Multi-audio recording in FRAPS

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Re: Multi-audio recording in FRAPS

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lietuvis10 wrote:For some reason the Carson's script simply ain't working (the push-2-talk one). I configure the script so L is VOIP,] is CC and L is TS3.I make DxTory push 2 talk key Pause.I start recording and testing with script running,but nothing working!

Here is code:

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~]::Send {Pause DOWN}
~] UP:: Send {Pause UP}
~f::Send {Pause DOWN}
~f UP:: Send {Pause UP}
~l::Send {Pause DOWN}
~l UP:: Send {Pause UP}
What is wrong?!
There's a few steps to go through here:
  • 1) Verify that Dxtory can register "pause" as a PTT
    2) If yes, verify that the autohotkey script is working
    3) If yes, verify that you don't have any modifier keys pressed*
If the issue is still not resolved, then I got nothin'.

*(e.g. "Mouse4" activates "Pause" which activates audio recording, but "Alt + Mouse4" does not due to AutoHotKey interpreting "Alt + Mouse4" as a different keystroke than "Mouse4")

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