[Tue] 20 Aug 2013 (In honor of Wilson)

How we died
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[Tue] 20 Aug 2013 (In honor of Wilson)

Post by IceRaiser »

  • Amphibious Attack - Waffly Platoon tried to secure the gold, taking out the Shilka and the Radio tower. The barrage of Iskanders removed any traces of failure gold. :commissar:
  • Cacheola - (Requested by Wilson) Despite the insurgents turning Zarga to IED Central, BluFor managed to kill them all (and also destroy a cache or two).
  • Swept LE - (Since we like killing eachother so much) Tink(OpFor) and Waffly(Indie) were the lone survivors. That's a draw, right?
  • Holy Stones - SuperÜ VS Moon Moon. SuperÜ won (once more)!
  • Cholo after-party
Peaking at 34 comrades, we managed to actually have a bit of fun!

This session was dedicated to Comrade Wilson, who's leaving us.

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Re: [Tue] 20 Aug 2013 (In honor of Wilson)

Post by dancemoox »

Amphibious Attack - Bravo 3 FRL - IceRaiser AR Tink AT

Bravo 3 ran around like headless chickens, we moved with B1 to eliminate lighthouse contacts then wheeled up to the radio station. It was clear when we got up to it and I had Ice place a satchel charge. Eventually Alpha departed and Ice was clear to blow the charge. We then reassembled at the top of the hill and I set myself looking down into the valley. On the airfield I could see one of the Shilkas ready and waiting to murder us when we moved off the hill. I set Tink the task of killing it, this was eventually achieved with the assistance of IceRaiser going RPG shopping and hiding them in a stash. I lost Ice to some enemy fire between Bravo and Alpha, I killed the AI that killed him and then my computer engaged 'potato mode' freezing completely with me in place. Half expecting to be dead when it remembered it wasn't a vegetable I let BSL know it'd be a moment or two. Somehow I lived and regrouped with Bravo on the hill who were killing things towards around and on the airfield. We'd taken lots of casualties and a pull back towards the coast was ordered. Not being actively engaged I moved B3 down moving from tree to tree eventually getting to the new RV. Tink spotted a badly damaged Bradley and we played the 'I can't see it' game until the rest of Bravo caught up with us. When we moved further south we took more casualties. I patched up someone behind a rock and Tink went down. Leaving the relative safety of my rock I made it to him in time to get him mobile again. By this point I was the only FTL in Bravo still up so I switched CC on to report to CO I'd taken charge, CO was down in the jumble of corpses and markers, I thought I found him but in reality I healed up an AI medic.. I ordered a push up to the airfield and let the remains of the platoon know we were pushing in and then gave the word to charge. What happened next is fuzzy due to blood loss - I remember moving quickly and in a serpentine fashion, I also remember saying "get to the transport" and "disregard tank! Every man for himself".

Cacheola - Bluefor A2 AAR - Audiox FTL Hydra AR Warner AT

Audio ordered me to man the M2, knowing I'm ready to engage a Hind at a moments notice. Myself and Warner got comfortable in the HUMVEE and we headed out with the rest of the convoy. Our vehicle was on point on the walking pace push south, that was rather tense, so horribly horribly tense. I was sure at any second a RPG would come flying out of a window and kill us horribly - thankfully A1 took the lead and we pulled off the road. Dogface needs to see someone about his laser, it just doesn't have the range it used to have ;)

Audiox and Hydra went to clear buildings looking for the box to blow up, myself and Warner remained inside the vehicle. I heard gunshots and traversed the turret, Hydra was dead, a few more gunshots and I could see muzzle flashes inside a building. I let rip with the 50 and the gunshots stopped. Bravo did a spot of friendly fire on us, a GP hitting near to our HUMVEE. We moved our vehicle to the west side of the building and waited for Bravo to blow a cache. I kept my eye on the buildings Hydra had been engaged from, sure enough someone leaned out from a window and I sent two rounds into his head. I assume that was you Nutty. As we moved south I kept my gun sweeping the buildings, occasionally looking back where we had come from, that allowed me to see Kefirz spotting from the high tower to the north west. another two or three rounds and he was very very dead. As we waited at a T junction I asked Audiox to bino the buildings south of us, with no contacts to be seen we fell in behind a second HUMVEE slightly to the west. We were on the left side of the other HUMVEE, when it spotted a target and opened up Warner reversed into its fire, I died before I could stop him. The Arma gods giveth M2 kills and require M2 kills in return..

Swept LE - Opfor CO Medic - Downstream CO

On landing the DC medic Comrade Roe met up with me and we held back from the front in the middle. Alpha moving up on the north hill, Bravo north side of town and Charlie south. When CO asked where I was I moved up to his position and deeming better cover to be had in the buildings secured by Charlie I moved to them. It was me you reported seeing CO, fear not I wasn't hostile. Alpha took a wounding casualty and so I set off on the long climb, making it to within 25m when AFTL Dogface bit the bullets with his face. I patched up EBass and the others in Alpha and grabbed Dogfaces GPS as payment. Charlie and Bravo were taking casualties now so I said farewell to Alpha and skipped happily down the hill back towards town. Serpentine failed me as I was hit many times on the way down. Eventually crawling back to Alpha to be picked up and in turn heal the fresh Alpha wounds. With my bullet extraction services still required in town I set off on the most covered slope making it half way down when I was hit by a RPG.

Holy Stones - Azoz!

Knowing the Super of Aziz likes to rush I set out a simple plan; a line of forces to murder the hoard as they rushed in to claim the market. The usage of explosives was SOP and Greyeric won a special Azoz Peter Badge for his killing of Aziz with a grenade. Sadly in the dark the traitorous but still fantastically moustached IceRaiser managed to flank and kill the mighty Azoz. My orders were carried out, despite being in the afterlife Aziz was somehow able to lay claim to the stones, my minions let rip with RPG fire as instructed...

Cholo after-party - CSI Moon Moon & 'on at least 16 pcps' Moon Moon.

Copfor - At mission start I spotted a likely crime scene so set towards it with my UV lights of fluid finding.. From there I was able to kill Hydra as he made his way inside, and shoot Greyeric in the spine from extreme danger close range. Sadly the station fell as I was making my way towards it. We're going to need a lot of crime tape for this one!

PCPfor - Confused by the number of dots in the plan I reverted to 'run at the enemy' mode. Deciding to try my luck with the roof I made it onto the first level and took a peak up onto the roof proper. Seeing a friendly corpse then a shotgun protruding from his head I didn't have time to move down the ladder before Zitron shot me.

Farewell Wilson, I'm sure we shall hear you typing on CC whilst you are on far flung travels!
ramming speed!

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Re: [Tue] 20 Aug 2013 (In honor of Wilson)

Post by Wilson »

Much appreciation for the dedication IceRaiser!

Great last session to play in and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'll keep this short and sweet as I jump on the plane soon but shout out to Comrade Wafflynumber and our ridiculously long flanking maneuver - it worked in the end!

Peace out people and take care, see you when I'm back!

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