FA on Rolling Thunder 11

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FA on Rolling Thunder 11

Post by boberro »

FA representation, that is me, Dancemoox, Head and our glorious team leader StrangLove, took part in 11th battle of Rolling Thunder, and represent FA proudly we did. We all died. More than once since there were respawns.
I forgot to take my pills that morning, what lead to massive desync on my side. While Head and StrangLove were driving straight on the road, I were chasing them offroad because I saw them riding around the tree (I'm not making this up), despite Dancemoox's cries to pull myself together.
I only were able to make one representative screenshot. Here is the result of our heroic attempt to steal friendly helicopter (mind we did not even start the damn thing yet):

Delete this marker please. You're scaring the tank.
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Re: FA on Rolling Thunder 11

Post by dancemoox »

I'll take a look at the footage I captured and see about a highlight reel.

How deeply shifty do I look in that screen cap.. It's like I'm just about to steal Strangs wallet, sure I shot him but it was for medical rescue reasons... :)

I started an AAR of sorts then decided it was a little too critical. I did enjoy the session but it was deeply frustrating at the same time, I'd be willing to give RT or an event like it another go if coms were actually used as intended and planned cooperation between units actually materialised. Being on foot going up against tanks in open featureless terrain just isn't nice.

We were on the back foot from the beginning getting killed on the way to the AO (for the most part) and losing 50% of our equipment in the process. Detaching a vehicle from one of the armoured platoons to escort us into the AO would have been ideal - if we'd had coms with them and if they spoke English, Polish or Swedish not blue typed Russian - or the MI-8 if the pilot was still around not AWOL like he ended up becoming.

I truly don't know how OPFOR won in the end, and I can assume that feeling is shared by the rest of the FA team, and possibly the rest of OPFOR.. Next time lets avoid the soft skins in desert terrain. I've been blown up quite enough.. :psyboom:

Also if anyone finds the Third Tank Platoon out and about, tell them they are bastards and that I'll not forget they were not on hill 2140 when we needed them :argh:
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Re: FA on Rolling Thunder 11

Post by head »

I'l let them know, i think a lot of people completely ignored granq pdf file as well, a more indepth plan would have helped,bare in mind it was first ACRE RT for quite some time and apparently no one knows how radios works :)

Maybe next time we can get enough to fill a FA tank platoon.

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Re: FA on Rolling Thunder 11

Post by Kefirz »

Well if you go OPFOR, you better learn some Russian son :eng101:
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