Beware ordnance modules

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Beware ordnance modules

Post by Pooter »

In my latest mission Tea Time I used about a dozen ordnance modules each synced to their own trigger with slightly different delays in order to make a pre-attack artillery barrage.

This broke the spectator scripts as well as the script that allows players to become zeus mid-mission.

How? no idea... But it does. If I remove the triggers or the ordnance or their synchronization everything works again.

So instead I removed all but one of the triggers and replaced the ordnance modules with cartridge modules with this code in their init:

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if(isNil ""artillery"") then {artillery = [];};z = artillery pushBack this;
Then I have a trigger that on activation does:

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[] call goArty;
And a function in my init.sqf that does:

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goArty = {
_x spawn {
    sleep (random 10);
    _pos = "ModuleOrdnanceHowitzer_F" createVehicle (position _this);
} forEach artillery;
So instead it dynamically creates the ordnance modules which then fire immediately.

Why does this fix it? no idea... but after I did this the barrage stopped breaking zeus so whatever.

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Re: Beware ordnance modules

Post by Eagle_Eye »

Nice one.

I have a funny feeling that we saw similar problems with an old run of "hold the line", including a massive drop in sfps.
I just remade that one from scratch, so I never figured out the problem.

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