So, four months ago...

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So, four months ago...

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I joined you all for a jaunt round the rainy fields of Chernarus in my first ever proper Arma session. Not only did I have so much fun I decided to stick around, I even went and made a few videos. Here's some of the best bits and other choice cuts for you all to enjoy.

Reddit link, for those interested in imaginary internet points - ... e_of_folk/

Big thanks to all involved, and here's to more fun with the party in 2014!
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Re: So, four months ago...

Post by dancemoox »

Smashing video, the King of Vybor approves!

Meet you at the Manly Arms for a pint or two before we return to the meatgrinder tomorrow :)
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Re: So, four months ago...

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Make way for the king indeed. I still hate you all.

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