[Sun] 18 Aug 2013 (Knifefighting Shilkas)

How we died
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[Sun] 18 Aug 2013 (Knifefighting Shilkas)

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Rumble for Sakhe
Goose Chase
Fuel Utopia
Shapur Raiders
Lights Out

Up to 45 comrades faced the enemy today, dying in a graceful manner throughout all major maps ARMA 2 CO has to offer. We fought in Takistan as the British (and died) in Rumble for Sakhe, chased each other around Chernarus (and died) in Goose Chase and thundered across the desert to liberate fuel reserves (and died) in Fuel Utopia.

And as we hadn't died enough quite yet, we decided to take on an armored convoy coming through Shapur in Shapur Raiders, staring down angry Hinds. As Bodge is able to attest: it does not work quite well. We finished with an old mission and took on Shilkas in Elektrozadovsk in Lights Out. Being disciplined and organized as we are, we approached our target like the Spetsnatz in-game. Minor set backs were experienced when the satchels provided by Uncle Vlad turned out to be poorly home-made. On the up-side we now know that you should always bring a RPG to a knife-fight with a Shilka.

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Re: [Sun] 18 Aug 2013 - Knifefighting Shilkas

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Rumble for Sakhe - Alpha 3 FTL - Boberro AR Inverslaw AAR Croc AT

We set up in a squad line at point 5A, A3 stuck squeezed between A2 and Bravo with nowhere to go. We made the best of it and set up, our orders were to kill the ZU emplacement and the other targets on its elevation. I relayed targets to my AR and we opened up, the ZU was down quickly and we took a little fire from EI armed with MMG, that was dealt with and we shifted fire down onto the roadside, I lobbed a GP down and it landed near enough were I wanted it to go, once I reloaded we were charging down the hill towards the ZU. I lost a man, wounded to fire on the way down, he was helped up by another element as A3 set up around the ZU emplacement. ASL Tigershark was dead as was A1 FTL so A2 FTL Carson took charge, I reported targets south and set to spotting for my AR bringing fire onto the enemy. We were ordered to keep the south EI busy as the rest of Alpha swung past us to the north. The last orders I heard from Carson were to regroup with Alpha, I moved my fireteam towards some alpha elements I could find, Iceraiser informed me Carson was dead so I jumped onto CC and let CO Fer know I'd taken over Alpha. Apparently my line to Fer was from the 1920s as I couldn't hear him at all, seeing it as folly to keep asking for him to repeat messages I ordered Ice onto CC to act as my RTO. MMG attached to Alpha was dead along with most of Alpha, I ordered a regroup at CO last known, making it with just two of my A3 guys. I took a quick look down into the valley at the objective and took fire to my face, despite being first aided immediately I bled out leaving Alpha to Iceraiser..

Goose Chase - Opfor Alpha 1 AR - Iceraiser FTL Terminal_Boy AAR Dan Grenadier Issus Rifleman

Engage running simulator 2013! We headed towards Stary Sobor to get some transport for A1 and the hostages with us. Cleared hot on the little bird if the opportunity presented itself I was happy to engage it as it made a low pass over us in the forest. Dispatched along with Termianl_Boy with some confusion (on my part) from the barn south of Novy in a car we'd commandeered with orders from Ice to secure more transport at Stary Sobor and return. I found the vehicle to be lacking in communication facilities, resorting to using TS to give directions to the driver. We made it through Novy without taking contact and drove right up to the enemy Blackhawk that had landed by the roadside in Stary Sobor. Yelling "STOP TERMINAL STOP" I jumped out on the same side as the enemy helicopter and opened up on the cockpit, the side gunner let rip as she took off, I was full of bullets and very dead.

Fuel Utopia - Opfor Bravo Medic

I was driving BSL across the dusty expanse at some speed I might add, I didn't see the tiny rock we hit due to the low visibility. Thankfully I was able to flag down Waffly for a lift and we were moving again. I made it to the oil well and was moving towards the town when Draakon shot me from within the haze, I never saw him and I don't think I was the only one. Bit of a disaster for Opfor..

Shapur Raiders - MMG Assistant / DHSKM Technical Gunner - awaitz MMG Gunner Technical Driver

Moon Moon 1 - Hind 0

Lights Out - CO Medic

GO Go silenced Bizon! I followed the great and powerful SuperU through the woods, saved him from walking out into an enemy patrol on the way to the power station. Healed up a few comrades around the power station, ladder safety and training is everyone's concern people. I moved to a 'safe distance' from the power station to watch the fireworks and was hit along with Super and Guss with bits of power station, thankfully I was only lightly bludgeoned by building bits so I picked up Super and Guss and the rest of the wounded around me. I moved into town with CO and took a look at the BRDM-2 HQ and had a nice view of the incoming friendly RPG, I shot the crewman that bailed out and picked up Guss again. I also patched up a few comrades that had been close to the first Shilka destroyed, before moving with the advance towards the next Shilka. Told by Iceraiser that I was needed back at the church to heal up someone I dashed back finding nobody friendly around. I hesitated for a moment seeing someone armed with a M4, they blinded me with the torch and fired. I went down and further confusion happened, I killed my would be murderer and eventually Iceraiser showed up to dig out the bullets with his bayonet, I couldn't take the blood loss or lack of Ice medical training and promptly died. I'm told he did retrieve all the bullets from my corpse..
ramming speed!

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