my fireteam survived. I'd love to know how.

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Psykoisi »


Part 1.

We took off from the airfield and travelled what seemed a routine flight towards our LZ. When the chopper started to land it seemed to me and most of the passengers that the chopper crashed in the middle of the road and we were upside down. At this point I ordered all to eject, but the eject unfortunately did not work and the chopper raised upside down to about 50 metres and THEN the eject worked and so 2/3:s of us plummeted to our deaths. Unfortunate lag spike... Apparently the chopper did no such thing and was flying normally all the time...
Juliet was 6 man strong after that and tagged along with Bravo. Of those 6 men, 4 died in FF leaving two heroic Finns to retreat like hell when the mission was accomplished.


- Big games are fun but they tend to bring big game problems. FF and lag spikes. Such is the way of Bohemias games and has always been. We hold no grudge in dying. :D

Part 2.

I was having some trouble in hearing the TS in this round for some reason.
We managed to land in this part and started to make our way towards our objectives. Other parties had apparently been playing the map before and we were left behind a bit from alpha and bravo. After fighting off couple of enemy helos we crossed a ridge and were halfway down the hill when enemy tank platoon crashed through what was supposed to be Alphas battleline. Having only one rpg and no fireteam we took cover where we could and took one KIA from the tanks. After the friendly airforce took out most of the tanks we maneuvered to Alphas position to take a peek what was behind the ridge. Unfortunately there was also an enemy sniper there who I practically stepped on and was blown away. After this the Juliet teams met up in the north and assaulted the enemy town capturing the command post and retrieving the documents.


- Some heavy vehicle formations were thrown against our meager infantry platoons which had no ground vehicle support. Without airforce the mission would have been a disaster and even now the casualties were high with the ground favoring vehicles over infantry and the absence of heavy weapons teams made it hard to take out even single MBT.

Thanks for having us and we are happy to take part in another mission at some point. We will most likely be inviting you guys to try out something we will cook up in the fall too.
Senior Lieutenant Psykoisi - Detachment CO
LDD Kyllikki

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by SuperU »

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Aqarius »

Rook valley 1
As is tradition before all major undertakings, the 31 Shturmovaya Rota engaged in the "Sit-still Drill", in hopes of warding off bad mojo. Our spirits bolstered, we flew off into action. Landing north of Shukurkalay, Bravo, Juliet, and WEP2 would attack through Hazar Darakht, while the rest of the force advanced from Chaman. Bravo touched down rather smoothly and secured the LZ. Juliet, however, had a substantially rougher landing. We were soon joined by the engineer team,and after a few sporadic encounters, about 10 mags sunk into a couple of technicals, and a truly breathtaking sight of an Mi-8 hauling ass over the ridgeline chased by some rather angry AAA (Arma can pull some beautiful skyboxes), we found ourselves at the outskirts of Shukurkalay. We lay in the bushes, listening to some very worrying GP fire and waiting for the go order. The order came in the form of a technical barreling down the road, followed by a "whatever, open fire". Soon enough, we were rushing headlong towards the first houses. Issus and audiox got through, but as Willem and I reached the first house, the huddled mass of infantry behind it was shaken by a GP blast. Willem was crawling, but luckily I got off with just a concussion, so we regrouped after the customary first aid patdown. We advanced into the chaos, clearing the north side and searching for the weapons cache. Once someone tripped over it, the charges were set, and we were to evacuate westward. A small compound on the outskirts was chosen as the RV, and was soon filled to bursting with friendlies. About this time, we started receiving heavy GP fire from the hills. Crawling into whatever cover we had, we took potshots at the hills until the chopper was ready for liftoff.

Rook valley 2
With solid proof of western interference, the 31 Shturmovaya Rota was tasked with storming Chak-Chak. We performed the "Sit-still Drill" and made our approach from the west. B3, in a slightly altered composition, made contact and took out an enemy spotter. Moving forward to the ridgeline, we spotted an armed humvee heading our way, being overtaken by a couple of blackhawks. The entirety of Bravo opened up, dropping them within seconds. Squarely on Bravo lead. In the ensuing chaos, audiox pulled us back, I pulled my RPG, and the chatter was suddenly flooded with the word "tank". The Humvee crests, is blown up, I load another rocket and turn to see an entire Abrams platoon running over my FTL. I somehow managed to miss four huge metal boxes rolling 10m away from me, and hit the ground as CAS dropped fireworks on us. Wounded and devoid of AT, the remains of Bravo regrouped and advanced, just in time to see Juliet take the objective.

Internecine ME
Tasked as scouts, Alpha rushed north hoping to spot the enemy advance. The team hit a pile of rocks, while I somehow got lost and ended up the woods some 50m away. As soon as we ducked, the enemy appeared, a full truck disembarking in the valley, and a fetching light blue Volkswagen van almost running me over, unloading two EI. Some gunfire later, the enemy backed off towards the town, the rest of alpha pursued, and I lagged behind after not getting the MMG (turns out the van was CO and medic). Before I could catch up, Alpha was pinned down, but seemed to be managing, so I figured I'd try and flank. Took more time than I expected, but the trusty German steel pulled through. I raided the enemy for ammo, but before we could press the flank, the mission was called.

Btw, who won?

Cholo V2
Got into the car with CO. Then he turned on the headlights and the cops took notice. Dead before I hit the ground....

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Tigershark »

fer wrote:Comrade Nothun, those rockets overhead in your video here: http://youtu.be/echv5rRF6uM?t=12m50s - I believe that's comrade Tigershark's Pigeon 1, following by comrade Draith in Rook. Cool footage! Thanks for sharing.
Indeed they were. I was engaging the infantry who downed you but thanks for lighting me up in a show of gratitude :D
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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by fer »

Posted a gallery of stills I took during part 1 of Rook Valley SE:

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Re: [Sun] 11 Aug 2013 (Joint session: CiA & LDDK)

Post by Draith »

View from the Su-25 (Rook) for Rook Valley Pt2.

Annoyingly I didn't get much footage from this session because of a problem I was having with FRAPS. I had lots of fun flying the Su-25, lots of amazing views of all you brave comrades running around between American tank groups, with a Takistani vista in the background. Thanks to Headspace and SuperU for being excellent FACs in these missions.

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