[Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

How we died
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[Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by fer »

  • Highway
  • Unreachable
  • Fall of Aziz
  • Rescue
Bank holiday weekend in the UK, yet 38 awesome comrades still came out to fight. The Party thanks you all for your dedication!

With comrade Tigershark in command, perhaps it's no surprise that Highway began with a premature engagement. The convoy was a fair way north of our ambush site when the shooting started, forcing the platoon to move up the green zone and into a head-on clash with the enemy. Despite taking very heavy losses, we were able to do the requisite amount of damage to the enemy. Probably. Unreachable saw us assault an enemy airfield in an attempt to destroy two Hinds parked in hangers. Eschewing the heavy machinegun, mortar and AT assets at our disposal, we of course opted to charge across open ground and let our survivors create beautiful fireballs by driving trucks into the helicopters. In Fall of Aziz, comrade SuperU managed to disgrace the Party by sacrificing many comrades in order to get comrade Aziz and his beloved Goldie AK to the airfield, and then fail to get either of the two aeroplanes airbourne. After that, Rescue saw us play a cat-and-mouse game of SF operators and Black Turban hostage-takers in a Zargabad full of civilians and TK Army outposts. It was great stuff.

Note: If you turn up drunk/intoxicated/high, please do two things: avoid any form of leadership slot, and avoid spoiling things for others. If you don't observe these requests, the host will ask you to leave. None of us wants to go near kick/ban territory. Actually, please just try to avoid turning up drunk/intoxicated/high.


As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists. We also have a new YouTube channel that he manages so if you have any content you think should feature then let him know and he will sort you out, for more info check out this thread!; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.


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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by IceRaiser »

Tigershark brought some class to the session.

Zitron(?) saw Mamba's ghost and followed his advice. "Uuuuse the truck, Zitron"
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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by dancemoox »

Highway - Alpha 3 AR - Fer FTL BigMasterL AAR IceRaiser AT

Fer used some party magic to transport us across the map and set myself and my assistant up behind the only two decent rocks on our hillside. I then waited for contact to begin, and waited and waited - when talk of contact and movement happened I realised my game had frozen and I'd been looking at the petrol station just 30 seconds before contact happened. When the game decided to get going again I was able to rejoin A3 across the road and we moved off on the east side of the valley, bounding in pairs forward. Tree coverage limited visibility towards the road so we continued up the east slope to a large set of rocks where myself and Big held in place whilst Fer and Ice bounded beyond. Fer took some bullets on the way but Ice had them dug out of him in no time at all. With the order coming in from ASL Bodge to pull back south myself and Big were sent off bounding first. I realised after a few meters that it was just me that was moving. I kept going until close to cover before I was called back by Ice. Both Fer and Big were dead, I grabbed binos from Fer and ammo from Big and set off south. Informing Bodge of my field promotion me and Ice ran flat out from the hill slope towards low walls on the east side of the compounds. Once in cover we returned fire to the north. Bodge then pulled us back towards the road west, on the move tracer fire skipped between me in the lead and Ice half a footstep behind. This apparently used up a good chunk of Alphas assigned luck as once we hit the road Bodge was hit, Ice and myself ran forward to give cover and aid. In smoke I grabbed an PKM from a dead enemy and set about laying down fire onto the enemy occupied west hill. This angered the enemy somewhat and Ice told me bullets had hit my gun - an instant later Bodge was healed up and returning to the Alpha compounds and I was hit. Ice tended to me behind what cover we had at the destroyed vehicles, he healed me up 90% of the way before taking a bullet to the head. I crawled back towards Alpha and asked for some cover to get in, all that remained of Alpha turned out to rescue me. Once back on my feet we moved out east again linking up with Bodge. I engaged targets on the west slope and we were ordered to pull out. After retreating advancing in another direction for about twenty five meters we took incoming rounds from the compounds to our rear I dropped down and returned fire on the incoming tracers - that stopped them for a moment or two, an RPG went into the building they'd come from and I prepared to move when more incoming rounds snapped over my head. I sent the rest of the belt into the trees and buildings and then pulled back linking up with Bodge. We pulled back over the hillside through a marked minefield, only telling the great Bodge we'd crossed a marked minefield once safely across. The promise of unlimited beef stroganoff at the evac point drove me on and Bodge and myself were the first to arrive, deciding not to share the stroganoff with the rest of the team we made our escape in the pickup.

Unreachable - MMG Gunner - Bodge Assistant / Master Laser Pointer 1st Class

Placed in our own TS channel because we were so very awesome and special me and Bodge moved out to our over watch position. I relayed the happenings on CC to him, or what I could hear over CO hotmicing. The cluster of friendly forces around us departed when elements further down slope west were chewed up so we were soon alone behind our low wall. We set about getting ranges on each of the main targets 500m to the ATC and increasing out, when the nearest EI contact on the airfield 200m away moved towards us I got ready to light them up, it was then that I saw the top of a helmet cresting the slope no more than 5m away. I let rip with a burst of PKM and let command know we were about to be over run by a fireteam. I was wounded instantly and stuck writing over the wall. Bodge attempted to get me off the wall but wasn't able to, he then tried to heal me in place but ended up becoming wounded himself. I then reported MMG was out of action and needed a medic, marking it for assistance. Friendly troops ran down slope past us ignoring our cries for help, I commented that despite how long I'd been wounded that I wasn't dead yet, when Bodge didn't reply I knew he'd bled out and I expected to be dead moments later. Another minute passed and I was finally able to use mustache powers to attract the attention of IceRaiser who dragged me off the wall (that must have been holding my innards inside and stemming the bleeding) and patched me up. Reporting to the limited forces still on CC that MMG was back up I grabbed all the ammo I could carry from Bodge and set off down slope as Carson was starting a charge on the airfield. Remembering that I hadn't secured the range finders I quickly ran back to get them from Bodge but found someone had looted them already. I moved west down past HMG who were happily shooting targets on the airfield. Once past them I turned south and started moving towards the runway, about half way down I saw friendly forces moving in on my right get engaged by scattered EI on the runway. I went prone estimated the range as best I could and opened up, the enemy went down quickly and more rushed out from behind the ATC and the buildings around it. I kept firing until they were dealt with and restarted my move onto the airfield. Almost on the runway I found a prone EI facing away from me and shot him in the back, running and PKM gunning isn't easy so it took more bullets than I'd have liked. With my path to the ATC clear I pushed in and got myself up onto the top floor looking out towards the hangers. Fearing friendly fire I let everyone on CC know I'd set up in the control tower and was asked if I could heal a guy crawling in. I managed to make it to him just as he turned over and died. With no means of blowing up the remaining Hind I assumed Zitron wanted me to go with him in the truck so he could park it next to the helicopter and then I could destroy the ammo truck with my MMG. His plan wasn't clear until the last second as he was the last guy in his channel and not on CC - he drove us full speed into the hanger and the land Hind was destroyed. Had I known I'd have elected to stay outside and watch the fireworks, maybe commandeering one of the fuel trucks and setting myself up down Balota way selling black market fuel..

Pictured above are some of my body parts being atomised :cry:

Fall of Aziz - CO Medic - SuperU CO

I hung back with Super who was having some sync issues. I became alarmed when he stood up as HMG fire zipped overhead, it became apparent that he'd developed temporary deafness. Secretly administering some ear drops to unclog his lugs I started to describe the gunshots happening around him, friendly fire outgoing to the x direction, incoming from the x. This went on for a little time until we moved up to one of the squads, the ear drops I'd administered had cleared out Supers ears nicely and he was able to hear the battle going on around him again. Aziz'z personal Chiropractor was wounded nearby and in need of a genuine doctors massage to get his spine into alignment. I rejoined Super as we moved through cleared territory, and nabbed myself a GP upgrade to my AK along the way. Super was hit by fire coming in from the north, I killed the would be CO killer and pulled Super back to cover, with the bullets removed I waved my magic hands over his chakras to ensure they were all aligned properly. I returned to the north side and killed a few more enemy that had pushed in as the squads were pushing towards the gunsmiths. I took cover behind a wall as Super got eyes on the ZU and gaggle of civilians around it. When he moved into better cover I took a look around the corner and could see Aziz'z limo, with the way relatively clear Super had the squads converge. The dead driver again refused to budge from behind the wheel so I checked the roadworthiness of an abandoned technical. It sadly wasn't road legal and coming around back to cover I took fire from the office building. Ducking behind the technical I returned fire killing the guy in the doorway and then his chum that appeared at the left side of the building. Moving to the airfield I gave covering fire for Aziz and his white coated chum to allow them to push under the perimeter fence. When the order to mount up in the escape planes I moved to the one Super had occupied, the drops I'd administered had clearly dissolved his brain as despite being in the cockpit next to me he claimed not to be inside the plane at all. With Aziz loaded safely into the plane piloted by Ice I moved out of the hanger slowly, seeing him attempt to mate his AN2 with a parked T-55 I turned to port but with limited visibility in the cockpit I clipped the hangar door and we were stuck. Perhaps the ear drops had dribbled out of Supers head and dissolved the control cables...

Rescue - Opfor Medic - Dogface CO

At first I moved with Dogface, but when hearing one of the hostages whisper to another that he'd stolen something from a backpack I kept my eye on them ready to deal with any disobedience from the liberal media.. When the hostage rescue forces showed up they managed to wound a hostage and I dragged him back into cover and dug the bullets out with my rusty bayonet, after all he was 'just a hostage'. We slowly pushed north Dogface in the lead, he was engaged at close range apparently killing his attacker before dying. I cleared the building he was in as transport for the hostages was secured. With the hostages nearby I decided to move Dogface out of gun stealing reach, this angered the Arma gods and I was stuck in the pick up body animation. Four bullets from Mamba freed me from the animation and two rounds of first aid allowed me to move and access my gear again, not to mention a further healing from myself. By the time I was able to walk again the hostages were behind whisked to the military compound. One apparently lept from the moving truck along the way. With just myself and Mamba left east of the base we got ready to move to the base. I grabbed an enemy G36 along with some grenades from Dogfaces killer and moved between buildings with Mamba. Finding a pickup in working order I got in and Mamba followed me, I set off at high speed towards the base and took some fire on the main road, Mamba was hit on the journey but patched up quickly. I moved on foot back down the road clearing the shops as I went, I could hear suppressed fire on my right and normal G36 through the shops to my left. Seeing the G36 firing guy I put three rounds into him putting him down, then another two into his head just to make sure. Moving further down the road I came face to face with the silenced gun gentleman, I fired full auto into him and presumably killed him as the mission ended :D

I shall look over the footage I captured tonight and see if any is worth editing for Moon Moon TV and inclusion on the party channel also :dance:
ramming speed!

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by Crocuta »

I missed Highway.

Unreachable - Delta RPG. Most of Delta and Alpha were systematically wiped out, soon leaving only Inverselaw, Mamba, and myself. We made it over to a precarious clump of trees where we were even suppressed by friendly shots overhead. We didn't last long.

I heard Fer say "I hope someone is recording this" while Zitron was driving, so here it is. The video was broken so I had to work out how to edit and encode it with FFMPEG on the command line. :science101:

Fall of Aziz - B1 FTL. Gaius almost always dies first under mysterious circumstances when he's in my team. Eventually we were down to only me, so I hooked up with B2. I ended up as IceRaiser's co-pilot. As we were taxiing, I looked to the side, and by the time I gave the warning, we were already part of some kind of horrifying cold-war nature documentary with a T-55.

Rescue - CIV Hostage 2, Dick The Cameraman. After I had to restart Arma, a bout of Stockholm syndrome took hold as I caught back up to my captors. Mr-Link was shot by Blufor a couple of times. Opfor took a truck and transported us to the base, with Danny jumping out and fleeing to the Northern hills en route.

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by Ferrard Carson »

Deployed as Bravo 3 FTL
A flick of my magic wand, and Bravo 3 vanished into thin air, to appear at our designated flat-open-ground, calcification upon teleporting being a thing of the past! Not so lucky at avoiding the requisite nausea, though. Once the four of us had ceased puking our guts out, we assembled in a very well-arranged, oft-used, rubbish-strewn outpost, well hidden underneath the crest of the hill. We heard the first of the column motor on past us on the road below, and we were told to "Let Alpha begin the ambush." We were assured that this meant that Alpha would spring the ambush rather than have it sprung on them, but either way, they kept to the letter of the law, if not the spirit :laugh:

This, of course, meant that Bravo was to bear the brunt of combat, and boy howdy did we. A 14-man element was reduced, and reduced, and reduced some more, myself catching a very nasty case of BMP-itis to the face.

It subsequently took our beloved squad leader a quarter-hour to realize I was le kaput :dance:

Deployed as Fox FTL
The Mission of the Headless Chickens, is how I would term this - a rousing battlecry went up from base as the defenders sallied forth to completely obliterate the Alpha / Delta element, then most of the Bravo / Echo element, and finally to harass and claim my life from Fox / Charlie. In the process, they sniped our Deputy Commander, flanked and murderized our CO, and systematically eradicated any semblence of Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence that has been purported to exist in Folk ARPS. My last orders as de-facto platoon leader was "Swarm the airfield, everyone charge the hangers!"

Before I had to seize ze reins from Our Dear Leaders' cold, dead fingers, Fox Fire Team was brilliant, even with our late-arriving Alex. We fire-and-maneuvered our way across the fields like the most HS / LD 360-no-scope spec-ops ranger-SEAL-beret bad dudes Chernarus has ever seen. Before we all died to dudes with FALs shooting us in our tactical hineys from 600 meters. :oops:

<<Placeholder for Video>>

Fall of Aziz
Deployed as Bravo Best Squad Leader
Quoth SuperU: "Do this!"
Quoth Yours Truly: "Already done!"
Quoth the AI: "..." (nothing, because THEY'RE DEAD!)

Bravo started as 10 men - me and IceRaiser leading two four-man fire-teams. Slowly, methodically, we chewed our way through Southern Zargabad, fortifying buildings with one fireteam, then using that strongpoint to leverage the other fireteam into the next building over, rinse & repeat until Bravo 1 takes 3 casualties who don't duck, and folds into Bravo 2. Finally, there's your badass Squad Leader, who personally eradicates a threat to Bravo 2 at the start, murderizes another dude waiting to ambush the advancing Alpha, and nails a third dude from 400 meters using a freakin' AK-74.

To cap it all off, Yours Truly follows Lord and Savior SuperU around a corner into two Makarov wielding freaks! They spew their invective and their bullets at me! The bullets bounce off of my Kryptonian skin (though their words wound me deeply and make me cry a single tear of blood) and I return the favor with an entire magazine of 5.45mm. Then, VICTORY! At least, that's what I'll say if The Party ever releases us from this Gulag. Cabbage stew, anyone?

<<Placeholder for Video>>

Deployed as KSK Alpha Rifleman
"Don't mind me," quoth the CO. "I'm just going to engage these guys around the Takistani HQ."

And lo and behold, the entirety of Zargabad took up arms against us, with Takistani Army dudes swarming in upon us from all directions. PKMs. So. Many. PKMs. The night resembled the skybox of the Death Star, that's how many green tracers were spraying all over the place.

Needless to say, our 10-man rifle element was thoroughly erased from the map as we tried to maneuver on the black-turbans. As I was laying wounded on a rooftop, I stared helplessly east down the road as I clearly spotted 5 o' the Black Turbans crossing the road like big, fat, waddling chickens at 300 meters. If I'd not been incapacitated, they would surely have perished in a hail of 5.56mm, but alas, it was not to be.

Teamwork was brilliant however. With our unfortunate FTL Alex eating a bullet early in the mission, Alpha Fire Team proved Germany to be the ultimate socialist utopia when we co-lead Aquarius to become the last KSK commando alive! Yes, Tiger and I were a well-oiled love-machine in the-- No, well-oiled murder-machine. Yeah. We killed so many of those filthy AI swarming us. Yeah, that's totally what we did on that rooftop. Alone. In the dark.

CHazarLO (Afterparty)
Deployed as Lead Vuvuzela!

:clint: ~ Ferrard
"Take a boat in the air you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turnin' of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' before she keels... makes her home."

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by Tigershark »

fer wrote:With comrade Tigershark in command, perhaps it's no surprise that Highway began with a premature engagement.
You bastard...
Sticking feathers up your ass does not make you a chicken.

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by fer »

It happens to a lot of comrades, Tigershark. It's okay. Really.

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by SuperU »

I am not going down for this!!!

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by audiox »

Bravo 1 FTL -

"I have a good feeling about this". So good, in fact, that i told my AR to move a little bit downslope for a better angle whilst i took his position. Thirty seconds later i'd been shot in the face! :hist101:

Charlie FTL - Aquarius, IceRaiser, Gaius

Rawrnix set everything off in style by hotmicing, just for good measure he decided to disappear from TeamSpeak as well. By then Alpha and Delta were well on their way to valhalla, and nobody really knew why or how. As Charlie was meant to stay in reserve things got pretty confusing. We were told to scout a little for Alpha and Delta, but what to do then became rather unclear. Under ideal circumstances, having Ice and Gaius chatting it up in group VON is nice. Under these, with lots of noise everywhere in TS/CC/ETC /(you are not cleared for the ETC channel comrade!)\ having them chat about other stuff became confusing, and made for one angry and overstressed audiox. :commissar: Which is, as we all know, a recipe for disaster. Ice even tried to get me presents to make things better.
Unfortunately his plan failed, and we were told by command to gloriously charge the airfield. Which went rather well apart from the lone gunman we ran past on our way there who promptly killed at least yours truly.... :jihad:

Fall of Aziz
Alpha 1 AR - Dogface, Bandzai, ???

After last missions horror this was really needed. Alpha had a volunteered Lord Penney moving us through Zargabad and it was pretty smooth. Communication was good, the fireteams moved as they should when they should, and nobody was needlessly murderized for at least a little while. Running and clearing worked like a charm for as long as we were a full fireteam, and once Dogface died nasty stuff was at hand so we became pinned down with the rest of Alpha, whereafter we all slowly died over a five minute period. In the end i think i was killed by somebody with a Makarov. Which would've been pretty embarassing :oops: if not for the unnameable incident at the airfield. :lol:

Alpha FTL

Next time i'll just shoot the hostages at the start. Less pain for everybody. Except perhaps the hostages. (Tho i do wonder....)

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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Post by Mr-Link »


We got to our ambush points. We started the ambush just fine. Later it was decided that we should move out of our protected positions and head north. Obviously that didn't go well and i got a bullet to the face....my favorite :commissar:

Delta AAR

Hiding in the alpha and delta staging area. I cant tell exactly what happened. We either stumbled upon an angry AI or some overzealous party member started shooting prematurely (ahem..). Either way a firefight broke out (if you can even call it that) and most of alpha and delta were no more.

On the plus side I got to watch the mortar rounds with the very peculiar warheads attached. Party scientists seem to have designed it so that it penetrates the roof of the hanger, kills all humans beneath it, yet leave the hinds perfectly intact. We are rivaling capitalist level technology now.

As impressive of a technological feet that was (Surly the party didn't just provide us with dud rounds, right?), it was still inadequate for the task at hand. The hinds had to be destroyed so danny dealt with the first one with a good old fashioned ramming Boom and zitron/moon moon bid life farewell with a very large KABOOM.

The fall of Aziz
Bravo 2 FTL with Guss, Mamba and Bodge

Dense urban terrain with bad FPS to match it, what more could you ask for?

Actually it went better than I could have ever hoped for. My communication skills are still somewhat lacking, but with my pro FT members helping me out we still managed to report contacts and engage threats promptly. Under the leadership of comrade Carson we alternated with Bravo 1 between moving and providing cover. It was all going pretty smooth until Bravo 1 stumbled upon a hornet's nest from which only poor Croc survived. He then promptly joined our team and Bravo 2 became Bravo All. By then any semblance of an idea I had of the big picture of the operation had evaporated from my brain and and the whole town was going crazy. The few Civies in town suddenly became decidedly uncivilized when they pulled makarovs and other small arms on us. Although to be fair, we might have been the ones who started it *cough* Bodge had an "incident" involving a civie and a bullet *cough* :mrgreen:

We finally made it to the airport just in time to witness the first An-2 plunging head first into the barrel of a warm and cozy t-55 in a disturbing display of machine on machine action. I call it karmic justice for not waiting for my FT to board. However the second An-2 didnt fare much better and the mission ended before we could get Aziz and his accursed golden AK in the air.

Hostage 1

Dear Bluefor,

Why dost thou hate me so ?

Hostage 1

Seriously, the way those crazy Germans were constantly shooting at me, you would think my journalist had photographs of Angela Merkel in a compromising position or something. So me and the other poor hostages were stuck between them and some scary black turban dudes whose general attitude was:
dancemoox wrote: after all he was 'just a hostage'.
Speaking of which, it is pretty hard to communicate with scary black turban dudes if we don't speak their language. That is to say we could not hear them on VON nor they could hear us. Somehow they managed to communicate what they wanted from us by using a mixture of sign language, team speak and some interesting interpretive dance moves involving Makarovs. :jihad:

Eventually, after Blufor done shooting me for the third time. We were put on a truck and shipped off to a base. On the way there however, hostage Danny managed to slip away unnoticed because the truck had "slowed down" and thus earning the ever lasting scorn and eternal hatred of IceRaiser.....*gulp*

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