[Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

How we died
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[Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by Tigershark »

We were pushing about 50 players at our peak which was very good to see. Also had a few new faces which are always welcome.

We mixed up this evening with a combination of old (like Fer) and new (like....I'm gonna go with daf although vomit is surfacing into my mouth as I type).

My perennial favourite Compound It was given new engagement rules which I had hoped would give Blufor a fighting a chance but despite excellent commanding by SuperU we still succumbed to the superior guerrilla tactics of Carson (even though OPFOR violated our gentlemen's agreement and shameful used tractors as transport they still convincingly trounced Blufor).

We gave a spin of Carson's new mission which only resulted in high pitched glee filled giggles in the Lobby as Carson watched his minions tear up the combined force in a show of awe inducing firepower. Hinds, multiple tanks, an AI HIND pilot who landed his damaged helo only to get out and kill a human player. The mission saw many LIKE A BAWS moments like a HIND being downed by impossible RPG shots and Waffly commanding with a Patton like flair.

Thanks to everyone who attended and more importantly thanks to everyone for making slotting fast and efficient so we could get into the business of shooting each other quicker.

Mission order was:

- Arrival
- Compound It
- Expanded Mandate
- UNwelcome Guests
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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by Zerith »

Expanded Mandate

I was a rifleman (AT) in A3. Things were going well until the hind/tanks showed up. I apologize to everyone for my awful RPG shooting. I haven't played A2 in months (Primarily play A3) and just failed miserably. Anyway missed all 3 of my rockets. Tanks showed up and my fireteam got wiped out. Somehow I lived and laid prone while enemies were running all around me. Then miraculously I managed to kill 10 guys on the way to the hill only to get to the top and get shot, but I didn't die! I was laying there wounded shooting until the very end...

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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by dancemoox »

I'm running on probably more than the recommended dosage of flu medicine at the moment so I avoided command slots this mission, as it turns out being drugged up the eyeballs makes for excellent mortar placement :zoidberg:

Arrival - Alpha Medic - Tryteyker ASL

Full of the medicine so I thought I'd share some around! I moved into the compound and grabbed some cover, A1 were on the east wall A2 an opening on the north wall and A3 manning the Mk19 / M240 SOV in the middle. With no casualties I set about spotting targets and passing them to Try, with at least a fireteam on the north hill 400m away he had A3 move in to engage with the Mk19, the rounds were 300m short and not going much further on target. With the EI now rather angry at grenades missing them they were buzzing around the hillside and firing down into the airfield. Seeing that the M240 wasn't facing the enemy I jumped in the SOV and turned it to face the enemy, before jumping on the gun. Try then corrected my fire and the contacts were down. It's always good to practice with different weapons so you know how they handle, the Mk19 being very fun when you get it on target. I jumped off the gun when A1 and A2 took some wounded. Gaius had died outright and after a few minutes we'd lost another man to enemy fire. I secured a M9 off one of the dead as I was getting rather low on ammo, and a leg breaking pistol is always a handy thing to have. With the fireteams keeping the enemy at bay I held back behind the compound walls but not in solid cover. I spotted an enemy fireteam blitzing in from the south west, I was the only one looking in that direction at the time and called it brought my rifle up. Suddenly remembering I was a) not in at all a good firing position b) the squad medic and c) rather low on ammo I scooted into cover as the squad brought fire down onto the flank. I healed up a few more people and went to check the C-130 for ammo only to find it locked. Once we moved out of the airfield compound I upgraded to a PKM I found on a dead enemy, MMG Dogface appeared to have some jealousy of my new firepower as he was only rocking a captured RPK, granted along with an RPG to compensate. Moving out from the compounds I cleared the buildings by the road as nobody in the squad had bothered up to that point, we wheeled north and advanced on the town. Bounding between cover I was hit from the south west, getting behind some very solid cover I patched myself up and the SOV took care of the lone gunman. It was around this point that CO Draith drove up to our position and was engaged by some of Alpha, I was busy engaging targets in the opposite direction and kept engaging whilst explaining where the confusion had arisen from and where the enemy contacts were. Last thing I did in the mission was jump in the back seat of the SOV and let A3 FTL alex know how to sort out his VON issues. The mission ended after that..

Compound It - Opfor Mortar Team Gunner - Ebass Tractor user and scoundrel

The plan was simple, set up the mortar tube inside a compound, make it look like something other than a mortar tube and then fire off rounds when called for by CO Carson. When the Bluefor heli haulted north of our position for a time I had Ebass keep an eye on the north hill, was looking south and spotted an enemy fireteam moving in. I called it, marked it and Carson blew his IED, from the dust produced it looked to be on target. I had my spotter take over looking south and moved down to the gun as I had my first two firemissions. They were close to the enemy but any missing with the first two was made up for with the next two. They landed on a nice cluster of enemy, my two spotters reported dead and wounded. Two more firemissions were called in and I dropped the rounds before retreating back indoors. Once rounds were complete I broke down the mortar and moved it inside as if nothing happened. Ebass had moved onto the north hill and was using his rangefinders to spot for friendly forces on our east side, with nothing much to do I went onto the balcony to see what I could see - with trees blocking my view I moved back inside just as stray rounds splattered around the building. Deciding to move up to Ebass I walked, despite the lure of agrarian transport up to him. I went prone nex to him and was promptly murdered by the Bluefor pilot.. All in 3 killed outright by the mortars and who knows how many more wounded. I just wish it had more than eight rounds :clint:

Expanded Mandate Alpha Bravo Super 3 AR - Mamuto FTL IceRaiser AAR Warner AT

I fear SuperU may have early onset dementia as he forgot what element he was leading quite a lot.. Perhaps it is time to place him in the party rest and retirement facility :commissar:

Super 3 was the last in the order of movement when we were coming under fire we moved to the enemy defences and found Super 1 wasn't quite done clearing it out. I went down from eating some bullets but was back up after Ice gave me a belly rub. Once inside I did as I was told and fired everything, putting a great deal of suppressive fire out. When we moved out again we ended up moving past Super 2 who had slowed down on the advance onto the hill. Somehow I ended up being in the lead of the hill charge, I recall hearing the enemy helicopter and Ice saying "its just a hind". With about fifteen meters to go before I hit the hill and tree cover I kept on moving, pausing for a moment next to a tree. It was with horror I realised I'd been running towards a pillbox, firing wildly at it just to make sure the gunner was dead I moved around to check, and had a slightly obscured view of Alpha getting blown to bits. I jumped on the 240 inside the pill box and was aiming up to fire on the Hind as it made its pass, but I never got a round off as the tanks that were shwacking Alpha lit me up..

UNwelcome Guests - Bluefor Medic

Daf UN VIP 1 had a connection drop but we managed to advance on the LZ. The heli was under a bit of fire moments before it took off. Some in A2 were wounded outside the LZ compound and out of reach, enemy fire was coming in from the south. I was dragging back a wounded A3 AR from a wall gap when he got shot again, in the same moment CO Super was wounded then dead. But the Weapons Inspectors made it out to report in three weeks...

MP5 Afterparty - Opfor Alpha MP5r with Awaits Bodge and Red Sniper

Awaits split our forces Alpha attacking from the south Bravo from the north. Once we hit the town he split Alpha further, I joined him on the west side of the road. I was dashing to cover and planned to throw grenades into the compounds when I hit the wall but sadly I was shot six times by Indi before I made it :|

Right I'm off to consume my body weight in night nurse and see if I wake in the morning :)
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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by IceRaiser »

Hind goes bye-bye.

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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by Mamuto »

DAMN, IceRaiser, great hits on the Hind.
"B3 is one man" :( I dueled it out with the general on top of the hill and lost. Apparently 4 GP's, 1 hand grenade, and 45 rounds from my AK were not enough to kill him...

Compound It
Defending Alpha 2
Last time I played this mission, half of our attacking force was destroyed before ever landing on the ground. The rest of us were torn apart on an exposed hill.. I wondered how it would go whilst on the defense, and honestly it went swimmingly for Alpha 2. We, alongside A3, were tasked with defending the eastern-most cache. This was a risky move by CO (Ferrard) as it left two caches virtually undefended. However, by some very awesomely placed mortar rounds, the enemy came directly into contact with us which turned Alpha 2 from a reserve fireteam into the forefront of the defense. And let me tell you something, defend we did. I personally managed to get four kills, and we didn't lose a single man for 10-15 minutes whilst defending against a crazy onslaught. Definitely had my hands shaking the whole time, loved that adrenaline rush!

Expanded Mandate
Bravo 3 along with dancemoox, IceRaiser, and Warner
Everything went swimmingly until IceRaiser just HAD to jinx it and say that "it's just a hind." Sir, are you crazy?? this is a FERRARD mission, nothing is just a thing! We did manage to take the hill for a brief period, though. Then tanks rolled up on us, and as I yelled for our AT to take shots at it, I noticed muzzle flashes close to our north. Calling out contact, I tried to engage (with the aforementioned ordinance) but somehow did not win that fight. I watched with glee while listening to Carson's maniacal laughter as the rest of the platoon was viciously eradicated. Well played, good Sir, well played.

UNwelcome Guests
Slotted in as the Marksman on UN, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. Spawned to happily notice a .338 sniper rifle in my hands only to be delegated to optics duty on the extraction heli... Which would have been fine if Fer didn't somehow snipe me out of the co-pilot seat moments after grabbing the VIPs. Damn good shooting.

Good times, see you all again soon!
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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by HydrA- »

Compound It
Speaking of those awesomely placed mortar rounds, I was on the receiving end :shock:

Things were way too quite destroying the south-western cache. We move east towards the ridge-line to provide bravo support with the eastern cache. I didn't make it much further. We ended up receiving fire from both sides of the hill, while highly devastating mortars were raining down upon us. Here we see one very well placed mortar, landing right on top of Toppometer :(


Expanded Mandate
Intense mission!!! I was in weapons team 2 with Daf and Draakon as our leader. With the guidance of Draakon and his binocs, I was taking out a respectable amount of enemies with my M60E4. Despite how "good" it felt things were going, our numbers were dwindling. We were ordered to move on top of a hill to our north, which was the beginning of the end for all of us. I included a video of these last moments, which also shows IceRaiser's epic hits on the Hind from a different angle @2:30. I got a little excited, turn down the volume!


Things I learned or need to improve on:
Memorize your squad name & number, obvious, but yeah, it really matters...
Check your inventory before the action starts, and take note of what you have. Knowing what's available and what's not, things like smoke, grenades, extra ammo, etc., is very useful before being in the heat of battle.
Crouching helps so much with the recoil, especially when using a light machine gun.
When there's time to breathe, check up on the map to gain a better overview. Understanding the bigger picture is helpful in so many ways.

& most importantly, from the second video @0:40, DON'T SHOOT IN THE OPEN :D

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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by Zenzos »

Just before the Iceraiser rpged the hind this happened.

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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by Crocuta »

Arrival: B1 FTL. One of those times when my head wasn't screwed on (relatively). We didn't lose anyone though.

Compound It: Blufor A2 Grenadier. We honestly had no idea that that was an IED. "Was.....was that a mortar?" "No, don't worry, it wasn't an RPG; just a secondary from the cache." :laugh:

We started taking some pretty atmospheric mortar fire, ending up advancing onto the Ridge of Death™ where I met my inevitable demise.

Expanded Mandate: A3 FTL. A big, loud, scary light show. Hey, Zerith, you have three RPG rounds, right? Iiiiiiiiinteresting, I can almost hear Ferrard cackling maniacally from over here.

Anyway, we all died in one shot during the combined Mi24/T72 onslaught with Zerith somehow making it to the end, despite contributing to the fireworks. (Oh yeah, I don't think anyone really minds if you're a bad shot at night, at ranges > 200m at moving targets while they engage you. ;) )

UNwelcome Guests: Opfor Charlie Soldier. I did THE most authentic AI civilian impression and no one was there to see it.

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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by tryteyker »

Did I actually scare anybody with flying low and dropping flares over their heads? That was the whole point :( Especially you mortar guys on OPFOR.

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Re: [Sun] 01 Sep 2013 (Hamburger Hill)

Post by dancemoox »

tryteyker wrote:Did I actually scare anybody with flying low and dropping flares over their heads? That was the whole point :( Especially you mortar guys on OPFOR.
You did fly low over the mortar position at one point but that was when I'd completed all my fire missions and was removing the mortar for storage.. Nothing will be as alarming as Tigershark missing my building by inches last week.. Where did he get his pilot's licence..
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