[Important] Further changes to the Thursday session

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[Important] Further changes to the Thursday session

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Comrades. A solemn occasion.

It is with heavy hearts that the Party must announce the death of the Folk ARPS Thursday session. After months of low attendance, the Party can no longer guarantee the level of organisation - and fun - we would like to provide on Thursdays. As a result, effective immediately, the regular Thursday session is discontinued. The people responsible have been shot, of course, but it's still cancelled.

This is a hard step to take in these trying times, but we believe it is necessary to maintain the enjoyment of our hosts and guests. Also, we can now reallocate the Thursday potato ration to Sunday, which should provide a nice morale boost.

Comrades wishing to show their continued loyalty to the cause may continue to play at any time (but especially on Thursday) on the Folk ARPS Antistasi server, or by choosing their own missions on the main server. Sunday sessions will continue as usual, and we encourage you to attend. Remember, the Party is watching. The Party knows what you're doing instead of session.

Folk ARPS forever, Comrades. See you on Sunday.
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