Starting up Mod Saturdays again

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Medic Eugene Roe
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Starting up Mod Saturdays again

Post by Medic Eugene Roe »

Surely we all enjoyed the times spent as the 82nd Airborne Division charging like headless chickens around Capraia, and trying to dodge Flak flying back to Vybor Airfield in B-17s after a bombing run? Well, hopefully with you comrades, we can get back to time traveling and spreading our utopia across 1940s Chernarus and 1960s and 70s Vietnam, or any other such environments.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Re: Starting up Mod Saturdays again

Post by Bodge »

My two cents and suggestions to Roe from earlier:

Things don't happen because it seems like a good idea.

Don't expect to get something regular going from the off, start an impromptu game or two from the skype chat when people are around.

If things go well then think about doing it on a certain day with someone with a decent connection hosting a server.

If that works then look at generating a surplus of content for it and seeing who would be willing to host it regularly.

See where it goes from there.

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Re: Starting up Mod Saturdays again

Post by Zergra »

yeah, getting things going again would be great.

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