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Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:51 am
by Dannysaysnoo

All I remember about this one is dying rather suddenly soon after the convoy noticed us. :E

MTR1 Assistant

This one I do remember a bit more. With Trytekker as my senior, we ran off to the hill, and set up. After a brief explination on how to mortar to my senior, we started putting fire down on those naughty Shilkas.

We missed completely, but two rounds on each somehow managed to decrew them. During this time, though, our commander, Fer, had died. I took initiative, and after realizing the Hinds were in the hangars, I took over mortar duty and fired on the hangars. Nothing. Nothing happened at all to them after 4 mortar rounds.

I got a bit pissed off at this. I looked south, and saw a jeep, and a truck. Me and Try started running down. Try was wounded as I got to the vehicles. I abandoned him, and got into the truck, and made my way toward the hangars.

I got shot on my way, and spun around a bit, hitting some more black Russian soldiers. I realised I wouldn't be able to steal the chopper, and crash it, so another tactic was required.


Then people stole my thing. :colbert:

Fall of Aziz
The Unlicensed Chiropractor

Running around with my Lee Enfield, and with Glorious Aziz (Mamuto), we stayed in cover a lot. This still meant I took almost 5 hits during the mission. None of which downed me. Chiropracty is a hell of a drug.

After a lot of shooting at nothing, we ran to the airfield. Jumping into the first biplane, we somehow mated with a T-55.

Then the second one's wing clipped the edge of the hangar. D:

Hostage 2

Never slow your truck down, Iceraiser. It makes ejecting too easy. :D

Re: [Sun] 25 Aug 2013 (Ramming Speed)

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 3:39 pm
by Inverselaw
Bravo 1 AR

Myself: Pirateman, whatever you do, dont die, you are the most important member of the fireteam as you are carrying my spare ammo.

And lo did Pirateman become the last surviving member of Bravo 1. I myself died just a few meters from the end of a heroic run to save my bleeding Rifleman.

As for the mission in general. I feel I need to point out that premature ambushing is truly only a problem if you let yourself be limited by your equipment.

Delta FTL

The ten second rule being established I found myself as Delta FTL. I proceeded to make a complete mess of it and lead the fireteam to their rapid and ultimate doom. I think part of the failure of the mission in general was due to not properly taking care of hostiles not in the airfield.

Fall of Aziz
Alpha 2 FTL

Once again the 10 second rule made me FTL. I was quite heartened to see boberro again choosing to be my AR, apparently he hadn't learned his lesson from the previous mission. However, thanks to excellent squad leading, I actually ended up doing some effective leading with a notable moment where I flanked some AI that were taking potshots at A1. Unfortunately alpha strayed to close to the southern border and we ended up angering forces we were never meant to fight. Ultimately we were picked off one by one as I watched Red sniper slowly turn into a being of pure lead. (I medic'd him like 10 times). Also, next time guys, for gods sake have somebody lead the plane. I know you cant see out of a tail dragger, that's why you have somebody lead it.

Bluefor Bravo FTL

Another misson, another 10 second rule making me FTL. I placed my unit in the southern area and took over a building which had an excellent and commanding view of all of southern Zargabad from this excellent vantage point we proceeded to kill many a mans until I was informed that both CO and alpha ftl was dead. Taking command I worried that opfor would manoeuvre around us and get the hostages to the military base. I ordered a tactical fall back to an overlooking position only to be informed by CO medic that he had found the hostages in a minaret. I proceeded to order the whole force to move in on the position. Sadly that intel turned out to be traitorous LIES!! and I have no doubt that this man will be posthumously executed for his crimes against humanity in general and the party in specific. Confused and lost I picked the wrong moment to consult the map while the AI cut us down.