[Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

How we died
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[Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Bodge »

  • Ride of the Valkyries
  • Cratesistence
  • Forest Gateau
  • Nutcracker
  • Outpost Bean
  • Death from above
A quieter turnout tonight with 30 soldiers answering the call. We were murdered by a variety of things, Hills, Trees, Cars, Tanks, pretty much anything. Thanks for playing guys and keep an eye out for that steam group.

Thoughts and reports below.

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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by dancemoox »

Full of lemsip I was ready for battle..

Ride of the Valkyries - MAT Gunner Warner Assistant

I was certain I'd slotted as MMG and was quite confused when I checked the gear screen to find a metis launcher, clearly my work with the Party germ warfare lab has had some unforeseen side effects. Once loaded up we headed out with Charlie Delta Squad, when on approach to the LZ we took some fire and Warner was wounded - the pilot waved off and we landed a little further away, I got Warner patched up and squad medic Daf joined in. When we set out from the new LZ Tigershark split our forces Charlie on one hill and Delta across the road south on the other side of the valley, I kept our attachment behind Charlie as we moved along our hill. When Charlie paused to allow Delta to move up on line with them I moved to the right hand side of Charlie I saw Bluefor helmets moving up on the other side of the ridge line, I moved to get into a firing position as the enemy opened up on Charlie killing CD SL and Charlie AR. Falling into cover by rocks and the dead body of Tigershark I relayed our situation to Delta FTL, we were under fire from north and west and had taken so many casualties that both Charlie and MAT were now combat ineffective. With everyone in Charlie dead and just myself and Warner up I looked over my shoulder to see Daf running away down the hill, I bled out moments later.

Also the metis is a lie, it was RPG city..

Cratesistence Indie Medic - Dogface CO

With four caches to defend and three fireteams to do accomplish that with Dogface dispatched Alpha to A cache, B to B and C to C. He decided that we'd defend Delta by ourselves. We drove our Ural up to nearby the cache, turning to face south away for a speedy exit if required. We then took up positions within bushes and waited. After a time Alpha FTL reported enemy contacts moving past him and in no time at all Alpha was engaged at its cache. Charlie was dispatched to reinforce Bravo and Dogface and I moved down to cover C cache abandoning Delta. With most of Alpha gone Charlie moved south and began to flank the enemy, they took some wounding casualties so I moved out to patch them up. Joining them as they flanked further around, moments later the mission was over.

Forest Gateau - MAT Team

All by myself, quite happy to be alll by myself.. I was up front with Super as he transported us to the LZ, once on the ground I gave Bodge an account of my AT capability, 4 NLAW rockets and three mags of STANAG. With no HUD to keep me orientated I latched onto Bodge as he passed me. At least I had a compass and someone to talk to. When I eventually found the AA team I joined them. We held back from the main force and were soon holding back the enemy advance on the south. I downed four enemies but was running very low on ammo, once our little attachement team was back up on its feet we pulled north away from the southern contacts. This lead to massive fire coming from the east, I went down as did AA team leader. Once I was back up I ran but was wounded again making it to the next tree. We were among the last to die. Somehow I'd ended up having the second highest kill count behind the attack chopper :)

Nutcracker - Indi Alpha RPG dude - Super U FTL Bobero Mines Zenzos AT

Alpha was on the hillside east of the ambush point, after a little sit down chat Super paired off our fireteam, Bobero and Zenzos and Super and myself. I moved up on the hillside to get eyes on the road to spot the incoming tank. I didn't see the tank however but was able to report most of the enemy team milling around on the opposite hillside amongst the rocks. With them reported and marked I asked for permission to open fire as most were in the open and standing still, I wasn't allowed to open fire and seconds later the enemy opened up on me, I was dead seconds later. From the spec screen I was able to see the enemy tank burst over the hill behind my body. Zenzos fired his RPG and I heard the tank crew say something along the lines of 'oh god they are right next to us' Super ran for my body but was killed as he reached me.

Outpost Bean - Alpha 1 MP5 Guy - Bodge FTL Super U AA12 Croc

We set ourselves up in Bodges Bar and Bistro, I took the ground floor looking to the dock, Super was milling around the bar area, Bodge was upstairs planning the new lunch menu and Croc was somewhere nearby. I found it took a good few bursts from my MP5 to drop the enemy, most of the Merkel power being lost as the rounds passed through the window. Super was hit in the bar area so I went to pick him up. Bodge somehow dropped a grenade upstairs causing dust to fall in Supers wounds. When I attempted to return to my firing room I found the back door to be under quite a bit of fire. Super used his street sweeper to clear the way and I was back firing at the hoard. Bodge and Super were wounded again, I got Super up first and with the bugout order given Super thought about leaving - he didn't give in to his 'every man for himself' thought and helped me pick up Bodge. We tried to break out for the dock but I was killed, then Super and Bodge. Only Croc made it to tell the fantastic story of Bodges Bar and Bistro!

Death from above - CO 1st Run - Pilot 2nd

First run of the mission test I was CO, not that I did any planning. Once we got onto the jump point I was out, I landed right next to an enemy M113, I fired GP at it and it shot me in the face quite a bit.. It then shot Bodge in the face as he made a very similar noise as I did..

Second run I decided to redeem myself in the eyes of the Party by taking the controls of the AN-2. "Welcome aboard Moon Moon Airways" that was enough to make IceRaiser jump out and pilot a second AN-2.. With piss poor visibility up front I took a shortcut over to the runway, this alarmed my cargo but I ignored them as I don't care about the chattering of freight.. We were airborne and getting a bit of altitude in no time at all, I turned north gently and settled in for the slow flight towards the jump zone. I turned east flying along the airfield and switched on the green light, the cargo was gone and I orbited the field a few times as everyone on the ground died. I was then ordered to fly into the three enemy Mi-8 parked on the runway. Rather than continuing with my slow turn and flying level into them I banked hard to starboard and engaged RAMMING SPEED. My turn was too hard and I crashed between two of the helis..

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ramming speed!

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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Mojo »

Havent played Arma 2 for some time but it was fun being shot again.

Ride of the Valkyries
CO Medic
We mounted a two front assault on Anar and managed to get shot at by emplacements on the hilltops before we landed on our LZ. I had some work to do as it didnt take long before 2 guys where killed and 1 wounded by the very same emplacement that shot at us earlier. Once it was dissabled, we set up near it and engaged in long range combat with the towns inhabitants.
Our CO was eventually finished off completely after being wounded twice and slowly the rest of our emplacement was also send to socialist heaven. In the end, it was me and MMG Assistant bodge left on the hill. The helicopter landed near us and we dashed towards the LZ. Here I found comrade dogface, who had trouble standing up. After some buggy healing, he commanded the pilot to shoot his toes off so he could stand up (logic?) Funny enough it worked rather well and we lifted off in a almost empty helicopter, bringing home a nice scoped M4 sniper rifle :jihad:

Forest Gateau
Bravo 2 AAR
What a tragic story. We engaged bravely and who knew how well a small tree could withstand HMG fire? Our FTL died first but it didnt take long for the entire squad to lay in a circle and group-bleed in the grass. One last mortar round killed us all off at once. Mortars are OP :)
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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Tigershark »

dancemoox...never stops writing AARs. I enjoy them immensely. And you were all put on this earth for my enjoyment.
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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Phoenix49 »

Ride of the Valkyries
Porpoise 2 Pilot

In this episode of "I Suck at ArmA" you can experience:
- How to fly a helo over a hot zone at a slow speed so that your engine can almost be taken out
- How to re-fuel and repair your helo
- Super-slow landings
- Advanced first aid
- Missing shots at a 1 meter distance on an immobile target

A video speaks a thousand words (uncut):

Delta FTL - Bodge, Tigershark

This just perfectly sums up every single one of my adversarial experiences, ever. I always die within the first 5-10 minutes, I never see anyone, and I never understand who or what killed me.
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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by fer »

dancemoox wrote:Full of lemsip I was ready for battle..
Genius line, comrade. :coolbert:

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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Inverselaw »

Ride of the Valkyries Delta FTL

I got shot in the helicopter but a medic later saved me. Then when we arrived we split with my unit in the valley and Charlie with MAT at the top of the ridge. From that position they quickly got engaged and murdered. I was told not to go up and assist as i would get shot, so I told them to come down and join us but they didnt want to as they were in "good cover". So instead My fireteam cleared out the hostiles to the west of them and then moved north to engage the armored humvee that was happily shooting at all sorts of things until my AT guy droped a rocket on it. We then completed the sweep and rejoined at the heli for a happy escape.

Cratesistence Bravo FTL

I didnt see a single thing but Bandzai killed like 5 people so since I was his FTL I am taking credit for that.

Forest Gateau Bravo 2 (or maybe 1) FTL

Got killed by a mortar when my unit stopped to heal somebody who was injured by a mortar. In the future, all wounded people are to be shot as punishment for their transgression.

Nutcracker Tank commander

CO: So they will obviously all be in that village so we will attack them from the west and tank will maneuver up the hill to the east and avoid the village.

Engagement starts "well enough" with almost all of our foot troopers getting killed immediately. meanwhile we were just about to crest over the hill and Im deep in the map telling Dogface to watch the speed so the engine dosent blow on the way down. upon exiting the map I am greeted by a pair of folk with turbans and rpgs.

Me: AHHHHH!!!!!!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!


The rest of the match was a race as I told Dogface to run while I used the HMG to shoot up the town. after a turn in the road I declared victory and started reading the map again only to have Dogface inform me that we were being rammed by trucks.



and then we won. yay winning.

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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Kefirz »

Phoenix, I watched that adversarial video, and I think you should have done 2 things:

-Told the guy that was downed to crawl and get over some ridge (looks like you were on hills) so you can have some hard cover while healing him.

-I think you have a mod for smoke.. while it makes it all pretty and dispersed, keep in mind that most people see like 2-3m hidden with smoke.
And let it fill for a while, to get a proper smoke cover... and there is more :D , I think you might marked your own position for the enemy with that smoke.
(Personally I always look for enemy smoke, as it is easy to spot and it could mean that some guy might be injured and someone might be coming to help him.)

P.S I wasn't in the session so I don't know any of the story really, but those are some plausible points.
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Re: [Tue] 03 Sep 2013 (One of our subtitles is missing)

Post by Aqarius »

Aproaching the first cache from the south, C+D were to be the anvil to A+B's hammer. We climbed up the hill, and took aim at the Ei. As luck would have it, we not only encircled, but entirely bypassed INDFOR, setting ourselves up for the mother of all flank assaults. It was bloddy.

Forest Gateau
BLUFOR A1 (?) RAT (?)
Moving into the combat area, we soon found ourselves in way, way over our heads. Backwards advance was ordered, but the position I was in allowed me very few options besides hugging a tree and shooting the Ei that was zerging us. A mag and a half later, an RPK got a bead on me, and I was wounded. The entirety of our remaining force, battered and bleeding, crawled away from the enemy, sporadically returning fire and dying along the way.
Well, at least I wasn't hit by mortar...

Nobody else volunteered, they brought it on themselves.
Due to new army policy on accumulation of personal days, the escort group for the new tank was reduced to the 2-man crew, two fireteams and yours truely. I assigned both teams to sweep the lefthand hillside, hoping to spring the obvious ambush above the road in Falar, The tank would follow the road up to the bend. While INDFOR was busy, the tank would hopefully cross the valley and sneak over the hills, bypassing the town entirely. CO element (IE, me) would cross along the valley on foot, in case of any forward deployment of enemy troops. First contact, however, was found not on the western, but the eastern hillside, as INDFOR apparently covered the town as well as both slopes. The fireteams engaged, I ran up around the eastern hill and took a bullet to the back. The footmen were pinned, I was bleeding, and the unsuspecting eastern ambush crew were about to be run over by the (in retrospect, also unsuspecting) T-90. One RPG, one dead fireteam, and one thoroughly traumatised Inverselaw later, the tank was crawling north along the hillside, spraying Falar as OPFOR scrambled into random vehicles trying to overtake it. We pretty much all died, but the tank made it.
Victory, I guess...

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