What now?

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What now?

Post by Rook »

I was a huge fan of the V+ sessions, and I always had a great time in ridiculous fashions. Not only that but it attracted a solid playercount of 18-22 players every week (about as much as the tuesday sessions managed). I notice the server is dead, so if it was a case of funding I understand the decision to pull the V+ server. If it is an issue with available hosts, then surely one could be selected to keep some sort of A2 shenanigans ongoing?

The atmosphere of the saturday sessions was great, and I'll miss them dearly. This was just a little query as to whether A2 is gone forever or very much capable of a resurrection for Folk ARPS.

Thanks, if anything I got some great memories out of it - Rook

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Re: What now?

Post by harakka »

The server is down because V+ is over. The server instance ran on the same dedicated hardware as our other services, so it's not a financial issue. The server can be started back up if there's enough interest in ad-hoc play despite lack of sessions.

Currently there's no-one on the hosts team who is willing to dedicate the same amount of time and effort Satire and Dancemoox put into V+. If someone is serious about filling those boots it isn't completely off the table, hosts can be contacted via traditional methods (pigeon and smoke signal service not guaranteed). Note that this doesn't just mean turning up occasionally for shenanigans, but dedicating to being there to plan and host a quality session every week, create content, and help people get ACRE and things set up, and whatever else is needed to make the magic happen.
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Re: What now?

Post by Bodge »

V+ stopped because of a differing opinions within the host team. Dance and Satire felt that they didn't want to continue running V+ so they decided to step down as hosts. We are not currently looking at bringing in replacements and formal V+ sessions are currently suspended. People are more than welcome to use the TS server to play private games with modsets if they wish to, but remember FA is primarily "low barrier to entry" and right now that is what we are focussing on.

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