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FIA and NATO work together to take out the AAF's new hardware. (CAS and Recon required)

Stratis Air Base, Stratis - NATO/FIA vs AAF

A-164 WOOOO. REQUIRED comms rules: A-164 pilot cannot talk to infantry after briefing. OPTIONAL comms rules: FIA and NATO must use Direct VON to talk to each other. Features use of IR strobes to actually mark targets. Loadouts include smokes so it can be played in daytime as well.
v1-2: ?

v3: played live.
- need to find a way to prevent Shado cheating
- Adjust boats to prevent stuck
- RATs replaced with grenadiers
- Adjusted boats to prevent stuck
- Added some more props and H-barriers for infantry cover
- Added a line to the briefing about using CAS to destroy the Falcons
- All NATO units now have 2 blue smokes and 2 IR grenades
- Removed AT launchers from all INDFOR infantry.
- Tweaked balance
- Improved briefing regarding laser pointers
- NATO MX magazines are now the correct colour
- Updated spectator module to 3.5.4
- Added F3 spectator and zeus slots
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