Track Ir "Wireless" Trackclip Pro

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Track Ir "Wireless" Trackclip Pro

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Hi Guys

I bought a track ir 5 a few weeks back an im very happy with it.

The only issue i had with it was that i have g930 wireless headset and the trackclip pro kinda reduced it to a "normal" headset because of the wire.

I have used the g930 for a while and i am used to the freedom a wirelss headset provieds (not having to take it off when getting something to drink for example).

Now i was sure it that one day i would forget about the trackclip and rip out the usb cable, so i went to the googles and found this:

You basically use a 5V cell phone usb charger battery thingy mounted on the headset to get the ir leds to run.

I would reccomend using this product for the battery (druacell Instant Charger): ... B005EF2TG4

Most usb chargers have a shutdown when no (or not enough) current is being pulled and the ir leds do't pull much juce so it works for a minute and then the battery switches off.

The one above has no such check and it should run a few days without being recharged also it has an off/on switch.

My setup now is held togheter mostly by duckt tape and cable binders but it works fine.

Maybe this helps someone, if theres anyone using a similar setup.


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