Lost Sectors: index and planning

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Lost Sectors: index and planning

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Hello and welcome to another lovely wonderful NikkoJT post.

Lost Sectors are a set of low-playercount, low-complexity missions for use on Tuesdays or as starter/wind-down missions. The aim is to build a varied library of missions that can be used as fallbacks or filler without any particular thought or pre-planning on the host's part.

Lost Sectors all follow the same format:
- One squad, plus one attachment, plus four extra riflemen in ASL element
- Very standard loadouts
- Simple objectives
- Small AO centred on a particular interesting terrain area
- Narrative setting as small, non-critical missions in a pre-war or post-war period of low-intensity conflict
- Focus on tactical decisions rather than a grand plan

All current Lost Sectors (Altis) have NATO squads with ROK UN Peacekeepers as the extra riflemen. I'm planning to duplicate this with other factions for each island - Malden will have CSAT squads with Pacific CSAT extras, and Tanoa will have TAF squads with Russian extras.

Available Lost Sectors (also viewable on FAMDB or in the mission feedback forum):

C20 Charkia-Dorida
Infantry squad moves into a wooded area containing CSAT. CSAT has a Kamysh. Attachment: MAT

C20 Frini North
Motorised squad searches a forest for an AAF rocket artillery truck. Random objective placement. Attachment: recon helo + marksman

C20 Pyrsos
Infantry squad goes to fix a broken transmitter on a mountain, encounters AAF. Attachment: MMG

C20 Site 145
Infantry squad goes into a wooded valley to clear out AAF AA and infantry. Attachment: Nyx AC

C21 Bomos
Motorised squad assaults a mountainous peninsula full of CSAT with Marids. Stormy weather. Attachment: Rhino

C21 Krya Nera
Motorised squad sweeps a sunny beach for CSAT, who have a Marid. Attachment: Rhino

C20 Drimea
A marsh may hold clues to a pre-war mystery. Attachment: MMG


C20 Corton Valley
An infantry squad sweeps uphill through a wooded valley for Mafia. Attachment: MMG

C20 Faro Approach
A motorised squad searches for an insurgent IFV. Attachment: Qilin AT

C21 Rue Nord-Chauve
CSAT clears a road of bandits. Attachment: IFV


C20 120120
Guerrillas infest a mountainside trail in the Tanoan jungle. Attachment: UAV recon team

C20 Bua Bua
An indigenous village must be freed from Syndikat control. Attachment: MMG



C?? Kavirida


C?? Dorres
An infantry squad hunts for NATO special forces. Attachment: sniper team or possibly IFV

C?? Baie du Nain
An offline lighthouse poses a threat to local shipping.

C?? Cancon East
NATO special forces lurk in the woods east of Cancon.


C?? Bua Bua
An indigenous village must be freed from Syndikat control.

C20 Blerick-Tobakoro
A coastal road is overrun by bandits. Attachment: fire support team
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