[PSA] Forthcoming changes to the Arma 2 sub-forums

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[PSA] Forthcoming changes to the Arma 2 sub-forums

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What's going on?
In the next 48 hours, the following sub-forums will be retired:
The ArmA 2: After Action Reports sub-forum, which is effectively Folk and FA's history during their A2 eras, will remain public in read-only format.

Arma 2 is no longer part of FA's official offering; we're keeping the history (the AARs), but streamlining the rest to reflect today's focus on Arma 3 and make our forums a simpler place to scan. There is no truth to the rumour that members of the Politburo have all be given lavish gifts by a property developer who plans to build luxury condos on the site of the old sub-forums.

Wait, is that 'retired' in the Blade Runner sense ... are they going to be erased?
No, don't worry. Nothing gets erased, just moved to the official Party archives (so evidence can still be produced at future show-trials).

Hang on, thread X is really super useful - can it be kept in public view?
Possibly. If you have a suggestion please drop me a PM with the link and where you think it should be moved to.

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